From the Mailbag!

When we asked you guys to email us, we weren't joking. Turns out, it registered for some of you, given that our inbox blew up a bit recently.

One dear reader even submitted a pretty detailed list of questions in need of our attention. While we won't address all of them right now (we need to tease these stories out, foreplay is important), we will post a few questions and the provide our answers. Rye's responses in blue, Violet's in, what else, violet.

What's the biggest cock(s) Violet has ever had? How did it feel? Honestly, do big cocks feel better overall (mutant cocks aside)? Outside of Rye's cock (which I'm sure she'll say is perfect)...what is the overall consensus of women on an above-average length/girth that a woman would be QUITE happy about, when taking off a man's underwear for the first time...in other words, what size has made Violet's face light-up (versus cringe in terror) in her (apparently) many past experiences?

Clearly, this will be left for V to chime in on. Though I will say that while the photos we put up are deceiving, my cock is a grower, not a shower. And that when hard, it's a little larger than average in both length and girth. And that the first time Violet stripped my underwear off, she exclaimed "YES!" and threw both hands in the air, not unlike an exaggerated Rockey Balboa. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. V?

Gosh, I feel like boys think about this a lot. Probably a lot more than girls think about whether or not their vaginas are pretty or not. Although, to be fair, that's probably mostly our fault. Because guys talk all the time about how beautiful vaginas are, but ladies, we very seldom discuss the beauty of a cock. So, apologies for that, and I for one promise to talk way more about how picturesque a really solid boner can be. 

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But to your question, the title for biggest cock I've ever had really gets split two ways: biggest overall and greatest GIRTH. The biggest overall cock I've ever had was also my first cock. That aforementioned professor of blowjobs and relaxed throats. The Professor's cock was about 9.5 inches rock hard with an above average girth. And let me tell you, it might have just been my still-wet-behind-the-ears pussy, but that fucker hurt sometimes. Sometimes it was really pleasant to feel absolutely filled to the brim, but it really was just too big to enjoy all the time. And the Professor was of the persuasion to want it all the time. Morning, noon, night, when I was in school, when I was sick, when I was angry with him, when I was unconscious and, most unfortunately, when I was not around. The Professor was also a staggeringly impressive cheater and liar, which adds up to a combination I'm sure you can decipher. OVER.

The cock of greatest girth happened to belong to a slightly younger, easily manipulated friend of the Professor's, let's call him the Adjunct. The Adjunct's cock was absolutely fucking enormous. The length was fairly average - a good 7 inches, but I swear, I could NOT fit my mouth around it. Dear, curious, sweet reader; I have a big fucking mouth. The Adjunct's cock was probably the width of my forearm. We fucked once, secretly, in a friend's living room during a slumber party. He was so curious, so eager and so blown away by the sight of my naked body that my pussy was wet enough to handle it, but after the one time I had to stop seeing him for the safety and future integrity of my pussy. 

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I have also sampled those of a smaller persuasion. The smallest probably being around three inches, fully erect. Without sounding unkind, which is not how I mean it at all, there is a certain satisfaction that comes from being able to pull his whole dick into my mouth, so far that my lips rest on his abdomen with total ease, while he looks down in absolute glee. There's a lot you can do with a penis that small. But I won't lie to you, gentlemen, you're going to have to work a lot harder. 

Now, Rye's cock, as I'm sure you've noticed, is really something special. I don't just say this because he put a ring on it, does my body right and reads this blog everyday. I did, in fact, emerge feeling victorious after my first round with his dick. Here's why: it's about 7 inches when it's hard as can be, just big enough around that I have to open my mouth wide to take him into me, straight as an arrow and let me tell you guys, it is smooth, pink and absolutely fucking luscious.

You guys, I am so verbose sometimes. Sheesh.

Does Rye have any bisexual curiosities or has he ever played with another guy (either solo or within a 3-some setting)? Does Violet ever wonder/fantasize about watching Rye with another guy and/or also participating?

Well, I can speak to part one of this. And to that question, I have to say that unfortunately, I can't say I've ever really had any bi fantasies. I say unfortunately because I feel a bit lame about that. After all, we live in the modern age and a more fluid sexuality is pretty much the norm. However, I can't think of a time I ever fantasized about getting involved in any way with a man. I love ass, but it's always woman's ass. I also love having my asshole fucked. But by a woman in a strap-on. It's never a cock for whatever reason.

I also love to hear about guys Violet's fucked. But also women. And toys. And showerheads. And food. And...you get the idea.

However, while discussing this question with Violet, I did present the idea that if she commanded me to do so, I would suck a cock. If it was something that she wanted and something that gave her pleasure, I would totally slurp on a fat dick and swallow a load. Shit, I'd even bend over and let my ass get owned. But by request. So Violet, I guess that's up to you...

Has Violet ever participated in an orgy? Details! Also, how many men has Violet fucked in one day (or cocks sucked in one day)?

Mmm. Get on that one, slut.

There was a summer that I spent overseas. I was about 17. I went with some of my oldest friends and met hundreds of other kids, from all over the country, as this was one of those organized, 'learn something' type trips. What it mostly was for us was learning what to do to each other's bodies to get each other to scream out in pleasure. This was where I learned a LOT about how the clit responds to my tongue, how sometimes just kissing a boy can make your body temperature raise 10 degrees in an instant and why four hands are usually better than two. This was pre-Professor, so I'd still never given a blow job, but that didn't stop a few select boys and girls from exploring what my pussy tasted like in a tent in the desert. I'll tell you, this can really do wonderful things for a girl's opinion of camping. I think at the peak of our frenzy of heavy petting, there were four girls involved (including me) and two, lucky, lucky teenage boys. Some guys have all the luck, don't they?

As Rye and I discussed this, I realized that I've never sucked more than one man or woman in one day (somehow).  And I'm sorry to say, that my only experience fucking two men at once was a terrible, embarrassing experience best left relegated to stupid things I did when I was too young to know any better. I have a feeling that if Rye and I ever travel down this route together, it will be a wholly more enjoyable experience. 

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So there you have it, our first round of "From the Mailbag". We'll save the remainder of this reader's questions for a later date. And possibly flesh some of these stories out.

If you've got a question for Rye, Violet, or both of us, have at it. Shoot us an email and we'll give you the same treatment, you filthy pervert.

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