Maybe this was covered by your wake and spank entry a while ago, but say you (R) wake up with an aching hard on, V is still sleeping, do you masturbate quietly, pulling down the sheets to get a look at V? Or beg for a sleepy handjob or blowjob?

V would NEVER let me get away with putting it to rest by myself! She stuffs that RIGHT in. Every time. After all, morning wood is some of the hardest wood out there. Don't let that shit go to waste.


  1. Good question! I thought about that situation myself but never got round to typing!
    Nice reply Rye as well,nothing worse than wasting a mighty morning hard on!
    And the thought of V sleepy and naked! Jesus!

  2. Sadly it always goes to waste around here, but that is due to busy mornings and early risers in the home... someday


  3. Someday is right! Get on that, Jesse!