Guys, I can't look away from this.

The urgency on his face.
The joy she's getting out of being in total control of his pleasure.
The panting.

It just rules. We talk a lot about female pleasure here, attending to it, caring about it, getting it right. This is just to say, boys, we are still thinking an awful lot about you too. And we like it when you whimper.

Additionally, if you have never found yourself of the persuasion to give a hand job, give this oldie but goodie a watch. This chick has got the skills to pay the bills and helped renew my love of the handy. And Rye's as well, I believe.

Enjoy: http://fleshbot.com/5341112/the-magic-touch


  1. Any pleasure is our pleasure, darlings.

  2. The pic is brilliant.

    The video i know from a while back - amazing. Always wondered what it would feel like to receive such professional work - she is quite gifted i shall say...

  3. That video really blew my mind the first time I saw it, Tsachi. Changed my technique forever.

    - Violet.

  4. And another really gifted lady:


  5. Ooh, VERY! Thanks for sharing, Tsachi!