A Disgusting Old Pervert to Warm All Our Hearts.

Good morning (afternoon)! We know this is late, but we got appropriately shitfaced with some of our loveliest friends last night, so you'll forgive us. You'll especially forgive us after you watch this video of a disgusting old pervert that really warmed our hearts.

Salam Kahil runs a sandwich shop in Vancouver that we obviously need to go visit. What does he like more than sandwiches? Talking about blowjobs. So, like, we're pretty sure we'd get along.

The beauty of asking you to watch this video on this blog is that we don't need to tell you how NSFW it is. We don't need to warn you about the brief, public male frontal nudity. We don't need to tell you to put headphones in for the parts where he talks about his history as a male escort. But we will warn you that you might just have some warm, fuzzy feelings for this old fucking pervert when it's over.

Special thanks to Lewis Bennett for making this bizarrely wonderful little video and to Eater, for somehow getting the clearance to put this up on their site.


  1. Definitely need to go find this place the next time I am in Van. Just. Wow. Kinda love his take on life though, acts are far more important than words.

    1. Yeah, totally insane and yet...just brutally kind. And yes, it's exactly that outlook of his that makes this a must watch. What an inspiring pervert!


  2. Just discovered your blog and this seemingly old post.
    I'm half way through the vid with the Lebanese guy.
    A true life teacher.
    xoxos from france