Grab These.

You want more of our MakeLoveNotPorn.tv screengrabs? You've got 'em!

Did you rent one of our videos? We'd LOVE to hear about it. Which one? Did you enjoy it? Did it get you off? Did you share it with a partner? Tell us in the comments!


  1. These are all lovely, but the first image is spectacular!

  2. Your pics are great, but MLNP.tv's website is truly awful. How to search for you? When I find it, I can only scroll that tiny, middle column? I want to see, but not on this shitty website.

  3. Yep, I'd rent a vidso, but MLNP's website is clearly coded by a clown.

    1. Ah, come on! It's in beta still, give it a second. Here's how you find us: https://makelovenotporn.tv/users/violet-rye

  4. Ok so this is old but I wanted to share my thoughts.

    I have recently found MLPN and you through a great interview I heard on CBC with Cindy Gallop.

    I have since rented 2 of your videos, the one with Rye by himself and pegging Rye.

    I love seeing a man take off his jeans- watching a man in uncladp his belt and pull his zipper down is VERY sexy. Points on that ;) the underwear was great, loved it. I love the look of a wedding ring on a man, makes a man look strong ( not like in a I want to sleep with married men kinda way).

    I loved pegging Rye as a great "how to" I hope to do this in future with my man, I still have tons of questions but I'll keep watching unil I get it ;).

    What I love most about your videos is that I can't see your face. Yep, your need for anonymity plays well for the audience sometimes to. To me this means I leave the image of you in the background and see my own reflection, imagine the scenario in the context of my relationship.

    Did I get off? No.
    Hear me out- we had out second child 6 weeks ago, I still have an amazing libido but life at the moment does not allow me to act on it as much as I would like. One of the hardest parts is not having enough time to share with my husband. As much as we want to if one kids sleeping, usually the other isn't. Throw in a few weeks of postpartum crap and no sleep and we are both going fucking crazy. I don't just miss sex, I miss my husband. I don't get of not for lack of desire but mostly because I am waiting or him. But don't fret, tomorrow we are driving the kids into the city to grandmas house, pretending to go for dinner, but really we are going to drive back fuck our brains out pick up a burger and go get the kids again. We are hoping to try out a few new things, some of which inspired by you;) I can't fucking wait!!'


    1. Jess, so sorry for being so late to respond, but this comment is just fucking AMAZING. We love that you found us, we love that you supported us by renting our videos, we love the Rye love, we love to hear your story, we love to know we inspired you in some way, and we love your love for your husband and your post-child libido and sneak-away sex plans. We hope they were excellent and only become more frequent as things settle post-birth. Congrats to you and your family, and thanks so much for this lovely, lovely, lovely comment!


  5. :) you made my day today - I've sent you an email with some more detail on how and why ;)