V+R's Top Ten Must See MakeLoveNotPorn Videos List.

Did you join MakeLoveNotPorn.tv yet? Maybe to check out our videos? Or at least the trailers? If you haven't, you should, it's free to join, so do it already!

If you DID join and maybe rented some of our vids but are wondering what else is worth checking out, we're here to help. We've rented a handful of videos and we've been enjoying what we've seen. So here's a list of our five favorite videos that we've rented, and a list of five we are going to rent real soon. Oh, and there are illustrations, because these illustrations are going to make blood go to parts in your pants, and that's always a nice thing to share.

V+R's "Top Five 'Get Us Going (In Our Parts) MakeLoveNotPorn Videos' List"

1. DALE COOPER AND COLBY KELLER. Seriously, just watch the trailer. It's gorgeous (we didn't just think of doing our new video in black and white out of nowhere). Stunningly well filmed. Edited wonderfully. And stars two incredibly attractive men. And they are smiling. And laughing. And doing some totally hot shit. Also, FOREARMS.

2. BZ and Gloria. We're thrilled that these two are fellow MakeLoveNotPornstars, as we've known about Balthazar and his amazing photography skills for many years. They were able to translate this style to video beautifully and as if that weren't good enough, the chemistry between this married couple is palpable. Seriously, it's in our mouths. Like, ALL UP IN IT. Oh, this also contains the most nonchalant fisting ever. Because isn't that what #RealWorldSex is about? Shit, it's only kinky the first time, then it's just something you do sometimes (or all the time).

3. Nebbish and Goddess. We love the leopard. We love the communication. We love the multiple angles. We love the Liberator pillow. We love the enthusiastic cunnilingus. We love the very real, very hard orgasm. We've gotta get one of those Liberators...

4. Mr. and Mrs. Lau. We're on a boat, motherfuckers! Eating pussy, motherfuckers! On a motherfucking boat!!! But yeah, as you could probably guess, this was filmed on a boat. He's really enthusiastic, which is the way we like our pussy eaters to be. And it's totally hot. MAKE MORE VIDEOS, GUYS, WHY IS THIS THE ONLY ONE? ALSO, SHOW US MORE OF HIM NEXT TIME!

5. Audiosmut. We're a bit voyeuristic. And a bit exhibitionist (DUH). And lovers of coffee. And being sexually sneaky. So the idea of the person sitting next to you at your local cafe getting worked up enough to lock the door and have at it in a quick solo session is one we're pretty into. It's handheld, there's a lot of "what am I seeing exactly" and anonymous. Plus, it's made by the excellent ladies at Audiosmut and for radio producers, a pretty impressive showing for a rare video foray.

And now the "Five Videos We Haven't Seen But Are On Our MUST RENT List" list:

1. BZ and Gloria. Yes, again. This time, they take a trip to a B&B for the weekend and BRING A FRIEND TO FILM THEM. As people that have often uttered, "it's so hard to shoot this" during our videos, the idea of a friend taking control of that part is something we're pretty intrigued by. Plus, having stayed in a few B&B's and know how naughty it can feel to have sex in one, we know well the heightened sexual arousal they're probably under while this video was being made. Maybe we should just rent it now...

2. Nebbish and Goddess. Have we ever discussed how much we love assplay? Oh, we have? OVER AND OVER?? Yeah, that sounds accurate. Well, turns out Nebbish and Goddess do too. So we're pretty much going to check out just how much they enjoy it. Oh, and bonus points for pulling it off in a quiet country inn (we're sensing a theme here).

3. ModestyAblaze. We haven't decided which video yet, but we've been meaning to rent one of them. They just look so hot. Plus, we have to admit, we're curious about her relationship with her husband and lovers and how it all works. A first hand video demonstration of one aspect of it helps. We're into it.

4. HavingFun. They're having fun, alright. With editing. Multiple angles. Focal range. Spanking. All the good stuff that we're total suckers for. Plus, as anyone who's seen our Satisfied video, the Tom Waits soundalike in this extra long, extra juicy trailer is speaking our language.

5. Ela Darling. We're PRETTY into her. Which means we're also pretty into watching her have sex with a longtime crush of hers, Aaliyah Love. Plus, the phrase "I love it when you're creepy" is uttered in the trailer.


  1. Thank you so much for your mention. You know how much I love your videos . . . hope you do enjoy one of mine. Perhaps you could start with "Modesty Ablaze Unmasked". Curious? Would love to answer any questions you have about us . . . please just ask.
    Xxx - K

    1. Ooh, we'll take that recommendation! And yes, perhaps we'll have to do a follow-up session after a screening, see how your relationship started to open up and how you continue to make it work so well after so many years! Inspiring stuff.