Flipping the Switch.

"Fuck my pussy like you own it."

It was one of the first times we fucked. I remember it like it was yesterday. In the bedroom of her shared apartment. Late spring. Morning. It was already too hot. Spoon-fucking on a double bed.


New Tricks

Okay guys. I have to confess something to you. I haven't always been very good at masturbating.

"Violet, WHAT?" you are probably saying to yourself. And I know. You'd think that someone as vocal as I am about sex (both alone and with others) and taking control of your own self-pleasure would definitely have the proverbial kinks worked out in this department. What could possibly have led to this bizarre deficiency? Quite frankly, I'm just going to blame this on my clitoris.


Relief, In Multiple Ways

We are completely obsessed with Clayton Cubitt's "Hysterical Literature" series -- beautiful women reading their favorite books while getting taken great care of with a Hitachi under the table. What's even better about this episode? Aside from featuring the scintillating Amanda Whip, who we happen to be completely obsessed with, 50% of the tips on this video will go to Hurricane Sandy relief.

Click over to the Vimeo page to donate! (Also, if anyone knows who gets to be under the table for these things, please tell us. We have so many questions for you.)


Hangovers and Blankets.

There are weekend days that start with this.


And sometimes, there are weekend days that also end with this.

We've had a couple of those days recently. Here's one of them.


Violet+Rye Make Love Not Porn.

*This post originally appeared on the MakeLoveNotPorn Tumblr.*

We're often asked how this started. In the past year, we've started to tell some of our friends about this life we lead online. You know, the one where we blog anonymously about our sex life. Take photos, make videos, share our intimate moments. The one where we go by Violet+Rye.

It started with a conversation we think everyone should have. After a few years together, a year or so living together, and several moves around the country, the talk happened.

The porn talk.

We both watched it. Violet liked reading more than watching, mostly because the videos aren't geared toward what she likes. Rye mentioned that he was a big fan of a particular blog. A blog run by a couple.

Violet checked it out. The Secretive Slut (sadly, now defunct, but it still exists online). It was a young couple. Photos. Some videos. Plenty of posts about their life together. All anonymous. All hot.

"Well, maybe we could do that."

Two years have passed. Two years of our own photos, videos and posts.