What Weekends Look Like.

Because I just got back, and because it was a weekend, some time was spent just like this. Who are we kidding? Lots of time.


Pic Friday: You Can't Do That in Public!

This week is dedicated to all those thing you shouldn't be doing in public, but know you want to anyway.

Also, tell us in the comments about your hottest public sex. Come on, you know you want to share. Sucked off in a theater? Fingered on a plane? Eaten out in a cab? Fucked in the ass on the hood of a car? Or perhaps something less extreme? Have at it, perverts!


Have either of you ever been caught having sex by police, family, etc.?

Well, firstly (and Rye, darling, correct me if I'm wrong)**, I can't remember a time when Rye and I have been caught. We're far too sneaky. Like ninjas. And also, as mentioned, probably need to have a little more sex in public.

However, I wasn't always so careful.

Once, I took a long drive with a high school boyfriend on a rainy night (there is not a lot to do in the town I grew up in). We wound our way up a steep hill that overlooks the whole city. That's right kiddos, to get all 1950s about it, we went parking.

Anything, including a pretty flat and unimpressive skyline, can make a teenager lustful and the view, the rain on the roof, the glow of the instruments all kind of overtook us. Before I knew it, he had me bent over the back of the driver's seat. He was a few urgent thrusts away from exploding when I saw headlights pull up behind us. I started to worry, but knew he was close. He came just as the flashing lights turned on.

I managed to pull his shirt on, button his pants and return to my seat by the time the officer knocked on our foggy window. He rolled the window down, was politely told that this was a city park that closed at 10pm and we needed to move along.

Thank you, officer, for not requesting that either of us step out of the car.

**Rye correction. Violet is actually correct, so no correction needed. However, I was caught fucking my ex in the garage of her mom's house by her sister*, who barged in and shouted, "What the fuck are you doing???"

*Her sister was a piece of shit.

Ask me anything. Make it dirty.

HNT: Put Your Thing Down, Flip It and Reverse It.

Violet knows how it's done. She rides me like a good slut, forwards, backwards, it doesn't matter. I just try to hold on.


WVW Redux: Lean On Me.

Camille got a new chair. Apparently. I didn't really notice a chair. I did, however, notice some new ear jewelry toward the end of this sucker.

WVW: Why Thank You, CafeGlow.

So apparently, that Annie Lennox striptease was just the tip of that iceberg. CafeGlow is a new site, as far as I cared to investigate, anyway. And they were treating us all to free sneak peeks. I'll take them. I'm sure you won't turn them away either.


Flying Solo.

This post is dedicated to Violet, who will be spending a week at home as I travel for work. Lucky for her, she's got a plethora of goodies to keep her occupied, though as we all know, nothing substitutes for a warm, hard cock. Alas, business calls.

Unfortunately, there will be many times over the next month spent away from Violet, which ranks as my least favorite activity. I just don't see the point of it.

Hopefully she has fun while I'm gone, spending days in seminars and nights in a crappy hotel. And maybe if we're all lucky, she'll offer up a few posts while I'm out of town. I made sure to line you up with a week full of goodies, but you wouldn't sneeze at some Violet produced posts, would you?


How was the post wedding sex?

How do you think?

The wedding itself didn't end until well past 3am, we were too busy dancing and drinking.

We're not the biggest proponents of drunk sex, so needless to say, the sex had to wait until the following afternoon.

However, that wait was well worth it. I feasted on that wet little pussy, then pounded her on an antique bed in the B&B we stayed in, until erupting all over her stomach and fat tits.

On Pegging.

So, as you may have gathered from my special sneak preview post a little ways back, Violet and I recently made room in our ever expanding toy collection for my biggest request/ultimate fantasy/kinda afraid of it but want it so bad accessory.

The strap-on.


Pull That Hair.

Hope you're enjoying a bit of the same this fine, cold-ass (hopefully warmer by you) Sunday.


A Taste of Things to Come.

Hint, motherfucking, hint.


Violet - What's your favorite part on a woman?

You guys, this is so hard. I don't know if I can pick a favorite without some serious consideration.

Boobs are... obvious. But so, so satisfying. Like pizza, even when they are not that good, they are still boobs. Actually, I'm probably a little more particular about pizza. 

HOWEVER, I also reserve some very soft spots for the place where your back turns into your butt, as well as the part where your butt turns into your thigh. You know the part. Your butt tucks up and under a little and creates the gentlest crevice of smooth skin. Also, the place where a tit turns into your ribcage is one of the loveliest things to kiss and have kissed.

I am bad at picking favorites, have I mentioned?

Have either of you had STD scares?

Whoa. Was not expecting that type of question. Nonetheless, we'll answer.

No. Wear a condom. Until you trust the other person implicitly. Which some people will tell you is never. But we believed was about five fucks in.

And get checked, for fuck sake.

Have Yourself a Gush-Worthy Weekend.

Let's ring in the weekend by watching this tight little body gush all over the floor, shall we? I can think of no greater way than to end this busy, extra long yet short, cold week.

Pic Friday: Fuck My Mouth.

Today's post is simple. And dedicated to my favorite of activities. You can figure out the rest.


How often do you have sex?

It varies, like anything. But I'd say, unless it's a weird off-week where we only fuck twice, that we're mutually masturbating, fucking, ass fucking, fingering, toying, or teasing relentlessly AT LEAST 4-5 times each week. 

We're not quite everyday people, but we certainly are fucking a lot more than most. And proud of it.

Why do you only have 22 followers? I see people comment yet aren't followers?

Fuck if I know. I barely understand the backend on these things, but I know that based on our readership numbers, the followers seem to be seriously off in numbers.

If you're commenting or reading and not following, get on that. There's a prize at the end of that follower rainbow, you know. Yeesh.

Speaking of Doppelgangers.

Yeah, somehow this is not Violet. Despite having, as you saw earlier today, the same glasses.

Freaky. Also, hot.


Have you ever had "gay" fantasies given the love of having things anally? Serious question, not trying to be an ass!

Short answer, no.

Slightly longer answer, still no. However, there would be nothing at all wrong if I did. I grew up in a very open and understanding culture where homosexuality was not just fine, but commonplace and just part of the culture.

If I had gay fantasies, I would have acted on them, 100%. And I've had plenty of guys around me that would have/would still LEAP at the opportunity. The weird thing to me was that despite loving a finger up my ass (or a dildo attached to Violet), I never once thought about a cock going up my backend.

Psst. Violet. Let's do this.

It's not a fear thing. It's not a disgust thing. It's not really a thing at all. It's really just that I LOVE, always have, the female form. The curve of their bodies. The slope of the ass. The soft, wet center. The feel of a slightly firm, plump breast. Burying my face in that musky, wet and soft center of endless delight.

I just also happen to really love it when someone with those breasts, that tight little cunt and soft curving ass to strap it on and plow into my ass. I love the power shift. The joy on her face as she takes me down. Fills me up. Comes from slamming that ass.

The thing that strikes me as odd about the whole endeavor is that more men don't want the same. The ass is FULL of nerve endings. Not to mention your prostate (it's nicknamed the P-Spot, for fuck sake, it's gotta be a source of pleasure!). It might have something to do with those feelings of shame, fear, disgust that comes with anything even close to being considered homosexual behavior.

In a society where we still consider homosexuals second-class citizens.

Where we consider their behavior in the bedroom something to be ashamed of rather than embraced and considered.

Where there are so many social stigmas associated to growing up gay that my heart truly goes out to those that have to come of age in our mean-spirited and harmful culture.

But at the end of the day, getting fucked in the ass by the love of your life (or shit, lust of your minute) isn't gay. It's only gay if the love/lust of your life/minute is another man.

Cut loose. Enjoy it. And thank me later.

What is the top entry on your "sexual bucket list"?

Given how hard we had to think about our "wildest, craziest" sexual escapade, I'd go with more sneaky sex.

And I personally would LOVE to fuck on a beach/underwater. But then you guys know that already.

Where is the craziest and wildest place you two have had sex before?

We were at a wedding a few summers ago where the liquor was REALLY flowing. We both enjoy a drink, especially when free, so we both partook of a few. And then a few more. We spent the night dancing, making out on the parquet and generally grabbing up on each other.

As the party wound down, people moved on, mostly back to hotels, but some of the wedding party took a party bus to a secluded house on a private island (I KNOW). Of course we took that bus.

A few hours and several drinks later, we were on a couch, my fingers knuckle deep in Violet. She needed more. We found one of two bathrooms in the house and waited in a fairly long line. The line grew even longer behind us.

As our turn came, I grew concerned over how we'd enter together without looking too suspicious. Violet wasn't as worried. The door opened, she grabbed my arm and in we went.

It was a large bathroom, big enough to fit a little chair near the door. Violet pushed me down, pulled out my cock and thrust herself right on top.

"You're gonna have to be quick."

I wasn't.

Before we knew it, I had V pinned against a wall, on the shower door, on the edge of the sink, pounding away as people pounded the door.

I'd love to tell you that I pulled out, threw Violet against the door that those fuckers were pounding and unloaded all over her party dress. But if we're being honest here, the knocks on the door grew so annoying and so worrisome that we stopped. I tucked my cock away, Violet wiped away the wetness covering her thighs and we reemerged, both unsatisfied.

We didn't worry too much, as the next thing either of us remembers was waking up in a completely different house, a family walking in on us curled on the couch, fully clothed.

It was messy.

WVW Redux: Anal Beads and You.

You gotta love watching the bead come popping out. Pushing on the sphincter as it pushes, pushes, pushes and finally POP! Each level of bead growing more intense as you pack that ass full of pleasure. And then pull it right out again.

We're a fan of anal beads. Can you tell?

WVW: Mr. Cassel, At It Again.

By now you've all been informed of Violet's Vincent Cassel infatuation. Endearing? Perhaps. Horny as all get out? YES. There were moments while watching him in the Black Swan where Violet let out gasps that I know by now to signal an achingly wet pussy. There's something about the man that allows him to play a total sleaze, but at the same time, make women melt in the center. Until it comes dripping out their tight little fuckholes. I may not know exactly why, but the man's got charm. In this case, on up to three girls at once.


Let's Get This Formspring Rolling!

Hey, perverts. Ask us anything. Make it dirty. http://formspring.me/Voracious

We're out of questions, what's up with that?

Fix it, perverts. You know you want to.

Anonymously or publicly, doesn't matter.

This Time It's Cock.

Apparently we're a nude shot reblog site now! The submissions from you perverts don't stop coming in. This time, Chris decided it was time to show what he's working with.

If you're a comment reader, you'll note that upon Eve exposing her body, Chris showed some interest in having her join in his bedroom adventures. We're all about equality here, so I rightly pointed out that it wasn't fair to expect Eve to agree to such gestures just because Chris has a cock.

Well, now we know that a cock is indeed what he has.


Happy Six Months!

To be honest, I'm a little surprised, and also not surprised at all, that it's only been six months since our first post. Other blogs we've tried our hands at have fallen by the wayside at a sadly rapid rate. We're talking weeks here, people.

Not Uncommon. No way. And that's thanks to you guys. Reading, commenting, sending in photo requests, and sometimes a photo of your girlfriend in compromising positions.

In those six months, we're at over 40,000 views! With pretty much no promotion.

So thank you to anyone that posted us on your blogroll.

Or wrote about us (seriously, Jez and Cane are to thank for a CHUNK of our readership).

Or Tweeted, Facebooked or MySpaced (no one still uses that, right?) our little blog.

It's totally helped us make a name for ourselves in this cluttered world of sex bloggers. (If I forgot anyone, it's because I don't know of any other links out there, or your site is invite-only, wink-wink, CelloBiscuit. If you know of anyone else that's put us on their blogroll or posted a link about us, fill us in!)

Since we're halfway to a year, our goal is pretty simple. Let's try to get to 100,000 views by the annual mark. That means adding about 20,000 views on top of the reader rate we have now. A reach? Maybe.

Obviously, porn is more difficult to share with people. It's not like you can just post it to your Facebook or Tweet about it (Wait, can you? Lucky dog!). In fact, none of our friends know we have this blog, so we understand this notion, perhaps best of all. But if you DO have a sex-only profile online, spread us around. We'd love to add some fans to the collection.

Also, this serves as a reminder that we're more than open to taking photo requests. Or story requests (none of those yet). And we'll respond, maybe not in a super-timely manner, but in a way that will exceed your expectations (right Chris?).

And the offer still stands. 100 followers gets a video. They're piling up, but we're not taking that step until we hit the goal we set. We'd love to share though...


What was your first sexual experience together? Both sides tell!

Rye: The very first, eh? I'd have to say, the first sexual encounter we had involved some roaming fingers. At V's place, in the aftermath, or maybe even the middle, of a party, we split off into her room. Which had some mighty thin walls. We proceeded to make out, brutally. It was a long time coming between us and we were EAGER. As we pushed hard into one another, my hands were all over her fine ass body. They eventually moved their way from her massive, beautiful tits down to that trim, tight little pussy. In what couldn't have been more than a minute later, she was on cloud nine. Seriously. This girl orgasmed within about 60-90 seconds. HARD. And LOUD. So hard, loud and quick that I thought for the longest time that she'd faked it. But not so, according to the lovely V.

We cut it short there and returned to the dwindled party. Where we got some SERIOUS looks. And in the morning, plenty of questions from friends.

Violet: Look. I know what you're thinking. But, sometimes I get a little over-excited. Rye and I had what basically amounts to three years of foreplay before I ever got to put my mouth on his body, so I was ready. Not to mention the fact that a few nights before this encounter we'd spent an unfairly long night together in my bed, just being friends. Having a sleep over. Both staring at the ceiling wondering if we should roll over and make our intentions known. I have loved him for even longer than I think he realizes.

*Not us. Her tits are a bit smaller. Though the slamming body is pretty accurate.

Fueled by more than a little to drink, I'd finally had enough. There were enough people in my apartment at the time that I figured we'd go unnoticed if we slipped away. I dragged Rye into my bedroom, probably mumbling something about showing him something on YouTube (guys, I was desperate) and kissed the living shit out of him.

We were both being cautious with each other. Both having been recently burned romantically and not wanting to jump into anything too quickly. But the second I felt his hands on me, I lost myself. Falling clumsily down onto the bed, I'm sure I gave more than my fair share of signals that I was willing to go anywhere he wanted to go that night. He made a move for the button on my jeans and I didn't try to stop him. It was almost embarrassing how wet I was. I felt myself start to lose control and probably could have reigned it in, but to be perfectly honest, I sort of wanted to let the big guy know what he was in for. I let rip an orgasm completely inappropriate for the volume of the party one room away. I think it startled him. Needless to say, he's gotten used to those.


Three That Stand Out: An Amendment by Rye.

While we recently published our Top Three lists (sexual experiences with each other) recently, I felt it only fair that I should update this accordingly. As you may recall, my list was largely consisting of the very early days of Violet + Rye. This was for a few reasons. One, I have a pretty shoddy memory. And two, those early days were really good. But that might make one assume the present isn't so much.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

Witness, if you will, the events of a few nights back. Prior to a very full long weekend, Violet and I decide to spend a night in, dinner, drinks, nothing on the books. And LOTS of fucking. To be more specific, ass fucking. The following is the text exchange we had while at work:

R: I might need a favor from you this evening.
V: Oh really?
R: Any guesses?
V: There are a lot of options.
R: I imagine you could get close.
V: I would guess it has to do with your new toy.
R: How would you feel if you came home and found me bent over the bed? Would you be able to fuck my ass like the filthy slut you are?
V: Oh I see. I could probably facilitate that.
R: And then I'd have to return the favor.
V: I'm always game.

Sound hot? It was.


And Now, Time for Another...

...reader submission!

Some of you may know Eve from our comments section, she frequently tells us about just how wet we make her pussy with our posts, photos and stories, not to mention enlivens the comments section with tales of her slippery cunt.

Sound familiar? Maybe?

Well, lucky for you, everyone will now be formally introduced to Eve.

Recently, while chatting about her wet fuckhole, Chris, Violet and I all put in a request for proof. And while these may not be photos of said cunt, you won't hear a single complaint coming from this pervert.

Pic Friday: Girl Worship, Pt. 2.

And, as promised in last week's Pic Friday, here's the follow-up for you perverts. Enjoy!


Too Impressive to Resist.

You know when you find a GIF that is just too fucking impressive to resist? And you watch it over and over again, mesmerized?

You do? Good. Me too!


Threesomes? Have you engaged in them together and/or would you? MFM or FFM?

Together? No.

Violet has been involved in a few. Three? Obviously, she'll have to delve into further detail later. FFF, FFM, but no MFM, as far as I recall.

My hunch tells me Violet would LOVE this.

As for the will we ever?

WVW Redux: Sex Tips From Pornstars.

This is mostly good for a chuckle. And for the answers about anal. Violet seems to agree with the assessment about letting her play with the Hitachi as you fuck her ass as hard as you want.

Guess who's breaking about the Hitachi during the next anal session?

Is there anything sexually that is taboo for you two? Pic Request - a little Anal Sex - Rye in Violet!

From V: Poop. Crying. Rape fantasies.

From Rye: Ditto. Ditto. Anything with diapers. Or restricting breathing.

Otherwise, as you've seen on the blog, we're pretty open.

Fisting: Not taboo.

And we'll work on that request of yours. I'm feeling a need for some anal lately, so we'll see what happens.

Yep, We Got a Formspring.

Want to ask us a question? Make a photo request? Send us praise?

We know there a LOT more readers than there are commenters and emailers. And we want to hear from you.

Anyway, we figured that maybe you're afraid for us to see your personal email or Google profile. You shouldn't be. Make one just for sex, it's free. If that's not on the horizon, hit us up on Formspring. We'll answer your sick questions, pervert.


WVW: Ms. Lennox.

Violet has a thing for Annie Lennox. Perhaps not a sexual thing, but at least an "I'm totally and utterly obsessed with this woman's voice and have been since I was a kid" thing. Which means she'll be excited to watch this video. I was equally excited, but more for the "please let me watch you take your clothes off" purposes.


Three That Stand Out: Rye Edition.

As requested by Violet. I've noticed that all three come from the first year of our relationship. This isn't to say that things have gotten worse between us sexually, but just that I have a bad memory and these REALLY stand out. Also, if this was a top five list, you can bet your ass one of these would have to do with just that.

Without further adieu, my top three fuck sessions with my wife:


A Special Surprise.

I'm terrible with secrets, so I had to let you in on the loop. Your favorite couple went out yesterday and made a special purchase. They then got so excited, they decided to use their new purchase that very night. There will be much more later, but I thought you needed a glimmer.

Three That Stand Out: Violet Edition.

Hello, you filthy, squirming, darlings! I've missed you. I realize sometimes that with all the cock-sucking, picture-posing and, you know, full-time job working, that sometimes I don't get to perv out with you as much as I'd like to. Anyway, happy new year, nice to see you all and your tender bits.

via Bend Me Over


The Aftermath.

I felt compelled to share with you just how beat up Violet's pussy got last night. Mostly from her own doing. I'll take part of the responsibility.

I ordered her to choose a toy to start herself off with while I cleaned the dishes. She chose the trusty and intense Hitachi Magic Wand. Two orgasms later, with a few requests for me to wet her cunt, I was finished with the dishes.

I figured she could use a hand. Or two. So while she slammed away on her engorged clit, I filled her wet fuckhole with two fingers and worked her g-spot. You'd think that was enough, but Violet is one eager slut, so I decided to slip the index finger of my other hand up her tight, begging little asshole. Up it went.

The fingers of my two hands worked in unison, slip sliding in and out of her slick, overworked holes. Until finally, payoff. What you see are the results of such a beating.

Pic Friday: Girl Worship, Pt. 1.

This theme was just too good to keep to one post. So if you find yourself enjoying this week's offerings, I have a feeling next week is gonna strike your fancy as well.


HNT: Hiding Out.

It's winter, so there's a fair amount of hiding out that takes place in these parts. But eventually, you've got to come out, don't you?


WVW: Camille at Her Most Naked.

Holy fuck. Watched this video on lunch break yesterday and almost needed a change of underwear. The finale really pushed me over the top. Spitting his load back out and slurping it all down again? Violet, please note this, because good lord I want that immediately.


What Did You Do On New Year's Day?

I'll tell you what Violet did...

To be perfectly blunt about it, she sucked my cock, unloaded me onto one of her favorite foods (the avocado), then ate it all up with a spoon.


Welcome to 2011, Filthy Fuckers.

It seemed only right to kick off the second year of Uncommon Appetites with a Filthy Fuckers post. After all, it's one of the most popular features on this here blog. And while they're usually lined up for a Pic Friday, we're not really fans of rules. So fuck it. After all, we run this thing, so if we want to flood you with images of rough fucking, we will, damnit.