Suckers for Submissions.

Well then, this was a fucking delightful surprise!

About a week ago, we got home to find a super flattering and lovely email in our inbox. It was from a reader, someone around our own age, that wanted to let us know how much she enjoyed our blog, our open discussion of sexuality and our photos/videos. That alone would have been enough to make our day.

But that wasn't all that the email held...


Jimmyjane Casts A Magic Spell On Our Fingertips.

I've had a pretty big crush on Jimmyjane's sex toys for a while now... from afar. For some reason, we'd never met in person before. When Eden Fantasys said they were sending us a Jimmyjane Form 3, I nearly jumped up and down. But once the Form 3 actually arrived, I'll confess to looking at it like a puppy looks at the dot from a laser pointer -- I knew I wanted it, but I just wasn't sure what to do with it.

I have great news. I figured it out. And holy shit, it is way better than a laser pointer.


Psst, New Trailers.

So you've seen the trailers for the first four videos we posted on MakeLoveNotPorn.tv. But what you might not know is that we've added two more videos to the mix.


MakeLoveNotPorn Trailer Time!

Now, we've given you some access to these trailers before, but with the public launch of MakeLoveNotPorn last night, it seemed like a good time to remind everyone just what's happening over there.

Each video comes, or will be coming, with a trailer of some sort. Whether it's an introduction by the filmmakers, a clip talking about what the circumstances behind the video are, or a taste of what's in the video, the "Peek" button on each video will get you access to that.

These are the trailers we put together for the first four of our MakeLoveNotPorn videos. The fifth edition can be found on the site, but we haven't loaded it into XTube yet. Head on over and click on that video's "Peek" button to get a taste!


MakeLoveNotPorn is Live, Open and Waiting!


Today, after several months of private beta, makelovenotporn.tv goes live! If you've been waiting for an invite, you can forget about it! Head right over, sign up and get started!

If you want to know how this photo turns out (hint: FURIOUS MASTURBATION), head on over to MLNP.tv

I know that this in itself is exciting enough, but it gets better. In conjunction with the release of our latest video, they've featured all of our videos on the front page this week! So as of today, you can find five videos of us there (which, unless you were in the beta, you've never seen before), all hot as fuck, all very much in the same style you've come to love from our videos and photos.

Well, what are you waiting for? GO! MakeLoveNotPorn.tv


Sunning and Funning Our Parts.

We're sure that when we asked you to imagine what happened after we went skinny dipping in the pool, you NEVER imagined something like this would come as a result.

A BLOWJOB??? By the pool??? Violet+Rye???

But yes, lovelies, a blowjob right by the pool is just what happened. And for those looking for the big finale, Violet usually prefers to keep that to herself, if you catch our drift (she greedily swallows, for those that missed our drift).


Sunning Our Parts.

To cap off our short holiday "sunning our parts" vacation, we took off our clothes and jumped in the pool.

Some things happened once we were naked, but you'll just have to use your imaginations while you wait for us to put those photos up...


Welcome to 2013.

We hope your new year is off to a grand start. Here's how we ended our 2012, sunning our parts.