Pic Friday: Happy New Year, Perverts!

That's right, kiss this last one goodbye! 2010 was a good year for Violet and I, from our wedding to the launch of this here blog, we've accomplished many things this past year. But we move ahead. Into weirder kinks. More toys. More adventure. And plenty more photos.

We happen to believe that New Year's Eve is amateur night, when all those folks that stay in all year decide it's time to go and celebrate one night. Which means terrible crowds (especially in NYC), pricy drinks, long waits for restaurant seating and a general clusterfuck. So we stay in. And drink plenty. And eat more. And get weird with each other. Unless friends are over, then we save the latter for after they leave.

These photos remind me of New Year's, for whatever reason. I hope yours resembles this collection, in some way or another. See you in 2011 and thanks for reading!


WVW Redux: Slurp It Up.

Sorry for yesterday's WVW, which had been removed, apparently (if you're putting yourself online, you think people aren't going to watch you fuck?). Anyway, we were traveling home to the snowy nightmare that is NYC, so I didn't have a chance to make it up to you. Consider this my apology.

I personally love when she bends over, rubs her pussy and then licks the juices. Gotta be one of my top five favorite things. See what you think.


WVW: Finger That Ass.

And then spill all over it. There's really not much to say about this video that Fleshbot hasn't already covered. But damn, that asshole fingering is really fucking hot.


Photo Request 3.

While not as in depth as the footjob request, this comes from a request made in our comments, when one reader requested to see my cock buried in Violet's tits. Well, don't say we never gave you anything.


25 Things About Rye's Sexuality.

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I've been spending much time perusing "25 Things About My Sexuality" lately. I figured I enjoy reading so much, why not write one? Which is exactly what I did.


Merry Christmas! Love, Violet+Rye.

I'm sure plenty of you have been waiting for this. Go ahead and unwrap your present...


Pic Friday: Handjobs for the Holidays.

I know, right? Handjobs?I've heard many an argument that the handjobs deserves to stay in high school, where it originated. Once you put a cock in your mouth, you're past the point of jerking one off.

But you know, sometimes a good tug is what it takes. Violet likes to slather her hands in lube and give my cock a full massage, writhing her hands around in a continuous, fluid motion, not stopping until I unload on her tits. Try to argue against that.

As for a good old fashioned fingerbang, forget it. Violet fucking loves it. I rub up against her g-spot and game over. I love the way I can overpower her when I slide my fingers in. She wants to push back, or take my cock into her dripping pussy, but I never let her. At least until she creams all over my two fingers.

What's not to love about that?

So here you have it, an ode to the handjob. Whether from another, with another or on your own. Glorious.

Oh, and extra points if you know what band the title references.


HNT: Photo Request 2.

Well then, dear, unnamed reader, here she is in all her glory. Reminds me of a Fiona Apple video. But hot.


WVW: The Black Swan. A Follow-Up.

Remember how I wrote about why The Black Swan is one of the few films I want to see this year? There were a number of reasons, but chief among them was Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis getting their fuck on.

Well, the video leaked. And let's just say I'm not disappointed.


Photo Request 2: A Sneak Preview.

We've been sitting on this particular photo request from one of our readers for a while. Too long perhaps. But you can't always get what you want. Until you get it, that is.

That being said, no way you're getting the whole thing now. However, I can at least give you a glimpse.


Juicy: Bonus Material.

Based on the popularity of Friday's post, I wanted to give you a bit more wetness to start your week off right.


Pic Friday: Juicy.

This week is dedicated to al those lovely fluids we cover one another in. And you know, if you finish fucking someone and you're not drenched in juices of some sort... you're doing it wrong.


HNT: Drinking Rye.

Not quite what you might be thinking. I don't think I'll hear too many complaints.


WVW: Camille the Pearl.

Don't you just love to watch Camille Crimson suck a cock? It's a thing of beauty, really. I'd even dare to say it's what she was put on this earth to do.

Aretha Franklin, born to belt it.
Larry Bird, born to sport that mustache.
Kanye West, born to brag about himself incessantly.
And Camille Crimson, born to take a load like a slutty fucking champion.


It's My Pleasure to Present...

As frequent readers of our blog know quite well, we've got some very loyal commenters. And readers of those comments will know that late last week, a conversation started about our commenter Chris and his girlfriend.

He claimed she was a fine piece of ass.
No one doubted him.
He offered proof.
Who the hell are we to turn down proof?

So, without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to our very first reader submission. And I'll tell you, if they're all like this, bring that shit on.


Pic Friday: Bottoms Up.

Here's to the panties (Violet hates that word)!


HNT: Rye's Turn at Bat.

A few weeks ago, Rye sent this pair of gems to me while I worked diligently at the office. Not surprisingly, I got distracted shortly thereafter.


WVW: The Black Swan. And Why It's a Must See.

I used to see a lot of films. I don't anymore. Since moving to New York, maybe I've found better things to do. Or the films have gotten worse. Or too expensive. Or I'm just growing up. Whatever it is, it's true.

HOWEVER, I want to see the fuck out of this:


Worst Sex Writing of 2010. Really, That Bad.

Each year, The Guardian chooses the worst sex scene from a novel published that year. While the winner apparently faced serious competition from Jonathan Franzen (Really? Does this make me want to read Freedom more or less?), Rowan Somerville ultimately prevailed with his really terrible description of a great act in his book The Shape of Her.

Unfortunately for fans of terrible sex writing, it's only available in England. But we did at least get an excerpt out of this opus.


The Heat Is On.

It's cold outside. Snowing, in fact. So I needed something to warm me up. Hopefully, it does the trick for you as well.


Pic Friday: Stocking Up.

I've just realized, Violet really needs to have all of these stockings, leggings and garters. Now.


Top Ten Things I Love About Violet in the Bedroom Edition.

I could do 500. These came to mind first.

1. Her adventurous side. The fact that we even have this blog in the first place.

2. How her pussy tightens and contracts, folding like rolling waves over my fingers as I massage her g-spot to orgasm.

3. Her smile. Maybe it doesn't seem sexual to you, but it's one of my biggest turn ons.

4. How loud she is. Bitch is LOUD.

5. Her flush face right before she comes. It swims over her cheeks and envelops her from the neck down to her fat tits.

6. That little tongue that creeps out of her pussy lips, as if it's sticking out at me. She doesn't like it, but I love it.

7. Her ass (and puckered little asshole). The way is moves. The shape it takes when she bends over. The look she gives me when I dip inside her, finger or cock. Shock, desire, lust, eagerness.

8. The time she called me on a road trip with my brother so I could listen to her come. My brother was in the same hotel room with me and had no idea why I was being so quiet. And that there are thousands of moments just like this one that I can draw on when I'm alone.

9. Her big fat, full, slutty, always-showing-off-her-cleavage tits. And that she loves playing with them as much as I do.

10. That no matter what I throw her way, she's game. Eating cum, pegging, getting tied up, spanked, fingered in public, photo sessions, it's all fair game. And it makes me want to keep dreaming up new things to ask of her. I wonder when she'll say no...

Why did I make this list only ten?


WVW: I Love LaStarya Too

Hello, lovelies. Violet here, with a Web Vid Wednesday that I could watch over and over again. And have. And forced Rye to. While exclaiming things like, "It moves independently from the rest of her body!!"