Happy Anniversary!

Yep, it's been a year. Depending on how you look at it, the response could be, "only a year???" or "really, already?"

Whatever your response, it's true. One year has passed in our sex life. And real life. Unfortunately, there's been a lot more real life lately, a little less sex life. Without getting into too great of detail, since we're... ahem... ANON, let's just say that there have been a few issues.

One was a lack of internet for several days.

Two was and is an ongoing health struggle. We'll be fine, but one of us is having a rough go of it lately. And rather than write about sex or even have sex, we're instead just getting through on the day-to-day.

But no need to fret, it's only a matter of time before we return, full force. For now though, it will probably continue to be limited posting until we're in the FUCKING FUCK ME headspace again.

Not to dwell too much on the bummers, we wanted to say thank you soooooo much for an amazing year. From The Secretive Slut befriending us early on, bringing us some of our first and most dedicated readers to Camille Crimson and Sophie Delancey putting us on the map in a huge way through the little world of Twitter. From crappy cell phone photos to HD video. 

So much has changed. And yet so much has stayed the same.

After all, the lynchpin of this blog is the sex life of two individuals that are crazy about each other; best friends; open, communicative, dedicated lovers and perverts. If anything, it's only become more true over the past year.

And to that, we toast. Thanks for reading, new to old, we love you all! Here's to more!


V, how do you shave your legs? Drugstore razor or that hot wax/cream thing? Just wondering because your legs are amazing! Does Rye ever shave your legs for you?

On my own. In the shower. With a razor. And conditioner. It works like fucking magic. And nope, never the legs. But my pussy...different story.


Do you like music to be on in the background during sex? If so, do you have favorite songs/artists? Is it different music than what you like when driving or working?

Sounds like someone needs to catch up on our blog. See our post, "The 10 Most Fuckable Songs. Ever."

Summer in the city - Violet, how about some pics of you in a bikini top or a simple vest showing off those amazing breasts?!?

There's an idea we can work with. When we hit beach time, it's ON.

Do you have off days when you don't want to be photographed? Or are one sexy beast?

Of course! After all, we're a couple first. So sometimes we shoot each other, but most of the time, we just enjoy each other. Not everything needs to be recorded...

Maybe this was covered by your wake and spank entry a while ago, but say you (R) wake up with an aching hard on, V is still sleeping, do you masturbate quietly, pulling down the sheets to get a look at V? Or beg for a sleepy handjob or blowjob?

V would NEVER let me get away with putting it to rest by myself! She stuffs that RIGHT in. Every time. After all, morning wood is some of the hardest wood out there. Don't let that shit go to waste.

Any chance of you doing a pegging video?

Hmm. Perhaps.

The videos will be a more rare event, but that sure sounds like a GREAT concept for a shoot.

I know I'm new here... but your reactions are only for female viewers :)

I'm not sure what this means.


Ice Cream Paintjob.

Behold, the latest classy porn from Jacques Magazine.

Clearly, this is a little silly. But also, her tits are amazing. And who doesn't want to see some hotness get covered in cream? I know I do. ALL day.