At the time of my writing this, we're at 19 followers and almost 25,000 views! Considering we started in July, that's nothing to sneeze at. We're super happy that so many of you are connecting with what we're putting up here.

19 followers will soon become 20, will become 25, 30 and on. And at 100, that video we keep telling you about will be made public.

We've also damn near posted 100 entries, which is also beyond me. But really, as long as you keep reading, commenting and emailing with requests, we'll stick around and give you the goods.

Any requests off the top? Hit us up at uncommonappetites@gmail.com. We've got only one photo request right now (which we'll get to soon), so if you've got anything you're dying to know or want to see, you know what to do.

And, by the way, thanks.

Pic Friday: Ass Obsessed.

As I was browsing for these images the past week, I had NO clue I was selecting so many shots of asses. I mean, it's clear that I am obsessed with ass. That much is known. But to this extent? Obviously, it's time for Violet to let me have her ass again, must have been too long.


HNT: How Is It Thursday?

Let's just say it's been VERY busy at work. And it will slow way the fuck down soon. For now, you'll have to suffice with Violet's ass doing yoga. Literally.

I know there's not much "H" in this HNT, but I got hard watching her stretch herself, so I figured it couldn't hurt to share.



My biggest turn on, hands down, is the female orgasm.

WVW: I Need a Rimjob, Hey Diggy Diggy.

It's Wednesday, let's eat some assholes! Who doesn't love a good rim job?


Fighting Off a Case of the Mondays.

Hope your weekend was as satisfying as ours.



HNT: New Camera Puts in WORK.

And my how we love this thing. We have a feeling you will too.


WVW: Camille Can Really Work a Dick.

Not sure how you all feel about the vids we've been posting. They don't seem to get much feedback. However, we enjoy them and assume you do as well.

A particular favorite in the Violet & Rye household are those of cum slut Camille Crimson getting down on a cock. We happen to have found two of those this week. And rather than being withholding pricks, we figured you've earned both.

Without further adieu, Camille's big tits.

And this is where you'll find Camille Crimson and a friend sharing a cock.


Musings and Photos.

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's tale from Violet as much as I did (see the comments on that post for details). I seriously cannot wait for the next visit into her lesbian dalliances. Until then, enjoy some photos that we've been enjoying.

Oh, and allow me a quick aside. The other day, while looking for photos to put on her post about her blossoming bisexuality, Violet had some trouble. And noticed that the web, even the "indie", "alt-porn" sites that we frequent, are flush with shots of blowjobs. What's the deal? Sure, head is delicious and I like to gander, but that's like only eating hamburgers for dinner. I'm an adventurous eater, folks, let's keep it fresh.

And keep on the lookout, the new camera is in our possession, so we'll get a gallery of Violet coming at you real soon. It also shoots video. But until we hit 100 followers, that shit stays on our hard drive. Recruit some friends to follow along and that day could be sooner than you think.


On Girl.

I kissed a girl before I ever kissed a boy.


Pic Friday: Artsy Shit.

Because shit, sometimes you want to spill over while looking at some indie porn. And who doesn't?

To Violet: Remember That Item On My Hit List?

You didn't force me to do it yet. Let this serve as a reminder that it's still very much on the table.

HNT: In Time for the West Coast Broadcast

Sometimes it's easy to forget that it's Thursday. Today was one of those. But fuck, we take care of you, don't we?


The Form.

The body is a wonderful thing. These bodies are even more wonderful than that.



I mean that in the best way possible.

WVW: Williamsburg Defeats Us.

As we've let it be known before, we're New Yorkers. And sometimes, cool shit happens in New York. Even in Williamsburg. And you can't deny it, no matter how much you dislike the hipster label, and even more so, the movement.

Today, we cave.
You win, Willy.
There's just no denying this girl's talents.


Rememberances of Blowjobs Past.

The other day, after what we decided was a "quickie", and after two screaming orgasms for Violet, she decided I was in need of a blowjob.

An Ode to Exhibitionism.

As a reader of our blog, you're well aware by now that Violet and I are exhibitionists. Perhaps not in the strictest sense of flashing or fucking in public. But in the sense that we share with you glimpses of ourselves that are kept from others. In celebration of that fact, enjoy today's photo set.


Pic Friday: Hit the Showers.

Who doesn't like a good shower series? Our first apartment together had a nice big shower, which we fucked in constantly, pushing Violet against the wall and sliding into her. She'd put a leg up on the side, allowing a much taller me to grind away inside her as she would try not to drown in orgasmic delight.

Our current shower? Not so great for such things. But who knows, maybe that'll be a selling a point for the next apartment.



Strap It On

I'm posting these to give Violet a reminder of how much I still want this. How could I not?

So, Violet. Thoughts?


Pic Friday: Lydia, The Tattooed Lady.

In honor of the Otis Striptease video I posted recently, I thought I'd get a good slice of tattooed sluts up in here. Took a bit of doing, but I think you'll find the choices boner inducing.