Sext Me Your Sexty Parts.

Modern technology means that one no longer has to suffer through an entire day of work without seeing their partner's glorious parts. This was yesterday's glorious part.


Digging in the Crates.

We found some things in the archives. Some of these may have posted before, but we doubt you're going to care. Enjoy!


Formspring Friday.

Why haven't you blogged in ages? You're missed :) xx
I know, right? Thanks for missing us, but it looks like we're coming back! There'll be a few posts this week, and hopefully we can keep that momentum up, even with shifting schedules and busy ass calendars!

What's Rye's favorite thing you do to him that makes him ready to go in a second?
Ready to come or ready to fuck?

For fucking, I'm definitely a more direct guy. I love it when she'll unexpectedly grab my cock, either through my pants' fabric, or by slipping a hand right down and taking hold. She'll usually fondle my balls while she's down there, which serves as a great reminder that sex is something we like to do.

Also, if she's ever in underwear and bends for any reason, that ass is like a beacon.

For coming, there's a move Violet does when she gets on top, I just call it "her move," it's a bucking of the hips in a forward motion combined with tightening, then loosening her pussy that basically gets me off in a matter of seconds. And she knows it all too well.


Revenge of the Fall.

On Saturday mornings, when the weather turns a bit shit, there's an awful lot of hanging in the apartment that goes down. Sometimes, during those long, lazy stretches of time, as you sip your coffee and browse through Tumblr, you turn to find your lovely wife planking, stretching and doing a bit of yoga. In very little clothing.


Stormy Gets Hysterical.

While many of you have probably seen this fourth installment of our new favorite video series, we're sure some of you missed it. Or don't mind watching it again.

This one is especially lovely because we've seen Stormy Leather perform burlesque right here in Brooklyn. If you're ever able to catch a show she's in, definitely take advantage, it's well worth the cost of admission. And then some.


Flip Out!

While many of you have come to know me as a fan of the prostate and the toys that stimulate it, you might also wish to know that I'm as inexperienced in the ways of male masturbation sleeves as I am familiar with prostate massagers.

That was until the Tenga Fliphole arrived.