How We Spent Christmas.

Tis the season. 
Deck the halls.
Rudolph and the others.
Show me those tits, I want to come on them.

You know, all that.


Strap In.


It's been a while.
We could do the thing where we apologize for not updating enough lately.
Give you all the totally valid reasons why we haven't.
Make some excuses on top of those reasons to help further validate the silence.
And then apologize again.

Or, we could tell you we saw this REALLY fucking hot video and it made us want to share it with you, because we know you'll appreciate it just as much as we did.


Cocktail Hour - The Snaps.

Yesterday, we posted our TENTH video on MakeLoveNotPorn.tv. Which feels kind of insane to us. It probably does to you too.

Here's a sample of what's in that video. We'd love it if you checked it out. We think you'd love it too.


V+R's Top Ten Must See MakeLoveNotPorn Videos List.

Did you join MakeLoveNotPorn.tv yet? Maybe to check out our videos? Or at least the trailers? If you haven't, you should, it's free to join, so do it already!

If you DID join and maybe rented some of our vids but are wondering what else is worth checking out, we're here to help. We've rented a handful of videos and we've been enjoying what we've seen. So here's a list of our five favorite videos that we've rented, and a list of five we are going to rent real soon. Oh, and there are illustrations, because these illustrations are going to make blood go to parts in your pants, and that's always a nice thing to share.

V+R's "Top Five 'Get Us Going (In Our Parts) MakeLoveNotPorn Videos' List"

1. DALE COOPER AND COLBY KELLER. Seriously, just watch the trailer. It's gorgeous (we didn't just think of doing our new video in black and white out of nowhere). Stunningly well filmed. Edited wonderfully. And stars two incredibly attractive men. And they are smiling. And laughing. And doing some totally hot shit. Also, FOREARMS.

2. BZ and Gloria. We're thrilled that these two are fellow MakeLoveNotPornstars, as we've known about Balthazar and his amazing photography skills for many years. They were able to translate this style to video beautifully and as if that weren't good enough, the chemistry between this married couple is palpable. Seriously, it's in our mouths. Like, ALL UP IN IT. Oh, this also contains the most nonchalant fisting ever. Because isn't that what #RealWorldSex is about? Shit, it's only kinky the first time, then it's just something you do sometimes (or all the time).

Cocktail Hour - Teaser.

Boys and girls (stop reading this, you're too fucking young), ladies and gentlemen, sit down. Let us tell you a tale. A tale about the time we put electrical tape over our tattoos because we were tired of editing around them, flipped the camera to monotone and went to town on each other. It's a tale that will give you a boner, or get your pussy nice and wet. It's a tale as old as time, or some bullshit.

Anyway, we made a new video that we're pretty into and we hope you'll be as into it. The trailer is underneath this text, so go dig in(-to your pants). It will be up later today on MakeLoveNotPorn for the price of a latte. We'd be thrilled if you spent your latte money on us and opted for a Chemex coffee at home, because it tastes better anyway and plus, you made it with your own hands.


Gee Thanks, GIGI 2.

When LELO sends you an email asking if they can ship you their new g-spot vibrator to test, you don't say, "Oh, thanks very much, but traditionally I haven't had much luck with g-spot vibrators, so I'll pass." You just say yes. And also thank you. Anything else would be like getting a cooler of caviar shipped to you and deciding it's not really for you. So, when LELO asked if we'd like to try the GIGI 2, there was no discussion. The answer was yes. And thank you.

As I've just intimated, I have a pretty picky vagina when it comes to sex toys. But if anyone's going to convince me that a g-spot vibrator is for me, it's going to be LELO


From This Morning's Sext Files.

Sometimes Violet works and Rye doesn't. On said days, this occurs.

We thought it was only fair to give you a taste. Clearly, the new updates to the iPhone photo app have made great strides in sexting technology. This is some artsy shit.


Coffee in Bed - The Teaser.

As you picked up from our last post and its abundance of photos, we made a new video for MakeLoveNotPorn last weekend. We're pretty proud of this one, we just really like the way it came together (pun intended).

See for yourselves. And if you enjoyed the teaser, check out the full version in all its glory.

Coffee in Bed - Teaser brought to you by PornHub


Coffee in Bed.

-It's been a while since made a video.
-Yeah, I guess it has. What the fuck?
-We should probably make one.
-Want to film it?

And you get to see the rest.

Trailer soon. Until then, enjoy the screengrabs!


Bucket List Shit: Nude Beach Edition.

As you may have picked up from the title of this post, we finally did it.

After many summer trips to beaches together, there's always been the mention of heading to a nude beach at some point. With just us. With friends. With groups. Alone, even. But never once has it happened.

Until now.


Seriously, it may have been just because it was a perfect beach day, high 70's, barely a cloud in the sky, water warmer than average. But fuck, we NEVER want to go to a clothing required beach again.

Violet spent most of the day with her tits out, (well lathered in sunblock, mind you) and after a bit of warming up to it, we both shed our bottoms and headed into the water. And then those bottoms stayed off.

It felt fucking delicious. Decadent. Scandalous. Natural. Perfect.

We can't wait to go back. If only summer wasn't coming to a close. And if only that beach was closer. Hmm...


Thought Cataloged.

Oh hi.

So apparently, we're one of the "4 craziest fixtures in the Brooklyn porn scene." Whatever that means!

We weren't sure we were part of a scene, let alone well known enough to be considered a fixture of anything. But here we are, getting some nice words written about us in Thought Catalog.

If you've just discovered us due to the aforementioned piece, welcome! We have plenty of photos, videos and pieces of writing (no link, just start reading, there's a fuck-ton), both thoughtful and lascivious for you to catch up on.

Oh, and if you're looking for something a bit more substantial in the video department, we make longer form videos for MakeLoveNotPorn.tv, which you can rent for $5 each. It's like buying us a drink, but rather than get us tipsy, you get turned on and hopefully masturbate yourself to a pretty sweet orgasm.


There's No Place Like Her Mouth.

If you've been following along, you know how much we enjoy a good striptease. We frequent burlesque shows, and have even been known to dabble in our own striptease videos.

We're not sure how we've missed it until today, since we follow her tumblr, There's No Place Like Your Mouth, but at least we found them. Nicole Vaunt, the model in charge of this wonderfully named tumblr, has been partaking in a Striptease Sunday theme for quite some time. And what a theme it is.

Whatever, we're going to stop talking now, just watch this hot shit.



This weekend, we spent a few days by a lake. It was a short trip, but we made the most of the time we had there. Swimming, grilling, boating, drinking, jerking off in the water, fucking in the shower, sneaking some dirty photos.

Usually, we give you these photos in small doses, spread out over many days of galleries and teases. We're not doing that this time. Well sure, we gave you a small taste on Monday, but here are the rest, not teased out, just presented all in one shot. We thought you'd appreciate it that way.

And in case you were wondering, yes, there were a few people on the water that probably saw what we were up to.


Summer: A Triptych.

Presented without comment.


Another One Bites The Dust

So, we told another friend about our secret life as V+R. A friend we don't see terribly often, but have known for quite a while. A friend who is chronically difficult to impress. A friend we expected to roll his eyes and say, "ugh, of course you do." He's a curmudgeon, which is why we like him.

The response we actually got really threw us for a loop, "Holy shit. No wonder you guys are so happy together." After we'd recovered from our hearts growing a size, it really made us think.

A dramatic representation of my heart growing a size. It busted that flimsy shirt right open!
Three years in, it's crazy how much we're still learning from this experience.


Oh Shit!

We totally missed our three year "blogoversary"! It was about a week ago. Man, how things have changed since we started this here blog. Like WHOA.

Like really, really, really WHOA. I mean, you've seen it happen too. Sweet fuck.

Here, have a photo or two to celebrate!

A few of my favorite things about summer: tanlines, tits, Violet and watermelon.


File This Under Things We Love.

It's been a while since we shared some videos that we're into. And let's just say that it hasn't been due to a lack of watching. Our tastes are so specific that we rarely find anything that REALLY gets us going, let alone inspires us to share.

This is a couple that we think we may have shared before, but no worries, they're back with some new videos. What can we say, we like the blurs, the camera off-position, the more abstract shit that happens while we get to listen in on a real couple enjoying each other.

We think you'll agree.


Yoga - The Teaser.

Well, this uploaded into PornHub's server JUST IN TIME. You see, today is the day this new video of ours will go live for rentals on MakeLoveNotPorn.tv.

So you can watch this teaser and if you finish and think, "man, I'd love to see this again, but this time have it last 19 minutes and show so much more," today's your lucky fucking day!

Clicky click click and you're on our profile page!

And thanks everyone, your support is fucking unreal, and we LOVE that you're enjoying what we're making. We'll keep it up as long as you keep it up (apply innuendo here too, and it also works for staying wet, but it didn't work as well structurally).



Oh hi!

We made a new video for MakeLoveNotPorn.tv, which should be up next week. It involves naked yoga, which of course leads to do-it-city, because how can it not? As soon as the trailer's up, we'll hit you with it.

In the meantime, this is what you can look forward to...


Violet+Rye Do Nightline.

So, a few months ago, we were interviewed by ABC Nightline.

We debated it for a while, since we've turned down interview requests before, for the sake of anonymity. However, we were led to believe that this story would shed a positive light on MakeLoveNotPorn.tv and we could spread the good word about our involvement in it and why we've taken part.


Implicit. Explicit. In the Details.

We feel like this series of photos really sums up what we're all about.

What's shown.
What's not shown.
And what's in the details.



Imagine you've both been working incredibly long hours at work for several months now.
Imagine you finally get some time off to relax.
Imagine yourself at a spa.
Imagine that spa has a private tub.
Imagine you're us.


Grab These.

You want more of our MakeLoveNotPorn.tv screengrabs? You've got 'em!


On D'Angelo's Direct Responsibility For Most Of My Sexuality

On January 11th, 2000, D'Angelo's Voodoo was released. It kicked off the most sexual year of my young life, and nothing got me thinking about this more than a recent BuzzFeed post, "Hey Girl, D'Angelo Wants To Know How You Feel." Guys, I know it sounds like I'm setting up an elaborate and hilarious joke, but I swear to all things that are fucking holy, I am not. To prove it, Exhibit A:

Didja feel that, ladies and gentlemen? That was 16 year old Violet's sexual awakening. And it got worse. Much, much worse.



Well, the trailer might have been rejected from XTube and pulled from Vimeo, but the trailer and full video for "A Taste of Violet" are LIVE on MakeLoveNotPorn.tv as we speak!

What are you waiting for?


New Video: A Taste of Violet.

This weekend, after a morning stroll to the Farmers' Market, where we were met with a disappointing selection of spring veggies, we headed home to welcome spring in the only other way we know how, a little sex in the sunshine.


Rye's Cunt.

What follows is an email that I sent to Violet the other day, before meeting some friends for drinks.

"When we see each other at the bar tonight, I will have a few things on me.

1. A Sharpie.
2. Arousal balm.

You will take these from my pocket and on your first trip to the bathroom, you will do three things.

1. Rub the arousal balm on your clit and both nipples.
2. Write, where you are able to around your pussy, "Rye's cunt" with the Sharpie.
3. Take a photo of your freshly tagged pussy.

You will hold on to the balm. On return trips to the bathroom, should there be any, you will reapply the balm to your clit and your nipples. Each trip, you will take an additional photo, of whatever you see fit.

When we get home from drinks, there will be additional tasks awaiting you."


Come Here.

Some days are lazy. And much needed.

And on those days, we almost always give it to ourselves.



What You're Missing.

You likely know pretty well by now that we've been making videos for MakeLoveNotPorn.tv. We've been pretty vocal about it, after all.

But we thought we'd help show you, if you still haven't checked out our work on the site (if you have, THANK YOU SO MUCH), just what you're missing.



Almost Twins

I think we all remember how much I loved the LELO Ina. In case you need a memory refresher, I called it the best vibrator ever invented, insisted that you go buy it and even included a David Bowie GIF to convince you. I regret to inform you of some devastating news: the Ina 2 is just not as good.

What I've discovered in the blessed task of reviewing sex toys, is that it's truly a game of inches. In the Ina 2's case, it was an inch in the wrong direction. 


Excuse Us, Agent Cooper: Would You Like A Slice Of Pie?

SOMETHING IS HAPPENING THAT YOU GUYS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT. He's right here in the bath and his name is Dale Cooper.

If you are not acquainted with this man, take a deep breath in because you're about to get real acquainted with his forearms, thighs, cheeky smile, love for Radiohead and expert ability to make us giggle and then need to fuck immediately.


Toying with the Aneros.

I've been putting off a review of the Aneros Maximus for quite some time now. During that time, I've tested the toy again and again. Each time, I end up with the same result, this thing is the fucking tits.


It's The Freakin' Weekend.

"Dear Violet,
These are some things I found. I thought you might enjoy watching them while I'm working this weekend. Enjoy yourself. 
Love, Rye"

That's the email I found in our inbox this morning when I woke up and lazily drank coffee in my pajamas while poor Rye went to work. He had thoughtfully spent his days off during the week gathering three videos for my weekend enjoyment, and enjoying them is just what I set out to do. His intention, I am certain, was to inspire a jerk-off session, along with a few photos sent to him while he was at work.

He'll probably still get that, but he's also inspired something a bit more... um... verbose.



Because it's snowing.
Because the light was great.
Because I was listening to Serge Gainsbourg.


Premature Maturity.

So lately, I've had a bit of an issue.

I don't want to call it premature anything, but I also don't want to color it as if it were anything different.

For the past few months, for whatever reason, I've fallen into this strange trap. The first part of this trap involves me masturbating infrequently. As a healthy younger dude (now being a healthy slightly older dude), it was not unusual for me to go for it once a day, whether or not I was also getting a bit of Violet that day (usually the case).


Rye at Home.

We often hear from you lovely readers with a repeated, urgent request: MORE RYE, NOW!

So when we're both at home and he's walking around the apartment, doing chores in boxer briefs that keep making their way below his ass, picking out records while basically giving me the full show, how am I NOT supposed to photograph that?


If You're Calling It Fingerbanging, Something Is WRONG.

Leave it to Vice. Sometimes we forget how spot-on their advice can be, how biting their wit can be and how utterly correct they are about certain repeated pitfalls of human sexuality -- i.e, "don't slap the bean."

Ladies, when getting taken care of via finger by your partners, we know there are certain things you're dying to cry out. But sometimes we don't. Shouting, "fucking stop doing that, it's terrible!" in the act doesn't appeal to anyone, especially considering how sensitive our collective sexual egos can be.


Because It Rains.

Sometimes you spend a rainy New York day inside your apartment.
You pull out your old computer.
The one you hardly use anymore.
And you relive history.

You click through photos.
Of you.
Of Violet.
Before you were together.
As you got together.
As you changed together.

Passed through life together.
All of it seeming not so long ago, somehow.
Because it wasn't, really.
But wasn't it?

You find old photos you forgot existed.
Notice the time when you starting being Violet+Rye.
The photos changed.
But not really.
Still lots of food.
Lots of smiles.
Lots of nudity.
Lots of love.

And then some you kept off the blog, for whatever reason.
Can't seem to remember now.
And it seems like the perfect time to share.

Here's to history.
Here's to future.
Here's to you being here for all of it.


We're Having a Contest (Sort Of?)

Yes, that's right. A contest. Of sorts.

A few weeks ago, MakeLoveNotPorn.tv added a feature that allows users to "gift" a video to a friend, lover, spouse, enemy or ex-lover, ex-spouse or ex-friend (who are we to judge). Because we think this is a fucking awesome feature and because we want more of you to be using MLNP, making your own videos for MLNP and talking about MLNP, we figured we'd put our money where our mouths are.

So, we want you to provide us with some ideas for our next video. And for the person with the best idea, we'll gift you one of our MLNP videos of your choosing (unless you've already seen them all, in which case we'll gift you the video you gave us the idea for).


Sharpen Your, Um, Pencils.

We don't spend a lot of time talking to you guys about design. We're busy showing you our tits mostly? And we know that's how you like it. But when we stumbled across Francesco Morackini's Dildo Maker concept, we knew we had to share it with you guys.


Necessary Information.

Ok, so remember the reader that submitted those lovely photos? The French press photos? The bending over the sink photos? The naked, eating a banana with a finger in her pussy photos?


Yeah, THAT banana and THOSE fingers in THAT pussy.
So it turns out, after that post went up, the friend of hers that took those photos got in touch. And she's not the only subject he's been shooting. In fact, he's got an entire tumblr dedicated to some delicious photos of delicious women.


Yeah, you're going to want to follow along.


Suckers for Submissions.

Well then, this was a fucking delightful surprise!

About a week ago, we got home to find a super flattering and lovely email in our inbox. It was from a reader, someone around our own age, that wanted to let us know how much she enjoyed our blog, our open discussion of sexuality and our photos/videos. That alone would have been enough to make our day.

But that wasn't all that the email held...


Jimmyjane Casts A Magic Spell On Our Fingertips.

I've had a pretty big crush on Jimmyjane's sex toys for a while now... from afar. For some reason, we'd never met in person before. When Eden Fantasys said they were sending us a Jimmyjane Form 3, I nearly jumped up and down. But once the Form 3 actually arrived, I'll confess to looking at it like a puppy looks at the dot from a laser pointer -- I knew I wanted it, but I just wasn't sure what to do with it.

I have great news. I figured it out. And holy shit, it is way better than a laser pointer.


Psst, New Trailers.

So you've seen the trailers for the first four videos we posted on MakeLoveNotPorn.tv. But what you might not know is that we've added two more videos to the mix.


MakeLoveNotPorn Trailer Time!

Now, we've given you some access to these trailers before, but with the public launch of MakeLoveNotPorn last night, it seemed like a good time to remind everyone just what's happening over there.

Each video comes, or will be coming, with a trailer of some sort. Whether it's an introduction by the filmmakers, a clip talking about what the circumstances behind the video are, or a taste of what's in the video, the "Peek" button on each video will get you access to that.

These are the trailers we put together for the first four of our MakeLoveNotPorn videos. The fifth edition can be found on the site, but we haven't loaded it into XTube yet. Head on over and click on that video's "Peek" button to get a taste!


MakeLoveNotPorn is Live, Open and Waiting!


Today, after several months of private beta, makelovenotporn.tv goes live! If you've been waiting for an invite, you can forget about it! Head right over, sign up and get started!

If you want to know how this photo turns out (hint: FURIOUS MASTURBATION), head on over to MLNP.tv

I know that this in itself is exciting enough, but it gets better. In conjunction with the release of our latest video, they've featured all of our videos on the front page this week! So as of today, you can find five videos of us there (which, unless you were in the beta, you've never seen before), all hot as fuck, all very much in the same style you've come to love from our videos and photos.

Well, what are you waiting for? GO! MakeLoveNotPorn.tv


Sunning and Funning Our Parts.

We're sure that when we asked you to imagine what happened after we went skinny dipping in the pool, you NEVER imagined something like this would come as a result.

A BLOWJOB??? By the pool??? Violet+Rye???

But yes, lovelies, a blowjob right by the pool is just what happened. And for those looking for the big finale, Violet usually prefers to keep that to herself, if you catch our drift (she greedily swallows, for those that missed our drift).


Sunning Our Parts.

To cap off our short holiday "sunning our parts" vacation, we took off our clothes and jumped in the pool.

Some things happened once we were naked, but you'll just have to use your imaginations while you wait for us to put those photos up...


Welcome to 2013.

We hope your new year is off to a grand start. Here's how we ended our 2012, sunning our parts.