Oral Fixation.

Mouths are sexy for MANY reasons.

The most obvious is having it in or around some swollen genitals.

But eating...

Or shit, even thinking about any of those things.
The hotness.

So while you might be looking at this series like, "they've lost their fucking minds, these don't go together!" You'd be wrong.

Cooking. Licking. Sucking. Kissing. Eating. Swallowing. Prepping. Touching. Feeling. Tasting.

See? It works.


Mess With Me.

Remember Wednesday's post? The one about being a placeholder cock? And how I said it never lasts too long?

Right. So this is how it usually ends up.



Your secrets.
Your feelings.
Your darkest thoughts.
Your craziest beliefs.
But mostly your cum.

Spill it all.


Are your feet ticklish?

Sometimes, it all depends.

Where are you most ticklish?

Too many places to even list.

I love how sexual you and Rye are. I have a high sex drive myself. My boyfriend doesn't though. He never has sex with me unless I initiate it, and I feel bad because I want it at least once a day. I like toys, but with him wielding it. Any suggestions?

Passion breeds passion. Or at least we've always found this to be true.

Making out usually leads it's way to more advanced measures, doesn't it? It certainly does for us. Rarely, if ever, has there been a makeout session that hasn't led to something with the two of us. Unless it's in public, in which case it leads to something more later on. Plus, if it doesn't, it makes you feel closer, which is never bad.

If you like him working you over with toys, the grab one and get started. I know that's you initiating it, but there's no better way to show you want it than by taking it and running. I'd be quite shocked if when you pulled out a toy and started working your pussy he didn't jump right in with offers to help. And if he doesn't, there's a bigger issue here.

Short of this, try talking about it. Is that his particular fetish? That he likes it when you lead? Is he a submissive? Open up a discussion about it. Maybe it is just that his sex drive is much lower than yours. And maybe it's not. But open and sexual means clear lines of communication. If V and I aren't having as much sex as we normally do, we fucking talk about it. Even in the most nonchalant ways. It doesn't have to be big planned thing. And sometimes talk about sex can lead to some pretty great sex. Or at least a mutual understanding about what's going on.

And if it IS a simple case of your sex drive being higher than his, get your once-a-day fill with yourself. And send him pics or video while you're doing it. That'll get his engines running better than anything. I mean, a lower sex drive just sounds like a challenge to me...


Sometimes, on a lazy Saturday morning, you get out of the shower and find your other half in bed with a vibrator humming away on her pussy.

During those times, it's nice to offer a bit of filler to make her feel complete. Woman can live on clitoral stimulation alone, but why would you when you can have both?

Or course, the cock didn't remain just a placeholder for long. But that's another post.


Real or Fake, Fuck Me With It.

When it comes down to it, does it really matter if she's packing or if that cock is flesh and blood? Just shove it in me and get to work! They all get the job done.


I want to try some role reversal with my wife, but not sure how to bring it up. Any suggestions?

Can I be real with you darlings for a moment? The absolute best time to bring something like this up? After you have helped bring her to a very serious, selfless orgasm.

Make her come with your mouth, or a toy, making it quite clear that the focus is only on her. After, the two of you can focus on only you, or the both of you. Once this is accomplished, in the glow of feeling cared for, trusted and hungered for by another person, you should both feel comfortable discussing things you've never tried before. Rye could probably ask me to blow him while jumping out of an airplane in this scenario and I'd seriously consider it.

Role-reversal can mean different things to different people. I'm assuming you mean pegging or something like it? In that case, bear in mind, this can be incredibly intimidating to a woman. I was very nervous about it the first few times. But once you fall into the groove it feels amazing to give your partner a kind of pleasure they've never experienced before. That is what we're all after here, isn't it? Don't be scared off if her initial reaction isn't what you expected. Patience is such an important virtue. If you're there with her every step of the way (including buying the apparatus like a grown-up with her), she'll trust you as much as you trust her and the role-reversed coming can begin!

What is the biggest cock you ever had in your pussy? Ass?

Call me old-fashioned, but my black cherry got saved for Rye. Don't laugh, I'm serious. I never wanted to wait until I got married to have sex, I think understanding what someone is like while fucking is absolutely key to part of who they are as a human. That being said, it feels pretty special to have Rye be the only man who has ever gained access to that orifice.

Sorry if you guys want me to stop saying orifice. I probably won't.

As for my pussy... 8.5" to 9"? And was not always pleasant. As I am relatively tiny.

Also, I once fucked a guy that was the girth of a squash. Normal length, but wow, was that uncomfortable.

Feather Dusted.

Because of our general, no-nonsense, sex-should-be-honest kind of outlook, Rye and I rarely indulge in novelties. Role playing isn't really something we've ever been into. I don't own a French maid costume or a schoolgirl outfit. Not to say that these things shouldn't be enjoyed if they're what you're into, but so far, none of that really works for us.

What's bad about this? It's kept us from having feather ticklers in our sex toy collection. Thank sweet, feathery heaven that is no longer true.


I Love to Watch You Walk Away.

So yes, we all know that I'm obsessed with asses. But seriously, how can you not be? Is there anything better than this fine collection of backends*?

*A bit of pussy may have slipped into the mix as well. Bound to happen, really.


Fill Me.

Finger me.
Fuck me.
Fill me.

He's doing something right.

Will we ever see V's cum covered face shots?

Patience is a virtue! All things in time.

Has Rye gone down on you, on your period?

Nope, sure hasn't. Fingered, fucked, toyed with, sure. But a mouth full of blood is best kept for when you get socked in the mouth.

Do you role play? If so, what scenarios turn you on? Office workers? Strangers? What?

No, not really able to do it without laughing. So it doesn't happen.

Maybe some day.

However you evolve with the tumblr and blog over the next weeks and months - I will follow with great interest and hopefully a lot of masturbation.





Sometimes, a blowjob is the most perfect gift ever.
Sometimes it's a great warm up.
Sometimes getting rid of that first load is key.
Sometimes, warming her up with an orgasm is crucial.
Sometimes you want to get her dripping wet first.

And sometimes, you just want to fucking come from a mouth all over you. This post is dedicated to those times.


A Final Filthy Fuckers.

So, as many of you following us on Twitter know, we started a Tumblr last week or so. Yes, we finally caved. Finally.

Not for the reasons you might expect. But rather we felt like the photos we share have a right to some credit so you all can track down the photographer and see what else they might be up to. While Tumblr doesn't always lead you back to the creator, it certainly does a better job than Blogger.

Which means we'll be (yes, I know, I know) phasing out the gallery photo section of this here blog. Instead, we'll be sharing the photos we like on Tumblr instantly, so it'll be an ongoing stream of smut over there. We'll also be putting up photos of us on there, which will be tagged appropriately and simple to find.

You can also ask us questions on our Tumblr, anon or as your Tumblr avi. So, by all means, hit us up, perverts!

In the meantime, we'll be unloading the remainder of our smut on you here. Until we run down, get a load of this filthy shit:


Do you guys ever do mutual masturbation?

DO we? Is the sky blue (when it's not night or gloomy, though it's still blue under it all, technically)? Is snow white (until someone pisses on it)? Are the stars made up from the jizz of angels (I swear that's real)?

Of COURSE we mutually masturbate.

You and I.

Sometimes photos illustrate your feelings better than words ever could.

For example, this first photo is how I feel about being married to my best friend. It really is as simple, wonderful and freeing as this.

The rest of the photos make me feel a number of other things, some of which make my dick hard.


I too love stockings, especially when they are worn out around town or to a special event. V, be honest are they really a pain to wear out and about? And are stay ups or stockings/garter belt better for this kind of thing? This is my birthday wish.

Because you asked me to be honest, I am going to be: they are such a huge fucking pain in the ass. They're infuriating, to be honest. They never stay where they're supposed to. They rip at the slightest touch, run with any false move.

Which is why I want you to understand something so vital to the female stocking experience: we do this for YOU, you guys. Because we love you. Because we love to see your eyes light up when you realize we're not wearing any panties underneath. It's because I like to watch Rye's eyes follow along as I roll them up my legs on our way out to a party. Because we love how your breath catches when you run your hands up our legs while we're wearing them. Because I can't say that I know any woman in a temperate climate who would not choose to go bare-legged. But let's be honest: it's not like you're all SO opposed to that, are you?

Stay-ups are ridiculous. If staying up is their one job, they've failed miserably. I will cop to this: I'm new to garters. I've only just tried my first. So I promise to report back once I've worn them out on the town. Perhaps you'll even get some pictures. Oh! And happy birthday!

Love on a Staircase.

Sometimes in October, the world rewards you. And gives you a few more (albeit weirdly out of season) summer days. During those days, we go out without panties on and take photos.


Violet, ever thought of slipping into a latex one-piece suit, you know the ones with the zip entrance round the ass? p.s. Loving the new tumblr as well!

Hey, thanks! We love the new tumblr, too. Totally instant photo-repost-gratification.

As for the latex suits, there are certain ones that I'll admit to being a little intrigued by. A latex bikini? Sure, I can totally get down on that. Latex underwear with a zipper up the back? Okay, let's. 

But I have to be honest with you guys, there are also some I'm terrified of. If it is your thing and it turns you on, PLEASE, enjoy. But I will never not get the creeps from a gimp suit. Just saying.

Hey, you guys are on Fleshbot again! Woot.

How many fingers can you fit inside your pussy? And do you ever suck your fingers after you masturbate? Do you like the taste? Is it sweet, salty or both?

Let's just say the whole hand's gone in on more than one occasion. More here.

And of course I taste (off fingers, Rye's cock, Rye's lips, a toy...)! As for taste, it depends on the day, but it's usually a sweet saltiness. Rye finds it quite hard to resist.

Tits and Tats.

Please allow this post to be a rebuttal to Violet's claim about Chip Willis and his model having too many tattoos. I like tattoos. A lot.

Maybe I just didn't like the tats? Or the placement? Who knows what it was. Maybe I was dosed.

However, please let it stand that this is a series of tattoos that I want to get my cum on:

Oh, Holy Shit, My Pussy is on Fleshbot!

That's right, we're up on their hallowed pages of porn once again, this time with our second video, Violet+Rye.

You might remember when we were up on their site in August with the first video we put out, Introducing Violet, which they somehow stumbled across in their Xtube searching. This time, though, not only did they post the vid, but they had some lovely things to say about it and us. Call us flattered.

Go check us out, what are you waiting for?


Swivels, Spanks, Scowls.

Thanks to one VERY helpful anonymous commenter on a recent post, Rye and I stumbled upon Chip Willis' work.

via things are a changing

Rye and I generally agree on the kinds of porn we like to watch. He found this to be a little too long and her to have a few too many tattoos. Once I scrape my jaw off the floor and change my underwear, I'll be sure to explain why he's wrong. YOWSA.


Top Down.

I think the photos (and captions) really do all the talking here.

Violet took one look at this and gasped. Enough said.




How about a tit flash?


My wife is warming to the idea of trying anal. Any suggestions for positions that work well for first timers? And of course pictures are always helpful...

What great news! This is a crucial time, because upon your first experience, you could either take all the right steps and make her love it as much as Violet and I both do, or fuck it up horribly and never get access again!

So, given that potential for greatness or ultimate failure, why don't you recap with a post about our first try at anal:


As for photos, I take it you mean of us. However, we've never really taken any of us in the act. I can, however, offer you this for inspiration:


And, you know, this photo of a fine, ripe Violet asshole:

And Now, a Word from Our Readers.

Just yesterday, our lovely Twitter friend Chris Madsen (@chris_madsen) posted a few thoughts on us and our blog/videos/photos over on his sweet-ass Tumblr, Story-Lab.

The entry, entitled "Nouveau-Porn Violet+Rye," is just about the nicest collection of words strung together about us that we've ever seen. And while we most certainly have our fans out there, this is definitely a level of flattery we never imagined would come from starting our little blog just over a year ago.

Here's a sample:
"A couple of months ago I went on a twitter triad about “why pornography was so low brow?!”. With what we now have on Vimeo - in terms of cinematography, artistic expression and just overall HD quality - I could not get my head around why most porn these days still looks cheap, cheesy and dumbed down. Well along popped Uncommon Appetites Violet+Rye into my twitter stream, a married couple in their twenties living in NYC, exploring and exposing their sex lives for the world on their blog, tumblr and twitter. Violet and Rye are not pro-pornographers, in the sense they don’t do this as professionals, they make what we call amateur porn - although I would say that what Violet+Rye produces are far away from the grainy, shaken, dark bedroom rump videos we’re use to seeing in the amateur porn category on tube sites."

A little more? Why not?
"I once tried to figure out what the difference was between an erotic photographer/filmmaker and a pornographer(?). What I came up with was, that the erotic artist does not produce something that doesn’t turn them on, while the pornographer will produce anything, as long as there is a profit to be made (of course within the boundaries of what’s legal). When watching porn made by a pornographer, you can often get the feeling that the performers aren’t turned on by the action happening, that not even the producers are turned on – you do not get that vibe from Uncommon Appetites – it’s porn that makes you feel good."
How about that??? Go ahead, read more. We know you want to.


Fully Stocked.

Knee socks.

Give it to me. Give it all to me. Now please.


Can you give us a photo of V with stockings and heels under a dress or skirt that she wears out for work or dinner?

We could probably handle that...

Thanks for the request!

Sunday Light.

These were taken just after we finished shooting our latest video. Violet was lounging, fully relaxed after a few huge orgasms (I know, we only showed one!), checking Twitter or playing Scrabble.

You know, like we do on lazy Sunday mornings.
Before we head off to the Farmers' Market.
Pickle vegetables all afternoon.
Listen to nothing but vinyl.
And make out across the kitchen counter.

But that was before all that. When the warm morning sunlight crept through the windows, bathing V in that perfect light of early fall.

Take a pic with a dildo halfway up V's ass.

Hmm. That seems more command and less question.

No promises on this one, but you never know.


Where has 'most jerked off to' gone? It was a great point of reference! I'll tell you mine if you want? There's only about 30!

Ha ha! Good to know someone was using it. That was actually a list of the most read posts that we retitled. However, several months ago, Blogger fucked up and stopped tracking post reads, so they all just stayed the same. Which is why we pulled it, because it was no longer actually true.

I guess we could consider replacing it, now that Blogger righted itself about two weeks ago. However, here would be about 6 months of posts that wouldn't factor in, which isn't really fair. So maybe not.

Damn you, Blogger!