Thought Cataloged.

Oh hi.

So apparently, we're one of the "4 craziest fixtures in the Brooklyn porn scene." Whatever that means!

We weren't sure we were part of a scene, let alone well known enough to be considered a fixture of anything. But here we are, getting some nice words written about us in Thought Catalog.

If you've just discovered us due to the aforementioned piece, welcome! We have plenty of photos, videos and pieces of writing (no link, just start reading, there's a fuck-ton), both thoughtful and lascivious for you to catch up on.

Oh, and if you're looking for something a bit more substantial in the video department, we make longer form videos for MakeLoveNotPorn.tv, which you can rent for $5 each. It's like buying us a drink, but rather than get us tipsy, you get turned on and hopefully masturbate yourself to a pretty sweet orgasm.


There's No Place Like Her Mouth.

If you've been following along, you know how much we enjoy a good striptease. We frequent burlesque shows, and have even been known to dabble in our own striptease videos.

We're not sure how we've missed it until today, since we follow her tumblr, There's No Place Like Your Mouth, but at least we found them. Nicole Vaunt, the model in charge of this wonderfully named tumblr, has been partaking in a Striptease Sunday theme for quite some time. And what a theme it is.

Whatever, we're going to stop talking now, just watch this hot shit.



This weekend, we spent a few days by a lake. It was a short trip, but we made the most of the time we had there. Swimming, grilling, boating, drinking, jerking off in the water, fucking in the shower, sneaking some dirty photos.

Usually, we give you these photos in small doses, spread out over many days of galleries and teases. We're not doing that this time. Well sure, we gave you a small taste on Monday, but here are the rest, not teased out, just presented all in one shot. We thought you'd appreciate it that way.

And in case you were wondering, yes, there were a few people on the water that probably saw what we were up to.


Summer: A Triptych.

Presented without comment.


Another One Bites The Dust

So, we told another friend about our secret life as V+R. A friend we don't see terribly often, but have known for quite a while. A friend who is chronically difficult to impress. A friend we expected to roll his eyes and say, "ugh, of course you do." He's a curmudgeon, which is why we like him.

The response we actually got really threw us for a loop, "Holy shit. No wonder you guys are so happy together." After we'd recovered from our hearts growing a size, it really made us think.

A dramatic representation of my heart growing a size. It busted that flimsy shirt right open!
Three years in, it's crazy how much we're still learning from this experience.