Ok, this may sound pretty lame but how about one stocking on, one stocking off - ever tried it? The texture of the stocking when you're between her legs is amazing, then you have the bare leg against your skin. Rye, try it dude!

Given my stocking fetish, this does not sound lame at all. Not sure I totally get how it works, but shit, willing to give it a shot...

Thanks for the suggestion!

Can we some screen grabs of the vid, especially V's ass it's perfect! I have jerked and jerked to that vid!

Jerked and jerked, you say? Glad to hear it's working a few times over for you! Gotta love a clip that holds up for more than one session.

I'll leave that challenge up to you! So we'll leave the video as a video and the "photos of us" to pick up the slack. I'm sure you'll find plenty of her fat booty under that section of our blog...


Well, here we are. Summer.

Once again, you come around with your heat.
Your sunshine.
Your long nights.
Your parties.
And shows.
Your cold beers.
And grilled foods.
Your swimsuits.

Your renewed obsession with fucking in public.
A beach.
A pool.
A forest.
A mountain.
A car.
Or anywhere, really.

It will remind me that we somehow, with all we've done sexually, yet to fully experience one another outside the apartment. Sure, there have been dabbles.

A bottomless swim on a pretty full beach.
A skillful masturbation session on the highway.
A quick, drunk fuck in a house party bathroom.

But still, there is more to be done.

Let this serve as a reminder: Summer is here. Let's fucking DO this.


Wait...pissing on each other?? Really?

Yep. In the shower. To see if we were into it. We pretty much weren't. But sometimes if you're in the shower on the weekend, it can be fun to piss on Rye's feet. And him on my ass.

Not hot, really, but fun.

What is the kinkiest thing, in your opinion, you have ever done sexually?

Hmm. Since everyone's definition of kinky is different, how about you decide?

Public masturbation?
Made a video of me masturbating and put it online?
Started this blog?
Group sex?
Pissing on each other?
Wearing a butt plug to dinner?

I once read somewhere that "it's only kinky the first time." Which couldn't be more true. After that, it's just a particular type of sex that you want/have that day/night.

Have you had a dildo and cock in your ass at the same time?

No, sure haven't. But I've had a dildo in my pussy and a cock in my ass. And a dildo in my ass and a cock in my pussy.

I'm small*, Rye's big**. A dildo AND a cock seem a bit much, especially when his cock more than fills my tight little asshole.

*My asshole. Also, me.
**His cock.

Would you fuck another woman in the ass with a strap on while her girlfriend licked her pussy?

Of course I would!

Though currently, Rye and I are a one-on-one couple.

But shit, this sounds like something that would have been a delight in my teen years/early twenties...

Do you like it when someone cums in your ass?

Mmm. Yep.

Rye always finishes inside my ass. It makes for quite the mess the hour or so following as he slowly drips out of me. But in the nicest way possible. Needless to say, we try not to go to dinner parties after anal. :)

I heard your story on a podcast and I read through your blog.... you are soo sexy... thx for the vid.

Ooh, so glad! Must have been the Erotica World podcast? @netfux runs it, give her a follow!

And you're quite welcome, glad you dug the vid!

Do you like cum on your feet then licked up?

Can't say we've ever tried that. And Rye's only ever licked himself up one time, and that was from my pussy.

I'd say we might give it a shot, but neither of us are the biggest feet people, so the drive isn't so much there.

Thanks for the question, pervert!

Have to say - your Violet video is one of the sexiest I've seen!

Oh wow! Thanks for saying so, happy you found us.

Here it is again, in case you missed it (there's no way you missed it, right?):

Stocking Up.

Ah, stockings. How I've missed you. Why have you been away so long?

How can you look at this photo and think it's not just about the most perfect thing in existence? That lighting. That perfect shape. The sheer line up the back, over the perfect little hill. The way the lace clings into the crevice. The rough and soft texture of the dress pulled over it all.

This photo also reminds me that we need to prioritize getting Violet some of this clothing. For REAL.

I would live there.


Introducing Violet.

By now, you know us fairly well. You've seen parts of us that most people never have. And yet, nothing in action.

That changes today.

100 followers on Blogger was a challenge LONG in the making. And today, it pays off.


Do you know what that means? You do, don't you?

Here's how this will work. We loaded the video onto PornHub earlier today, since we had a few issues with the Private versus Public settings on the one we loaded last night. It was uploaded as Private and we then planned to switch the settings to Public when we hit 100, but it wasn't allowing us too. Anyway, it re-uploaded just fine and dandy.

And now...we wait. For some fucked reason, PornTube takes 24-48 hours (according to their little post-upload notification) to actually put the video up. We'll be alerted when that happens. And then you'll have a little something to watch.

What timeline are we talking here? Either later this evening or sometime tomorrow. You guys fucking rule. Thanks for the hell of a first year and your support, comments, questions, Tweets and other shit. Seriously.

We love you perverts!



Perfect Imperfection.

Oh, Friday. Could you be more perfect? I mean, aside from actually not being rainy and windy and humid and grey? At least it is in NY. Hopefully wherever you are, it's a bit more agreeable and summery. Have a drink for us. Get some sun. Fuck each other. Thanks.

Anyway, thankfully Fleshbot knows what we need. And Camille Crimson helped them give it to us.

Our favorite part of this little video here?
Well, aside from the perfectly luscious bosom of Camille.
And that smoking hot red lipstick.

It has to be the moment where she pulls Mike out, thinking he's going to finish in her open mouth and he's not quite there. She asks him something, looks quickly at the camera and goes right back to work.

It's moments like this that make Camille and Mike's work as intriguing and inviting as it is. They allow for those mistakes. Those moments where there's a laugh among lovers. And the reminder that under it all. The logos. And the high quality video. And photos. And press.

Under all of that is a couple that genuinely loves one another and really gets a fucking kick out of sharing that love in front of a camera.

You know, like us.

Cuddle Up.

There's something about the changing of the seasons that gets me thinking of skin on skin. Shedding layers, sweaty body on sweaty body, cool showers, cold beers and hot fucking.

Quite frankly, sometimes it's too hot to fuck. It is on those occasions that we can take a moment to step back and appreciate the curves, textures and idiosyncrasies of the people we're generally rubbing ourselves against. Sometimes, the naked person you're three feet away from looks like the softest, cuddliest, most wonderful place to be in the world. And then suddenly... it doesn't seem so hot. Let's fuck!


Get It, Guuurrrlll.

Make no mistake. The dark haired lady knows what she wants. And the blonde knows how to take it.

A perfect combination.

Pegging Weiner.

Isn't this just the perfect scene of suburban contentedness?


But shouldn't it be?

The whole Weiner scandal was a big topic of conversation in the Violet + Rye household in recent weeks. Sure, we wavered back and forth on the subject. Was it creepy? Was he Tweeting under age girls knowingly? Were the Democrats being fucking ridiculous?


My wife says panty sex makes her feel naughty and can occasionally turn her on quicker than anything else. Do you two partake and enjoy?

I take it that you mean pulling them to the side and sliding in? In too much of a rush to even remove her skimpy underwear?

Of course that's a turn on. And of course we partake. I'm not sure it's as big of a turn on as it is for your wife, but it certainly gets the engines revving. It's really sexy that your wife can so identify something that turns her on, it's so important to be able to pinpoint those little moments and manipulate them into an amazing time.

Now no panties under a dress or a skirt? Coming home knowing that she's been walking around all day, in her office chair, on the subway, in the wind, potentially showing ogling city dwellers her goods? And then having me lift it right up and slip my face, or cock, right up there? That's an even bigger turn on.

Thanks for the great question!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.

Hi darlings! I know. It's June. But I'm sort of getting into a particular kind of holiday spirit.

You can thank our favorite pushers of sex toys, Eden Fantasys for this particular lapse into carols, sugarplums and - well - coming.


Is anal normal?

Normal is an awful word. And is meaningless.

But aside from that, yes, anal should be enjoyed by all, hence being "normal".

Use a lot of lube and take it slow at first. But it feels fucking awesome. For both parties.

The Final Frontier.

This post is dedicated to bottoms. Whether getting into them, getting out of them, or tossing them on the floor, bottoms are the delicate, lovely last frontier before we get a whole world unto us. A sexy, tiny, revealing, wet, lovely last frontier.


Our Wish For You. And Us.

Let's just say that I'm hoping some of this will be in the very near future.

For us and you.


Want to See a Video?

Here's the deal. You perverts that follow us already are excluded from this, clearly. But as for anyone else that checks in on us each day, and we know there are MANY of you, consider giving our blog a follow. We've got over 500 Twitter followers, nearly 150 Google Reader subscriptions and only 82 Blogger followers.

Here's the dilemma. We told you when we started this here blog that at 100 followers, we'd release our first video. Little did we know, the idea of "following" a Blogger site is pretty outdated at this point, as there are so many other ways to ensure you get the daily dish from your favorite bloggers. SO, while we understand that notion, we also stand by our original deal. Get us to 100 Blogger follows and a video is yours for the viewing.

We're 18 away. It's not that much. Consider it an act of charity to those that have been following from the start just to get a glimpse of us in action.

Until then, photos, stories and cultivated galleries are yours for the gawking. Thanks lovelies!

What Intimacy Means to Us.

As you all know by now, Violet and I are big fans of intimacy. In any shape that it takes.

Sometimes, that shape is in two hands, woven together.

Rye, have you ever sucked another man's cock and if not would you? Violet, does the thought of that excite you?

Nope, I certainly haven't. Though not for lack of opportunity. We've got several friends that have nearly begged me to do so. In front of Violet. And while yes, we both agree that it's flattering, it's not something that interests me.

Though if it ever did, V and I would talk about it and she would probably urge me to try and the fact that I was into it would turn her on and maybe she'd masturbate while watching. But that's just how we are.

As for does it turn her on now? Not really.

Ask me anything. Make it dirty.


Good Enough to Eat.

Given today's cock theme, I figured I should show you what we do when that cock you pull out is good enough to eat. We pretty much, well... eat it.

Show Me What You're Working With.

Is there anything more exciting than pulling off your man's pants for the first time and revealing what he's working with? The first time I peeled off Rye's jeans and saw that cock spring out, I'm not gonna lie, I raised my arms triumphantly and cheered, "YES."

Yeah, that actually happened.

So here it is, dedicated to the men in our lives. Show me what you're working with.


For the 500 Twitter Follows.

Well, you earned it. As promised, we hit 500 followers on Twitter today, so here it is. This was sent to Rye on Friday while he worked diligently. I hung at home, taking a full on manual approach to all matters in my pants.

Enjoy, perverts!

A Corseted Camille.

While we were on hiatus, many of you emailed, commented and Tweeted us with some very kind words. Which we're very thankful for. The only thing better than readers are kind, generous and supportive readers.

Readers like this lady right here:

While we were away, not only did she once again blog about us, but she also let us know she'd been thinking about us and hoped everything was ok. And it was. Totally. But having people like this around makes blogging about sex an even richer experience.

Oh, and that generosity I was speaking of? Camille's got PLENTY.


Wet Naked People.

Ok, so we're back! Mostly.

We'll be a little sporadic over the next few weeks, probably not posting every day, but at least we're no longer on hold. Thanks for waiting up for us, had some personal business to attend to which consumed pretty much all free time. And now we've regained a good chunk of that free time back.

But enough of that, let's get to some wet naked people. Shall we?


A Hiatus.

Sorry lovelies, but we've had some unexpected turns in our personal life and need to focus on several things before we can come back to posting full time. There may be some posts here and there, but not the daily updates like there have been. We shouldn't be gone too long, and yes, Violet and I are perfectly fine, so don't go worrying there either.

We'll see you all soon and thanks for understanding!



Hotel Sex.

A few weekends ago, we enjoyed a jaunt out of town. I'm not sure about you perverts, but a weekend out of town for us means several key things.

1. Teasing each other publicly in a city full of strangers.
2. Hotel pool makeout sessions.
3. Hotel sauna fingering sessions.
4. Doggy-style sex, pressed against a wide open window in broad daylight.
5. Violet making me eat my cum out her pussy for the first time.

We're already looking forward to our next trip.