Coffee in Bed - The Teaser.

As you picked up from our last post and its abundance of photos, we made a new video for MakeLoveNotPorn last weekend. We're pretty proud of this one, we just really like the way it came together (pun intended).

See for yourselves. And if you enjoyed the teaser, check out the full version in all its glory.

Coffee in Bed - Teaser brought to you by PornHub


Coffee in Bed.

-It's been a while since made a video.
-Yeah, I guess it has. What the fuck?
-We should probably make one.
-Want to film it?

And you get to see the rest.

Trailer soon. Until then, enjoy the screengrabs!


Bucket List Shit: Nude Beach Edition.

As you may have picked up from the title of this post, we finally did it.

After many summer trips to beaches together, there's always been the mention of heading to a nude beach at some point. With just us. With friends. With groups. Alone, even. But never once has it happened.

Until now.


Seriously, it may have been just because it was a perfect beach day, high 70's, barely a cloud in the sky, water warmer than average. But fuck, we NEVER want to go to a clothing required beach again.

Violet spent most of the day with her tits out, (well lathered in sunblock, mind you) and after a bit of warming up to it, we both shed our bottoms and headed into the water. And then those bottoms stayed off.

It felt fucking delicious. Decadent. Scandalous. Natural. Perfect.

We can't wait to go back. If only summer wasn't coming to a close. And if only that beach was closer. Hmm...