Has there ever been an activity or desire that you fundamentally disagreed about, and if so, what was it? Did you ultimately work through it to a point where you could share it?

We talk all the time about how lucky we are. Lucky to have each other. Lucky to have an incredibly honest relationship. Lucky to always be open-minded with each other and try new things.

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We're also, however, pretty lucky to be very like-minded. We tend to be turned on by a lot of the same things and enjoy a lot of the same kinds of kinks.

We've also introduced each other to new things, things we never thought we'd like. The key, as always, is just to talk. Talk about everything. Right up until the point where you put your tongues in each other's mouths and get down to the dirty.


What's playing on vinyl when it's playing?

Lately, we've scored some good shit that's on repeat. Like:

Leonard Cohen - "Songs of Leonard Cohen"
Aretha Franklin - "Yeah"
LCD Soundsystem - "45:33"
The Zombies - "Time of the Zombies"
Alex Chilton - "High Priest"
Otis Redding - "Live at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go"
Devo - "And Now It Can Be Told: Live at the Palace"

The all-time most plays, though, go to:

Talking Heads - "Stop Making Sense"
Rolling Stones - "Some Girls"
Otis Redding - "Live in Europe"

By listing just these, we've left out about 1,200 other records. They now feel neglected. And heavy. REALLY heavy.

The Last Resort? Our Resort.

These are interesting times for your favorite pervs. As you know, we don't show our faces. We barely show most of our bodies, actually, due to tattoos being dead giveaways to any friends that might read this. We're mostly resigned to the fact that the 50-60 people that have been to our apartment would TOTALLY recognize us from this blog. Mostly. We still sneak around some of the more obvious elements of our place.

However, when you make beautiful porn in your free time, the opportunities come knocking, apparently. And are, let's be blunt about it, a bit difficult to resist. Especially given the types of people that have been making these offers.

But then there are endless questions that come with it all. Like, are we really going to fuck each other for a living? Should we? Would we? Could we? And what the fuck would we tell friends and family?

You see, most people in this world have allies in the battle. They've got friends that maybe have sex blogs too. Or are open enough to not think it's the least bit weird. But when you're college educated, highly intellectual, music obsessed, hipstery nerds that also happen to enjoy fucking and documenting on occasion said fuckings, you're looked at a bit oddly in this world. Though you'd think we'd certainly just the type to have some sex-positive allies, wouldn't you? Maybe we do, maybe we're just being overly cautious. But still, we're fully expecting the, "YOU'RE DOING WHAT???" response from family certainly and friends mostly.



When's the next video coming?

A very good question. To be decided, I guess. We've not shot anything as of now, or discussed it. Perhaps some cold winter day, when it's no longer 65 in NYC, making us spend little to no time at home.


We hope everyone that celebrates American Thanksgiving had a lovely weekend of lounging on the couch, mostly naked, eating too much pie and too many leftovers, listening to new vinyl purchases and indulging in James Bond marathons.

Or something equally sexy and perfectly lazy, anyway.


Happy Thanksgiving!

What am I thankful for?

My wife.


Violet, I also have large tits, and I wonder which sexy lingerie brands you like best.

As I am mostly a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl, sexy lingerie is something that I'm still working on getting into.

by Marc Gasso
That said, I find that Cosabella, Calvin Klein and Elle Macpherson bras hold the girls in the best. And I obviously find myself including more and more American Apparel into my lingerie collection.


Fine Art.

Is it just me, or does this not look like something you'd find in a museum? Luckily for you, it's not in a museum. It's online. And you can totally jerk off to it.

We included a second take, for the purposes of the latter.


Ever had a foursome?

Nope, certainly have not. Though Violet's had a couple threesomes in her time. And Rye has jerked off thinking about them...


Some weeks at work are grueling. Each morning feels like it's a Friday, then you get to the office only to realize it's a Tuesday.

That's why it's particularly important during weeks like this that you sext each other. Like this:



Guys, I can't look away from this.

The urgency on his face.
The joy she's getting out of being in total control of his pleasure.
The panting.

It just rules. We talk a lot about female pleasure here, attending to it, caring about it, getting it right. This is just to say, boys, we are still thinking an awful lot about you too. And we like it when you whimper.

Additionally, if you have never found yourself of the persuasion to give a hand job, give this oldie but goodie a watch. This chick has got the skills to pay the bills and helped renew my love of the handy. And Rye's as well, I believe.

Enjoy: http://fleshbot.com/5341112/the-magic-touch


Winter Coat.

Welcome back, winter bush! It's been a while, good to see you again.


Five Examples of a Three-Way.

Not that anyone needs examples. But we felt like providing you some regardless. Hopefully there are some good takeaways here.


Window Seat.

With the chill of November comes the priority of Sundays spent indoors. Wearing nothing but socks, maybe a t-shirt.

Sometimes those socks come in the sexy variety, leading the eye to just the right place.


Pornographic Love.

If you've spent any amount of time perusing our blog, you know that we're big fans of Camille Crimson and the work that she and her boyfriend Mike Flirt create together on The Art of Blowjob. They've been working together for several years now, trying (and succeeding) to bring a fresh perspective to the world of professional porn*.



R: There are dudes out there, dudes we all know and have in our lives. And they talk about sex as a "privilege" from their significant other. If they do something bad, fail to do a chore, or otherwise upset their significant other, those privileges can be revoked.

Your kindly editor, Rye.
Here's why this idea is SO beyond fucked:


Do you guys have loud sex? Is this a problem for your neighbors?

What do you think? Those moans you hear on our videos are 100% authentic.

However, the neighbors, of which we've had many by now, have never said a thing. Though they've complained about our music at times, which is less loud than our sex FOR SURE.

Maybe they like hearing us as much as you all do...

Have you guys ever made it with someone of a different ethnicity?

Totally. Violet has fucked several men/women of varying ethnicities. And Rye has not, as he has a specific type and a, shall we say, LACK, of experience (quantity of partners, mostly, not sex).


Some photos just bring out the yearn in me. Not quite sure what it is about them. I can never pinpoint it. But it's there, and I know it when I see it.

My brain thinks, "how can I do this?" My heart aches for a moment in time like this one. To be in that moment. To see this. Feel this. Taste this.

These are such photos.


Things to Come.

We had some fun with the camera this weekend. Which means there are many things to come over the following weeks:

Soft light.
Hard light.

But most importantly, you. Again and again.

Violet, or Rye, or both - any suggestions regarding amateur anal for a couple? Tried it for the first time tonight (albeit in the shower), but my girlfriend ended up pretty sore. Any advice would help (lube, position, pace etc.). Cheers!

OH MY. Oh. Shower? OH NO.

Okay. It was a good idea. Steamy, warm, relaxing. All great things. Unfortunately for you and your girlfriend's b-hole, the butt does not self-lubricate. Which means that you need lots of lube for things to go well. And in a shower, any natural moisture or oils or anything that may have helped will be washed away. Which is why she's probably feeling a little tender at the moment. This is an unbelievably common mistake, so you definitely shouldn't feel too badly, but you should probably buy her a bottle of champagne and give her a massage, just to be on the safe side.


Psst, Rye...

Whenever you're ready, lovely.

Rye and I have been really yearning to get back into the swing of pegging after a brief hiatus. When I say that, I mean that his greedy little asshole is basically begging me to put something in it all the time. Sometimes I think I hear it whisper to me in my sleep.

Anyway. I can't BELIEVE I never thought about this position. Limber up, baby.

V, a question for the ladies: Got any tips for keeping a devourable v-zone?

Why yes, of course. Beyond the obvious (please be clean, groom how you see fit), and I know this sounds ridiculous: pineapple. Lots and lots of pineapple.

I'm not completely sure what the chemical reason behind this is, probably lots of sugars and vitamins stored up in the sex organs of plants that you're eating (guys, that's what fruit is, I'm not making this up), make your organs tasty as well.

This also applies to fresh strawberries. When I say fresh I mean summertime, tiny little bites of juicy freshness, not the gargantuan, hardened old bitches you can buy in the grocery store in February. Once, after bingeing on strawberries for the entirety of a summer, I gave Rye a blowjob and when he came it tasted like CANDY. Not like, oh, it was so sweet, it could have been candy. IT TASTED LIKE REAL LIFE CANDY.

Again, not a chemist, but probably putting good things in makes good things come out? I hope you have the same results. Please report back.

We're still all dying to read Violet's happy ending massage story. Pretty please?

Okay! You've worn me down. Coming soon.

; )


I wonder if you've ever done DP - with either toys or cocks, in any combination - and if so, what position(s) did you find most comfortable?

Well, yes, indeed. Never with cocks, as Rye is the first man to gain access to my ass (remember when I kept saying orifice the other day?). However, I have been doubly penetrated by both toys and toy-on-Rye combo before and found it to be quite lovely.

I generally like to be on my back when it's Rye's cock + a toy. And I've found that when Rye is doing the doubling with two toys, I like to lay on my stomach with a pillow under me for leverage.

Happy penetrating!

Reach Inside.

This move makes me the horniest. Simply put. I don't even know if there's anything further to add here. Just straight up horny-inducing.


Do you pull Violet's hair?

I've been known to, at times. But not on a regular basis or anything. We're not SUPER into rough sex, but have certainly been carried away.

What position do you use when you fuck in the shower?

Since I'm quite a bit taller, we usually go with her turned around (or facing forward) with one leg up on the side. It makes for some slippery, messy fun.

Rug and Tug.

Pubic hair is a major item of discussion online. And probably always will be. Just like coffee, everyone has a preference as to how they best enjoy (some only want tea...). Bush? Shaved? Landing strip? Penis instead*?

My personal take is that I want it however it comes. If V is feeling lazy, gimme that bush! If she's shaving it down to the skin, I want to lick that skin.

Mostly I want it to be changed up, like we do with our sex life. Stay the same and things get stale for me, so let's keep it moving, to the K-I-M (extra points if you can tell us the reference in the comments!).

We know many of you aren't quite as flexible as I am.

You like full bush and that's it.

Or bald as Yul Brenner or nothing.

So, because we're open about it, we gave you both options. Enjoy, perverts!


How did you guys ultimately decide to put yourselves out there so fully and raw for everyone?

We wrote about this quite a bit in the early days of the blog, but now it's just a thing we do, so it's fun to think about the roots sometimes.

After being a few years into our relationship, we began to really explore each other in ways that neither of us had with other people. We dug into anal play, spanking, some light bondage, sex toys, mutual masturbation, sexting and all sorts of other fun shit. Then it came time to talk about porn. In the past, I had a partner that frowned upon it in a major way. And also frowned upon sex. So naturally, I was well versed in not only jerking off to porn, but in hiding it.

So I hid it for a while from V. Which is ridiculous, because she's incredibly open-minded and about the coolest woman you'll ever meet. She in no way fits any media stereotype about women, as many of our female readers also don't. Because fuck that stereotypical bullshit! Women are horny too!

Proof of this female horniness of which we speak. Also, breaking our rule of tumblr exclusivity on this one. Ah well.

Anyway, we started talking about what kinds of porn we like. And then would share our ideas of good porn. It became a sort of challenge to hit on exactly what the other person would enjoy. And it just so happens that we like very similar things in our porn. Then one day, we stumbled upon a blog, written by a couple, that we really, really enjoyed. And we got to talking.

At first, it was just going to be stories and photos/videos we found that we enjoyed.

But then we took a few photos. And got a better camera. And talked about a video. And then another video.

We find, more and more that the world lacks the type of porn we enjoy. So we've begun setting out to make the kind of material we want to see. Photos are plentiful and delicious, but videos are really lacking. With Vimeo and new dSLR's making artistic and stylish videos easier than ever, it seems silly that the porn world hasn't gotten there yet. We're hoping to help lead the charge, along with a select few people that have been there before us. A certain redhead has provided some inspiration, as most of our readers know by now.

Anyway, ramble over.

Check our first two posts for more details:


Here's to Mushrooms*.

Though I'd tried mushrooms several times before I met you, it wasn't until I was with you that I really learned to enjoy mushrooms.
You showed me that mushrooms are really just sponges for other ingredients. 
That when you add other amazing things to mushrooms, things you might not have tried before, it only makes the mushrooms better. 
More palatable. 
So thanks to you, I now have an obsession with mushrooms. 
And I want them all the time. 
And am always thinking about what we can add to mushrooms to make an even tastier meal. 
So...here's to mushrooms. 
To anyone thinking, "what the fuck was that?" These are the kinds of notes we write to each other.

Welcome inside.