Oh Shit!

We totally missed our three year "blogoversary"! It was about a week ago. Man, how things have changed since we started this here blog. Like WHOA.

Like really, really, really WHOA. I mean, you've seen it happen too. Sweet fuck.

Here, have a photo or two to celebrate!

A few of my favorite things about summer: tanlines, tits, Violet and watermelon.


File This Under Things We Love.

It's been a while since we shared some videos that we're into. And let's just say that it hasn't been due to a lack of watching. Our tastes are so specific that we rarely find anything that REALLY gets us going, let alone inspires us to share.

This is a couple that we think we may have shared before, but no worries, they're back with some new videos. What can we say, we like the blurs, the camera off-position, the more abstract shit that happens while we get to listen in on a real couple enjoying each other.

We think you'll agree.


Yoga - The Teaser.

Well, this uploaded into PornHub's server JUST IN TIME. You see, today is the day this new video of ours will go live for rentals on MakeLoveNotPorn.tv.

So you can watch this teaser and if you finish and think, "man, I'd love to see this again, but this time have it last 19 minutes and show so much more," today's your lucky fucking day!

Clicky click click and you're on our profile page!

And thanks everyone, your support is fucking unreal, and we LOVE that you're enjoying what we're making. We'll keep it up as long as you keep it up (apply innuendo here too, and it also works for staying wet, but it didn't work as well structurally).



Oh hi!

We made a new video for MakeLoveNotPorn.tv, which should be up next week. It involves naked yoga, which of course leads to do-it-city, because how can it not? As soon as the trailer's up, we'll hit you with it.

In the meantime, this is what you can look forward to...