Time to Play a Game.

And the name of that game is "Guess Which One is Rye". Below, you have three options of bulging cocks in tighty whities (and non-whities). Your job is to guess which one is Rye's bulging cock. Let the guessing begin in the comments. If you're lucky, we'll tell you just which one is the big guy.


Strap On Redux.

So how about a little update on my desire to get fucked by Violet and her rubber cock?


Pic Friday: Poor Baby.

Just a quick little love note to the sick hubby.

I want to make you feel all better. I'll play nurse, you see.


WVW: Fist and Squirt.

What more is here to say, really? For real, watch it. That title is no damn lie.


Tuesday of a Holiday Week.

So after a lost weekend with a visiting friend, we emerge on the other end with illnesses. Such fun. But that won't slow us down. After all, there is porn out there that needs tending to. Hopefully we'll have some new stories about us and galleries of Violet/Rye/both up soon, but for now, take in a bit of the internet's offerings.


Pic Friday: Tit Man.

I used to think I was more of a tit man. More and more lately, I'm coming to the realization that I'm  full fledged ass man. But the thing is, Violet makes the distinction REALLY difficult to make.

Not only does she have a top shelf fat ass that makes my dick rise anytime I see even a hint of it, but her tits are a glorious 34D. On a tiny ass woman, those suckers POP. And believe me, slut has plenty in her wardrobe that makes them do just that.

Male friends have even complained that it's just not fair, she's putting them out there and they just have to try and deal. Gay friends and ladies, however, know it's perfectly ok to grab one  (or both) of those fat titties and squeeze.

Today we celebrate tits. Because why shouldn't we?


A Lost Weekend.

We have a houseguest for the weekend. Which pretty much means no fucking. At least in the apartment. While they are here. And the shower seems to be a pretty good resource for a sneak fuck. Not all is lost, clearly.

So there won't be any of this...


WVW: Because You Can Last Longer Than This...

Often times, when watching porn, the mind starts to wander. You start to think, "How long have they been fucking? With the cuts, it's gotta be a good 45 minutes. That can't be good. Bust a nut already!" Or is that just me?

The video is not of these two, but this kid probs shoots after mere seconds.


Artsy Shit: At It Again.

You already know that Violet and I are fans of some artistic pornography. We make no disguise of that fact and share plenty. And sometimes, you want to look at nothing but, the same way other times, you want to see someone's ass get destroyed. This is the former. Look to our "Filthy Fuckers" series for the latter.


Pic Friday: Men and the Violet Who Loves Them.

Okay. We all know I'm partial to boobs. However, I like myself a big, fat slice of man as much as the next girl. Rye and I have been discussing lately how hard it is to find dude porn that appeals to me. Well, do we have a round up for you. Lady readers, I know you're out there, enjoy.


HNT: The Bermuda Triangle.

Aptly named, as once I enter, I never return. Well, eventually, but we're both forever changed.


Filthy Fuckers: The Sequel.

Since the last Filthy Fuckers post was one of our most popular posts so far, we figured we'd give you perverts another dose of some hardcore fucking. Good luck not jerking off!

WVW: Too Drunk to Fuck.

As an ode to our very own Friday night shenanigans, which found us apartment drunk and fucking on every conceivable surface (bed, floor, chair, kitchen counter, bathroom sink then back to the bed), we wanted to share others' drunk fucking.


Ball Trap.

Let's chat about male chastity belts. Is this something that folks are into? Any readers of this here blog locking their cocks into one of these puppies?

Photo Request 1.2

And... part 2. I know you sluts were waiting for this. You think Violet can shower without getting herself off? Try again.


Textual Intercourse.

Allow me to let you in on our life a bit. Not that nude photos and tales of filthy sex haven't let you in. But you know, something even more intimate. Into our phones.

A quick backstory on this; Violet has been under the weather lately. Which means there's a lot of this:

And she just watches. Or isn't even home to watch. And then she wallows in self pity for being unable to take down a cock.

However, as I awoke the other morning, I got this alert from V:

What We've Been Reading.

While one of our favorite bloggers, The Secretive Slut, has been pretty quiet lately, it's left us with a void in our blog readership. However, I'm happy to announce the discovery of two new faves (though if Jez and Cane come back, they'll find open arms).

They've both been around for a minute, which means plenty of backlogs to check out. And that never sucks.

Plus, one of them posts HNT's that look like this:

Via Hypersexual Girl

So go check out: 25 Things About My Sexuality and Hypersexual Girl. Now! What are you waiting for?

Photo Request 1.1

Per request of one of our most frequent commenters comes this series of photos. This is part 1 of 2. Stay tuned for more tomorrow.


Pic Friday: Return of the Tattooed Lady.

Round one went over quite well. So why not a round two? Fuck, if you love tattoos half as much as we do, then we're in good shape (erect is the shape I'm talking).


Lick It Up.

Let's just say I'm in a bit of a funk today. We all have our opinions when it comes to politics, and let's just say in this apartment, the floors slant to the left. We've both been trying to shake it, but it just sucks, any way it's sliced.

I'm trying to look on the bright side. Which means thinking of some perverted things to do to each other. Things that would gross out the bible belt. Things that are a little too much for the average bear.

So in keeping with this train of thought, I'll use this time to admit a fantasy of mine.

I want Violet to eat my come.

HNT: A Recreation.

Violet saw a certain photo on a recent blog post I put up and was confused as to where the asshole of this particular lady was, or whether she just had an oddly long vagina.

She believed the shot to be photoshopped (it def is), but in order to investigate further, I suggested she recreate the pose so we could get down to it.

I took a few shots. See if you can guess from the first just which photo and blog post this is from (hint, within the past week):


WVW: Late, But Not Forgotten.

We've been entertaining house guests. Which means a few things when you live in a small apartment. First and foremost, no sex.  Number two, a lot less blogging. As we get home and have to spend time with them (or just not look for porn), it makes blogging harder to accomplish.


Anticipation! An Election Day Special.

So it's election day. Which means that our American readers should be out voting today. Jerk off first if you have to, but cast that ballot.

In the spirit of election day, today's post is a thematic series of shots. Shots that are all about the moment right before you get it. The waiting game. The game I'll be playing tonight as I watch the results come in.

In anticipation of the anticipation, enjoy the anticipation.


Living for the City.

Figured I'd share some photos that remind me of being in the city. Not surprising that so many of them are people cooped up at home. With the fall nearly over and winter closing in, this is what my coming months look like.

Well, not this first one. That was summer. To be fair, so is the last one.