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THIS Triangle.

The answer to the question:

Which type of triangle is best?

On a separate note, I have two thoughts stemming from this discovery:

1. I wonder if Violet's lady stuffed threesomes looked anything like this.
2. I might request that Violet wear her thigh high socks tonight.

Anal Play For Both.

Ah, the joys of Twitter.

Shortly after joining, we made some new friends over at Anal Play for Both. Who, as the name might indicate, also happen to be WAY into pegging. And blogging about it.

Not them. They're not doing photos. YET.
They also love us. So that doesn't suck.

Race to the Finish.

You might remember our lazy Saturday. Which only proceeded to get lazier.

In fact, the only things we accomplished with the rest of our day was buying a new sex toy, eating some food, jerking off for each other, and hanging around the house.

Oh, but back to the jerking off for each other. That happened. The results of my proceedings are evidenced at the bottom.


What Sunday Looks Like.

What are we up to today?

Violet and I are off to the Farmers' Market. Then brunch. Followed by a lazy afternoon, then an Oscar party which we will ignore the telecast of and make snarky jokes about actors and assorted shitty people in entertainment.

Oh, plus, tack on the coffee and lazing that happened in the morning and perhaps a test run of the new toy we bought yesterday and you've got yourself one successful ass day. Hope yours is equally delightful!

Violet's tit looks UNREAL here. Which, it is.


Late Mornings.

Morning, perverts! We're up to a late start, because we can. And because I traveled. And because I met V and some friends when I got in and got sloppy.

But late mornings mean late showers. And late showers mean I've had enough coffee in me to function enough that the camera makes an appearance.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, enjoy!


Upload, Unload.

I don't know about you all, but one thing I love more than most things I can think of is when I unleash a huge load deep inside Violet's pussy.

The only thing better? Watching it come oozing out.

The only thing better than that? Watching it fucking dump on the floor.

Or me.
Or the bed.
Or her feet.
You get the idea.


Violet came home the other night and needed a soothing bath.

I came home and needed to take photographic evidence of how hot she looks while bathing.

You reap the benefits.

Bright Lit Blue Skies.

Yeah. Sometimes you're traveling. And checking Fleshbot before bed. And You notice a new post from new fan Camille Crimson.

So you watch it. You think, "maybe I'll put this on the blog next week." But then it's good. He finishes, covering her cheeks in creamy spurts. She smiles and continues to play with his throbbing cock.

And you lose it. In a hotel room. At 1am.

These things happen.



Let this serve as both a thank you to those that helped us go viral this week as well as a reminder of what it takes to do so.


You scratch (eat) my back (pussy), I'll scratch (fuck) yours (hers).

Tush: A Preview.

Admittedly, the music on this video is a little...much. Some of you may like it. For the rest of you, you'll know right away. And have it be known that it works just well with the sound off.

A special shout to Violet, who will be wet by the time she spots the first sequin. Girl is a REAL slut for the sequin!


What a Day!

Wowzers! We went ahead and started a Twitter account last night and today, shit got wild!

First, we take part in #ladypornday hashtag goodness, bringing all sorts of you new readers in. Then we start getting RT love from Babeland.

This has, of course, led to many more reads today than normal. So if you're new, welcome. I hope you'll stick around a while. And thanks to some longtime readers that gave our Twitter a follow today, you know who you are.

But HOLD UP. You see, that's all before Camille Crimson herself not only RT's us, but goes on to write an entire blog post about how much she loves Uncommon Appetites. Shocking! So unbelievably flattering.

Camille vs. The Morning Wood.

Apparently, a new Camille video was posted the other day. And deals with one of my favorites fantasies. The wake up blow job.

I really appreciate the morning routine involved here.

The groggy wakeup.
The robe.
The espresso.
The return to bed.

After all, we're buying into a complete package here, not just the blowjob. We like that it rings true. That it's a real couple. That sex is just part of the day. But also unbearably hot.

Anyway, stop reading this, go watch the video!

Gimme Some Legs!

You know, Darondo never lied. Mama, gimme some leg. You hear me, Violet?

Violet - do you have a favorite place for Rye to blow his load?

Yep. I believe you've seen pictures of it?

I know, guys. Call me old-fashioned, but I love a good, conventional hot meat injection above all else. (Sorry, couldn't help it.)

Ask me anything. Make It Dirty.


Tweeting About Twats.

That's right. We decided today of all days (#ladypornday) was the one to add a Twitter account to our growing enterprise of smut.

You can see what we're bullshitting about all day by hitting up @UCAppetites.

Anyway, check us out.

Violet's Lady Porn Day!

Hey y'all! It's fucking Lady Porn Day!

Sorry. I got a little excited. Here's the deal - this should not be a day. I think we all understand and can agree to that. But, the fact remains that it is. The fact remains that not everyone gets a man like Rye who wants you to indulge and detail every last one of your dark, filthy, or downright embarrassingly warm and fuzzy fantasies all over his warm, hard body. But, as you can all attest, I did. I really, really did. And I'm glad to be able to share the wealth with you all.

What I do like about this day that should not have to be a day is that it makes women - who maybe otherwise wouldn't - pipe up and talk about what makes them wet. And I think that more lady wetness is something we're all in favor of.

So, in the spirit of lady porn day, here are some things that have to do with my lady boners:

Lady Porn Day!

Happy Lady Porn Day, perverts! Yes, that's right, it's the first annual day for what should be an everyday event.

Thanks to Rachel Rabbit White, ladies all over the internet are talking about porn and masturbation today. I love to read a feminist's take on porn and the way they take in and talk about their smut of choice. Or in some cases, no smut at all.

Violet will have more on this subject later today, but for now, you should head over to Rabbit Write to check out the stories, links and Tweets about Lady Porn Day. And while you're at it, why not talk to your lady friends about what type of porn they like, favorite links, stories and related activities? After all, men get to do it all the time.

Follow along to the #ladypornday hashtag on Twitter for more info, it's been a popular tag today, so it'll keep those pervy minds busy this afternoon. And then check back later to see Violet's take on all this.

And we don't have a Twitter account, so if someone wanted to Tweet this here blog at #ladypornday, we wouldn't be too opposed.

Taking Stock.

Dudes, you know how I feel about stockings by now. I think it's pretty clear that it's a "thing". So it makes sense that I end up collecting large swaths of these shots and then unload them on you unsuspectingly.

You're just going along, enjoying a Tuesday, when suddenly, BAM! Pussy in tights!

I want those cameras. And that bookshelf for records. And that girl in the American Apparel one piece that I was SO CLOSE to buying for Violet yesterday but for some reason didn't? She'll do.


Keep It Simple.

And then sometimes, you just feel like watching a straight forward webcam video of a nice looking woman rubbing herself to orgasm. At least I know I do.


Does it turn you on to eat Violet after filling her with cum? Does it turn her on?

Absolutely! This was actually on my Hit List, which was the reason this blog really started.

HOWEVER, I still haven't done it. The catch to mine was that Violet would MAKE me eat this:

...out of her freshly fucked pussy.

To date, that hasn't happened. So perhaps that will answer the second of your two part question? Maybe she hasn't gotten around to it (likely), or maybe she's just not so into the concept.

Ask me anything. Make It Dirty.

Violet in Violet.

Violet got a bit festive for Valentine's Day (or as festive as we get around here), so I figured it was worth capturing on film.


Themeless. But No Less Hot.

"Who needs a theme all the time?" he asked himself as he sipped his morning coffee and tended to his raging hard-on. "These pics all give my dick a rise, why not just lump THEM together?"

And so it was.


Tit on Tit.

This HAS to be one of the perks of a lesbian encounter. I wonder if Violet's done this with her huge tits?

Who are some people on your Ten Famous People list that you would be allowed to cheat with?

First off, let's just say that when you live in NY, many of these people are a lot closer to a reality, especially when you look like Violet does. In fact, there's always about a 30% chance we'll run into someone on these lists at a party some weekend. So while we might not exactly cheat with them, we would certainly consider bringing them home. And I think that's enough.

Rye's List

1. Natalie Portman. There's not much to add to this. And I know I'm one among many, many nerds that want to put some on that. But oh well, can't change raw desire.


Game Play.

Every once in a while, Violet and I enjoy a night in where we break out the Trivial Pursuit. And turn that shit into a sex game.

Here's how it works:

Get It, Girl!

Nothing more to say, is there? I could watch this for hours...

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands. But Still Gag On It.

You've got to love a woman that takes what she wants. So while she sucks a cock like a miracle worker, gagging on it as she swallows the length to the back of her throat, she still works that pussy. Props to anyone that can multitask in such a way, that shit is seriously impressive.

Couple pictured not featured in video. Unfortunately.
Follow me down!


Heart Shaped Box.

Doesn't the title say it all?

Happy Valentine's Day, Filthy Fuckers!

While Violet and I enjoy any holiday that's centrally focused on getting your fuck on, Valentine's Day is really and truly a Hallmark holiday at its finest. Sure, we all love cards. And flowers. And candy. But dinner reservations at overpriced and overbooked temples of romantic mediocrity are just kind of pathetic.

Which is why you should spend this romantic holiday giving each other the gifts of your bodies. Totally and unlimited. I know that's what we'll be getting each other.

Still thinking about a fancy fish dinner? Take these photos as inspiration and chuck that idea out the window.


Would you go to dinner with another blog couple? Just sayin' :) C-Man

Oh, thanks for the offer, C-Man, very flattering of you. At this point, we're not so interested in sharing one another, outside of photos and stories. This blog is mostly an outlet for us to practice our exhibitionism. So for now, we're loving it just the way it is. But we're psyched that we'd be invited to such affairs!

Shh. Just between these two.


A Bit of a Departure.

Hello, lovelies. Violet here. By now, you know a few things about me. You know that I am often a tit man. That I am often an ass man. And, most especially, that the photos that really get me going have a lot to do with what you DON'T see. I like to use my imagination. It makes me wet.

But, sometimes you guys, DAMN.

Have you ever given any thought to swinging?

We've certainly discussed it. And if you've read any of our thoughts on threesomes, you'll realize that we're still a great deal away from sharing each other at all.

We're both extremely greedy when it comes to one another, so I don't see it as something happening in the near future. But us being us, we never rule anything out.

I mean, this wouldn't suck.
For now, reading tales and looking at photos of us will have to do, since exhibitionism is the real shit we're into.

However, speaking for myself, I LOVE reading about it. There was a lengthy article recently about a girl that used to work at a sex club and while some of her descriptions were kinda sad, there were a few scenarios that got me rock hard. But the image is enough. For now.

Are you into S&M at all?

I'd say we've dipped our toes in the water, but aren't all that interested in diving in.

The first time we went to a sex shop together, we bought a rope and a vibrator. We've since been MANY more times, but S&M gear is never our idea of a great time.

We can DEFINITELY get down with this action.
Sure, Violet LOVES getting spanked. Tied up. Dominated. But a lot of the other elements of S&M just aren't that interesting to us. The pain aspect especially. But we do enjoy restriction, bondage, domination all in smaller dabbles.

So who knows, perhaps that's a bridge to cross some day in the future. Gotta keep it fresh!

Did you get wet when you read the dilemma question? We like your site a lot. Read us at realerosstories.blogspot.com.

You can see our response to that question for this answer. And yes, this is shameless pluggery for you, but we're cool with it, you gotta spread the word, right?

Thanks for your question, it certainly was interesting.

Would you prefer to be fitted with a collar and chain, tied naked to a tree in the evening and when guys pass by to beg them to fill your asshole with sperm? OR be tied under the table at a dinner party and be the party's masturbator during dinner?

Um... I think we both go with the masturbator of the party. But if we had a choice, neither. You're definitely working on a much different level of exhibitionism than we are. Ours is more about putting our shit on this blog than it is public humiliation. But to each his own.


A Request For Our Readers.

**Update: Well, in 9 hours, we pulled in 8 questions! Thanks for your submissions, we've got a lot to work through, discuss and respond to. Please keep those questions, comments and requests coming, we love hearing from all you fucking perverts.**

We would like to come home to no less than 5 questions in our Formspring account tonight. That's right. Five. Cinco. The amount of fingers I want up Violet's tight little cunt.

You've got 8 hours to make this happen. Give us something good. Or something burning. Or something you're curious about.

There are a lot more readers than we have questions, so don't just read this and think someone else will ask the questions for you. Submit something. It can be totally anonymous, so ask away, you filthy perverts.

Ask Me Anything. Make It Dirty.


Do you have any fantasies that either is unwilling to try?

Nothing's come up so far.

We were just talking about it tonight and how I keep throwing out shit I want to try or see and how each and every time, Violet isn't only willing to try, but excited to give it a shot. However, I am often the one throwing shit out. So maybe when Violet comes up with something crazy I'll say no*.

The key here is trust. And we have that with one another. Implicitly.

The other thing we have is fun. 

Sex is fun. You should be able to laugh. If her eating my cum out of a bowl is a little weird to watch or do, we can laugh about it. If a round of ass-fucking just isn't working, no problem, let's put that fucker back in the pussy and keep enjoying ourselves. It's sex, not rocket science. New is fun.

*Not likely.

Coming Home.

I'll be home soon, here's hoping this awaits me.

As a sidenote, I LOVE that she's fully clothed. I imagine they were probably getting ready for a night out, but he just couldn't wait. NEEDED to blow. And of course she indulged him. That's what the best of us do. We understand that it's carnal and sometimes, you just HAVE TO unload in/on/around someone/thing. She's a good little slut, just like my Violet.

All Wet, All Set.

Remember that underwater fetish I've spoken about before? Yeah, still there.


My Greedy Slut of a Wife.

Sometimes, Violet is an extra greedy slut and starts without me. Sometimes I order her to. Other times I don't say a word. In all of these instances, she usually will ask me to fill her up before she finishes. Do you think there's any chance that will ever happen? Not a one. Instead, I watch her. Maybe shove my cock down her throat, maybe take photos, maybe even assist with a finger or three. But never does my cock penetrate that tight, slick hole. At least not until she finishes (the first round, anyway).

This was one of those instances.


A Request for Violet.

Darling. When you find yourself home alone one of these nights, would you mind doing me a favor?

I know we discussed my interest in seeing you fist yourself as we laid around, pre- or post-coital one of these weeks. But you may have forgotten. So I'd like to remind you that it's still very much a thing.

As I work non-stop, would you mind practicing for me? I'm thinking something along these lines would be great:

A Squirt a Day...

...keeps...something away. But who cares, it's fucking hot.

Also, props to any lady that sucks her own juices down after a self-fuck session.


Violet, how many guys have you fucked? Girls?

This gets a little tricky, doesn't it? The rules are sort of different for men and women. For women, I count oral sex, given or received as the criteria, right? I feel like that's only fair. If the same rules applied to men, my number would probably be a lot higher, but we can try to get into that another time maybe.

That said, five women. Fifteen men. An even and (mostly) delicious twenty.

For Violet.

Once again, I find myself out of town on work. And once again, Violet will be left to her own devices (her many, many, devices). I thought I'd provide that little slut with some inspiration while I'm out of the picture.

So, you know, enjoy. I love you.



Here's what I hope to wake Violet up to this weekend. Hopefully you've got something similar in mind.

Tatted Sluts Triumphantly Return.

What can I say, I love a good tatted slut. And who doesn't?

Despite a few requests to see the tats Violet and I have, we're not going to be able to cave on that one. As soon as we start seeing lots of people with the same tats that we have, you won't be seeing anything on that subject.

Fortunately for us, we have pretty unique body art, which means unfortunately for you, we aren't comfortable revealing them here. It's akin to showing our faces. That might be hard to understand, but trust us, we love to show ourselves so if we could, you know we wouldn't hesitate.

However, we CAN collect photos of sluts covered in tats touching themselves. Or sucking a cock. Cum drenched. Dripping. That much we are happy to do for you.

Be careful with that plastic. you might suffocate. Then someone would have to find your lovely, tight little body. And not fuck it. But instead call the cops. WITHOUT fucking it. But seriously guys, the BANGS. Mmm.

Give Head.

This one was just too good not to share. No bobbing? Just tongue? Just suction? This is madness, I tell you, madness!

Does anyone actually suck a dick like this? Lady readers? Gay readers (I hope there are a few)? Fill me in, I NEED to know.


I'm Bored.

Not with you. But with the format. When we started, it seemed like following along with the format of other sex blogs was the way to go. The HNT, Web Vid Wednesday, Pic Friday, all that.

But fuck it. I don't schedule my sex life. So why the fuck should I schedule my sex blog?

Sure, it gives the reader expectations, but it gives me a boring sense of having blanks to fill. And wedging our stories into Mondays and Tuesdays. And that blows.

And I think it blows for readers too. In the past few weeks, readership has dropped, like a fucking shelf, cut right in half. Not sure why that is. Could be the addition of Formspring, could be boredom, could be that those jerking off got enough of jerking off to Violet or myself.

Go ahead. You know you want to.

HNT: Showered in Rye.

The last time I did a play on Rye, HNT: Drinking Rye, it had nothing to do with drinking my cum. However, this time...


WVW: All the Entertainment You Need.

Who needs TV when you've got this slut on your cock?


Cover Me.

As I walked to work this morning, a favorite Roxy Music track came up on the old iPod. When certain Roxy tracks come up, I know I'll not only be greeted with an audible treat, but a visual one as well.


Anyway, this got me to thinking about hot album covers. I know as a horny teen, there were definitely a couple that got me going, but I was hard pressed to recall the memories. As we cook dinner, Violet and I have been discussing those covers that got the blood flowing in our teen/pre-teen/adult loins. After some digging online, we found a pretty nice group.

Good to the Last Drop.

Because I saw this today while enjoying my morning coffee. And why wouldn't I share something so delightful?

On Rimming.

Allow me to go on a bit of a tangent here (But, you ask, how can it be a tangent if it's the point of the piece? Shut up, I'm on a roll!).

You know what I love, no matter what side of the coin I'm on? A good old fashioned rim job.

Have I talked about this before? Yes?

Oh, I'm talking about it again? Weird.