Do you rim each other?

Violet Showers.

Every morning, Violet showers.

Some mornings, I document these showers.

This was one of those mornings.


Variety is the Spice, But Salt is Still the Best Seasoning.

Every day, we get emails, tweets and comments from all of you lovely readers. We wanted to share a recent email that came to us, with a very interesting and sharable question, and our answer to follow:
"Just discovered your blog. It is awesome, and so very encouraging for this twenty-something who until recently thought you could have an outrageous sex life OR a wonderful loving relationship, but not both at the same time. Glad to say my lovely boyfriend has put that idea to rest.
My question is this: do you worry at all that you'll run out of awesome new sex to have? I didn't actually like sex until my current boyfriend, and we have done more new sexual things together than I thought was ever going to be possible. We're exploring things and enjoying the adventure, but I worry that by racing through our wishlists, there will come a time when even hanging upside down with hooks through our faces will seem boring.
What are your thoughts on that? I see that you two have wonderful sexual appetites and that you are clearly committed to exploring and developing your sex life - do you worry that you might one day reach the end of the sexual road?
Thanks for any help you can give!"


Violet, have you ever thought about getting your nips pierced?

Guys, don't take this the wrong way: definitely not. To be perfectly honest, I'm not really into piercings at all. I think they can definitely look cool on some people, but they're hard to pull off. Not to mention the possibility of losing sensation near the piercing area if it's done incorrectly. We wouldn't want that, would we?

Tattoos on the other hand... I kind of want a million.

Food Porn (or, How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Embrace All of Our Fetishes, Sexual or Non).

This may seem like it comes completely out of left field. But if you know us at all, you know that we're food people. Most of our life here in Brooklyn is driven by food. Cocktails. Speciality markets. Farmers' markets. And the sheer quantity of like-minded people that surround us at all times.

Our pleasures lie in the most basic pleasures of life. We like good food, good booze, good sex and good art. And we don't ever tire of any of them. Constantly searching for the next amazing thing to eat, that booze we hadn't heard of yet and just how to use it, a cooking technique or ingredient we've never encountered, a record that knocks us on our ass.


Savage Indeed.

This week's Savage Love (if you don't know what this is, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE???) hit on a subject very near and dear to our horny little hearts.

Since we're anonymous, we're constantly discussing the idea of not being anon any longer. Or how many people know about our blog despite our being anon? Do any friends or family members know about this? If so, would they say anything? Should they? Or would their knowledge of it just show how pervy they are?

Wonder who knows whose pussy/ass combo this is...?

To be fair, you might be thinking we're super overreacting, but given how many people read this blog each day (humblebrag, maybe, but there are a LOT of you out there, THANK YOU!!!), the fact that we've been on Fleshbot a number of times, and some of the people that have blogged, retweeted or linked to stories about us, this concept is not that far off.

So while we debate constantly about this issue, it's nice to sometimes leave it to the lovely, wonderful, hilarious and amazing Dan Savage (we really like him, can you tell?) to set the record straight in case of such an occasion:
How are you supposed to react to the discovery—entirely accidental—that your youngest brother has a "femdom" relationship with his wife? I stumbled over my brother's "anonymous" sex blog. It goes into detail about the "domestic discipline" she subjects him to: humiliation, spanking, "ruined orgasms" (whatever that is!), cuckolding. There are no names, but there are pictures. Their faces are blurred out, but I recognize their living room, their bedroom, the necklace my sister-in-law wears, my brother's chin and hair. If I recognized them, other family members might. What do I say?-Biggest Big Bro 
Besides "Hey, bro, I'm kinky, too!"? (You "stumbled over" your brother's kinky sex blog? How'd that happen? Did he leave it sitting in your driveway?) If you can't bring yourself to say that, BBB, you say nothing and trust that more-distant, less-kinky family members are unlikely to "stumble over" your brother's anonymous femdom blog anytime soon. And even if they do, they're probably not familiar enough with your brother and sister-in-law's home, jewelry, chins, etc., to recognize him.
See? How fucking awesome is that? Thanks Dan!


Extra Long, Plenty Short.

Winter is cold.

Fortunately, we have fun ways of staying warm. Extra long sweatshirt, anyone? Or, just long enough, really.

This is a new pullover, and will be a frequent look during these chilly months. Especially given the easy Rye access.


Is the dildo you use in the pegging tips series the "Siren" from Babeland? I just bought my first dick this afternoon and it just charmed me, perhaps it looked familiar? PS, I've been a fan since last February and I couldn't be happier for all the awesome!

Ooh. No, we started with the medium size Silk, which was far too small to get any real hardcore fucking going on. After a few sessions, we upgraded to the Mistress, which is just a bit smaller than your Siren. Ours is 6" by 1 1/4", where you're has the extra 1/2" in length and 1/4" in girth.

The wife, with the Mistress.

Perhaps that's our next choice!

Thanks for reading, we're super happy to have you. And congrats on your first dick, enjoy it!

If sex was ice-cream you both have tried it with chocolate sprinkles, hundreds and thousands, caramel sauce and chunks of oreos, and sometimes all at once. Every once in a while, do you ever crave it just really, really vanilla?


In our interview with WHACK! Magazine, we were asked a similar question, to which we responded that we often have regular old spooning sex, or even missionary.

While we enjoy our adventures, sometimes the standard p in the v is just as good as it gets.

Oftentimes too, we'll just masturbate for each other, which is, I guess not too vanilla, but to us it is. So that happens a fair bit.

Anyway, all this is to say that we're not just exclusively sexual adventurers. Being open and honest about sex sometimes means telling the other person, "Can I just put my pussy on you?"


Come Again?

This might not get you off, but it's in our wheelhouse. Well edited, funny, a bit sexy, all that. After all, this is the most memorable orgasm scene in the history of orgasm scenes, is it not*?


What Should I Play?

A frequent discussion during weekend mornings.

The first record plays as we make coffee.
A debate begins about what to eat.
What to do.
Where to go.
What to eat.

And then, record over. Both sides spun out all too early.

What should I play?


What kind of lube did you use for your first forays into anal? What is your recommendation?

We actually JUST answered this for another reader.


Interestingly, a reader commented that they go for olive oil, though it's not recommended for use with a condom, as that shit will BREAK.

Go forth and don't multiply (because you can't have babies from the butt)!


An Interview with WHACK! Magazine.

Chris Madsen, a freshly indoctrinated writer for WHACK! Magazine, approached us to do our first big interview. We were pretty lucky as first time experiences go. No blood on the sheets, woke up feeling little to no regret, not pregnant...

Here's his lovely intro:
There is no shortage of blogs, tumblrs or wordpress based websites out there in internet land where couples expose their sex lives for the world. A quick peek-a-boo around the tube sites and you will find thousands of videos with couples documenting their bedroom romps and willingly uploading them for the self-gratification of the hungry masses. 
So why on this porno-filled planet is one married couple in their mid 20’s from Brooklyn, New York garnering so much attention from Camille Crimson, Cindy Gallop and many others? Their blog is blowing up, as is their Twitter and Tumblr, not to mention their videos on Xtube. Still, most people don’t even know who they are—they choose to stay anonymous and are only known as “Violet + Rye.” 
From the very first glance at Violet + Rye, you can tell you’re not dealing with average amateur sexploits here. There is a much higher quality to the videos and photos than most. But is this performance theater? An oversexed couple living the XXX dream? What is it?


His Hit List: The Updates.

With some recent conversations with very interesting people and a fucking awesome interview with Chris Madsen for WHACK! Magazine, we've been thinking a lot about our origins. Specifically, we've been thinking about our Hit Lists. Today, we revisit both of ours and see how far we've come:

I love it when you objectify me. Making me jerk off as you watch from the other room, telling me to put a plug in my asshole while I watch you wreck yourself, treating me like the pervert that I am.
Talk dirty. We both know you already do, but I need more. And dirtier. Tell me what you want in the most graphic terms imaginable. Yell out your fantasies while we're fucking, as wild as you can get. Act like the slut that I call you.

Her Hit List: The Updates.

Last week, a twitter pal and writer for WHACK! Magazine interviewed Rye and I. He brought up a question that we've been lucky enough to be asked by some of the most amazing people, recently. That question: what made you start Uncommon Appetites? Of course, there is our perpetually open and honest dialogue about sex and sexuality. There is also our tendency to rub our bodies against each other more than most people. But really, we can't talk about the genesis of our blog without talking about The Secretive Slut. Stumbling upon their blog, most especially their Hit Lists, is what really inspired us to belly up to the keyboard and type this thing out.

For those who haven't heard us tell this story already, a hit list is a way to tell your partner things you may not be comfortable saying in person. To put down on paper some of your deepest desires, dirty or sweet, and demand that they take action in fulfilling your every request. We couldn't resist. We loved the idea and it was the beginning of this amazing journey. Thinking about our hit lists so much lately made us think we should check back up on them. What you'll find below is a progress report. Where we've been, where we're going and the orgasms in between.


Another Reason to Want a Fireplace.

Could someone please bring me a glass of water? I'm panting. I'm swooning. I'm having a spell.

Everyone's favorite, orally-fixated redhead - the amazing and delightful Camille Crimson - gave us all a present to begin 2012 with our eyeballs falling out of our faces.


Leopard Print.

Our good friends at Eden Fantasys send us sex toys to review from time to time. Recently, we switched things up a bit and had them send us some sexy lingerie instead. We have mixed reviews.

As I'm pretty sure you guys are aware, I'm not much of a lingerie girl. I'd like to be. I really would. There are few barriers.


New to anal. What kind of lube do you recommend?

We're Maximus people, through and through. Though, we never really did a wide test market, we just tried a couple and this one felt best. Thick, sticks around, and slick enough for some smooth gliding.


Violet - What do you think of wearing striped socks over fishnets or tights? I am looking for a different look besides those trendy damn boots that everyone has to wear now.

I'm a pretty big fan of wearing whatever makes you feel sexy. Nothing new would ever be 'in' if someone wasn't trying something different. Go for it!

It seems like both of you are always up for it. Do you ever have a "not tonight, honey" sort of moment?

Of COURSE we do. We're not machines! Just because we talk openly about our sex lives and like to share aspects of it with you all definitely doesn't mean that we're fucking non-stop. Everyone has their up libido moments and down libido moments, and we're no different.

However, that doesn't mean we're both on the same schedule that way. So it leaves plenty of room for watching each other masturbate.

What do you think about people who fantasize about other people while having sex with their partner? Is it shady? For example, Lady Gaga said Poker Face was about thinking of lesbian sex while her boyfriend went down on her. Is that common?

Fantasies are fantasies. Except when they're not. But often, it's just a fantasy, so if it helps you get off, go to it! If you're doing it because you're in a truly awful relationship and you can no longer stand the thought of the dude pounding you doing the pounding, then maybe it's time to check yourself and go try that pussy you're dreaming about eating. But there's nothing wrong with a little fantasy between friends.

After all, just because you're with someone, it doesn't mean your sexual mind halts to a stop and only thinks of that other person for the rest of your life. Couples that shame one another and get crazy jealous when the other person looks at a sexy woman/man kinda piss us off. It should be a turn-on to talk about people you want to fuck. Then take it out on each other. Just last night, while out for dinner, our waiter was a very attractive man, which caused Violet to whisper to me, "Just in case it wasn't clear, I want to do sex that man." HOTNESS.

Anyway, rant over. Keep that imagination active, it's a bit part of what keeps sex hot. And hell, maybe next time, let that dude that's pounding you know that you want him to watch you eat another woman's pussy. Watch what happens then!

Hi guys, did you ever give the lowdown on the Bob by Lelo? It's amazing! Wondered what you thought of it. Part of my pegging training, won't be long now! Thanks again, for advice & sexiness!

No, definitely haven't! Eden Fantasys is kind enough to send us different sex toys to test and review, but this hasn't been one of them. We used to buy a new toy every month, but with the testing, it's slowed down. We've got several plugs, but maybe we'll give this a go on our next toy store visit!

And you're more than welcome for the advice and sexiness! Thanks for being a reader and fan of it!


Please don't leave us.

Don't worry, guys! We're absolutely not going anywhere. Just a few busy post-holiday weeks for us. We'll be back to our regularly-scheduled programming quite soon.


Do you guys enjoy any watersports? Watch each other in the bathroom?

We've pissed on each other in the shower and stuff before, but it does literally nothing for us sexually. But it's kinda fun to do!

Seeing that you both enjoy anal, ever tried a double ended dildo on both of you at the same time?

No, but don't we haven't thought about it! Once found a photo of a couple sharing a cucumber. It got the mind REELING.

Answer my question.

My question.


Do people ever look silly to you as they're masturbating? Ever?

Oh yes, definitely.

via Tammy Sutra
But, I mean, that is sort of the point. If you can show me someone who has sex gracefully and looks elegant jerking off at all times, my mind will be blown. We're animals, guys. We make weird faces and strange sounds and shoot things out of our bodies when we feel our best.

That said, when someone is really, truly enjoying themselves, it's hard not to get turned on. When you hear a man or a woman come hard, it's probably the sexiest thing in the world. The thing we find the silliest is when someone is trying way too hard to sell it to the camera or convince us that they're feeling good. When you really come, we know. I mean, you know, right?


Pegging Tips: Volume 4.

Back again, for the final piece to our pegging puzzle. You've read tips one through three, we hope. If not, get yourself familiar, then come on back. Final five, y'all...

16. Once you've gathered yourself from the killer orgasm you just had from that We-Vibe in your dripping wet pussy, you're gonna want to objectify him. While you push into him, slow and steady, make him play with himself for you.

"Stroke that cock, you fucking slut."
"I want your pre-cum, get me some."


Sorry if it was asked, but did you guys start off more sexually open-pegging, pics, blog, etc.-or did you develop it together? If you both came into it with your own kinks, how did you know you wanted to share it with the other? Or better yet, when?

No apologies needed!

We definitely began this relationship as sexual people, interested in doing sexual things, some of them vanilla, some of them a little less so. Over time, we've slowly opened up to more adventures and continued to add them to our repertoire. As someone smart once said, 'It's only kinky the first time", or something like that. Which we've found to be quite true. Pegging, at first, felt so "other" to us. But once we did it, it just feels really good and everyone should give it a go.

After all, you die at the end of this thing. Why wouldn't you want to try some shit out before that happens?

Lots of people ask us for this mysterious key about when you opened up to each other and when is the right time, and how did you do it? The truth is, we're just one couple. We are a specific make and model of person and for some reason, when combined, a very good match. We're open, trusting, brutally honest and adventurous, in all aspects of life. We talk about things as they come up, and the right time for us is probably quite different than the right time for you in your relationship. But the right time is there, so when it feels right to you, jump at it. Be honest. Communicate. Find a way to talk about what you want. If you don't, you're keeping a part of yourself back, and that's bullshit for intimacy, so don't do that.

Be good to each other, we only get the one shot at this thing.

Since us, as readers, are usually the question-ers, and you the question-ees, do you as (wise and charming) Bloggers have any questions for us, your (dear) readers?

Oh, fine question. We sometimes try to post questions in our blog posts, with answers coming into the comments section. However, it seems it's been a while since that was the case.

How about these few questions:

-Are you here for the stories? The photos? Both? Or all of it?

-What's your top sexual fantasy?

-Are you in a relationship now? If so, what kind? Open? Monogamous? Poly? Gay? Bi? One of the countless other relationship possibilities?

Have at it!

What's your favourite kind of porn?

We're into a relatively limited amount of porn, but especially turned on by The Art of Blowjob, Pornographic Love, Erika Lust's films, Blue Artichoke's work and largely amateur stuff, which is very few and far between.

We're turned on by people having genuine orgasms and connection, female pleasure and sexy editing.

Rye - Is that your tattoo in the photo (where you eat your cum)? And what is the meaning behind it? (It looks pretty awesome btw.)

At first, I was like, "Oh fuck! Did we not crop it properly???" But then realized that the post in question featured no "Photos of Us", which are tagged as such. Also tagged with "Us". And have our site branded on them, the more recent photos anyway.

But thanks for asking!

Do you ever risk losing your partner over petty jealousy after engaging in unabashed, orgasmic orgies?

We wouldn't know, as that's something we've never done. However, the petty jealousy (or any jealousy at all), isn't really our thing. Trust is where its at.

Would you suck on MY pussy?

Not sure if you're asking Violet or Rye here. But the answer is that since this is something we both enjoy, then yes, we would probably suck your pussy.

However, as we're all about fucking each other currently, it's off the table. We're both quite certain that you will have some luck in finding someone else down to suck that pussy of yours though.

Pegging Tips: Volume 3.

If you somehow didn't remember the first two pegging tips posts, go remind yourself. Then come back, we're jumping right in.

11. Assuming he took those two fingers like a champ and was begging you to "just fucking FUCK him already," you're ready to go. Make sure that his asshole is nice and lubed up. Then slather that anal lube all over that big dildo of yours. With him on his back, tuck in close and SLOWLY slide the tip in.

12. There are two gatekeepers in asshole. The first is the opening itself. You can get that tip in nicely, but you've still got a barrier to get past once you're in. And forcing won't help. He needs to get nice and relaxed, loosen up and only then can you push past his sphincter. You'll know when you've broken through. And once you're through, you're home free. But GO SLOW. Let him guide you at first, he'll know how much and how hard he wants it. Be patient.


Pegging Tips: Volume 2.

And here we are again, continuing our series of pegging tips for you lovely perverts. Hopefully you recall the first batch of tips, if not, go get a refresher course.

6. After you've satisfied your own needs and built up a fair amount of sexual frustration in your partner, take a moment to strap in. (Don't forget to put a We-Vibe inside that slick, freshly fucked pussy of yours, it'll help make sure you come while you fuck his ass.)