Rock With Me.

A hard grip on her ass?
A woman that knows what she wants?
And more importantly, is getting it?

Say no more.

Do you all ever have sex to music? If so, what kind of tunes do you like? Slow jams? Classical? Hip hop?

Someone hasn't been reading enough of our backlogs, eh?


Also, classical? Who fucks to classical?


Because You Asked.

So, as I tweeted this afternoon: I'm working a bit late this Friday, so V sent me a photo of her masturbating with her favorite toy. Girl is one slutty tease.

Ok then, because someone was savvy enough to ask for it, here's the photo V just sent to me when I told her I had to work late. Greedy little slut.

Also, the text I got after:

"Did you put new batteries in*? The two giant g-spot orgasms it just gave me lead me to say yes."

Meet Me at the Top.

There are no words to describe the hotness on display here. I like that the one on the left remembers to keep stroking even as she focuses her attention on her partner in crime.

Put Your Mouth On My Sex.

Let's just be perfectly honest about it. Almost nothing in life feels as good as a mouth on your sex. Even if the way I phrased that just made you gag a little. For real.

Fucking is amazing. Ass fucking, incredible. Getting pegged, unreal.

But give me the full, singular attention of your warm mouth on my cock. Or my slick tongue on your clit. Can't beat that shit.

Just try and argue against it, I've got these to back me up.


Are you guys exhibitionists? (Aside from the blog, of course!) Ever fuck in front of an open window? Outdoors?

Absolutely. The blog has sort of been the first toe in the water. But on our list of fantasies are many different public fucking scenarios.

So far, I've fingered her in front on our window, her hand pressed on the glass, fucked in a bathroom at a crowded party, a line of people waiting, V has taken a masturbation challenge (see how many times she can come in a rental car in a 30 mile stretch) [she got to 3, btw].

But we've never really done the outdoors thing, so you know it's high up there.


I can't even put into words just how much I love to do this. Getting two fingers snug against V's g-spot and just fucking going for it, full speed ahead, using the old "c'mere" method of finger fucking. She's mine in a matter of minutes, if she even lasts that long.

Upside Down or Right Side Up, Camille's Got You Covered.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, our favorite cock sucking, down to earth, smoking hot, empowered porn star is back. And this time, she's sucking cock upside down.

Having received a blowjob this way on more than one occasion, I can attest to this being a superior angle. First of all, it's unusual, so the visuals are off the charts. And perhaps more importantly, it allows your cock to plow so much deeper into her throat.

I clearly can't speak highly enough of this position. Now, on to the video:

Ass for Days.

There's not a whole lot to say about this video, other than it's incredibly hot. Here are some reasons this is true.

1) That ass.
2) The way she clings onto the bedframe and WORKS it.
3) The juice she produces throughout.
4) The single freckle.


How many partners have the two of you had before you got together?

Well, Violet's had that question before, in a slightly different format. Her response, 5 women, 14 men. Which makes me number 20, a nice even number. You can see more here:


As for me, considering penetrative sex only, which is how V's list was tallied (pussy eating for ladies), Violet is number 2. I had some rocky years in high school, started late, then stuck with the same partner through to my mid-20's.

So yeah, pretty similar numbers, just off by a zero.

Do you ever do double penetration inside her with your cock and a toy?

You know this!

Dot Your T's and Cross Your Nipples.

The tape over her nipples might just have to become a summertime special...


Our Kind of Massage.

I'll be honest, I kinda hate the title of this video. And the running time of 36 minutes. But the idea of another woman slowing rubbing on another naked woman for this long, caressing her pussy for the entire length of an episode of 30 Rock is pretty fucking great.

Violet has had this experience not one, but twice. Two professional masseuses have brought her to orgasm as part of their services. Perhaps she can tell you all that story(ies) someday. Until then, enjoy.

Questions, We Need Some!

Fresh out of new shit to answer from you perverts. Load us up again, would you? We'd love to come home to 5 questions in the old inbox, so have at us!

Ask us anything. Make it dirty.


Here's To New Additions.

Recently, someone got a new tat. Which means, yes, even more challenging photo editing must commence (at this rate, we'll have nothing to show but genitals). This someone happens to also have magnificent tits, a delectable pussy and a tight little asshole.

In honor of this new addition, we put together a set of similarly talented ladies. With ink of their own.

I know, shocking.


This Is What My Fantasies Look Like.

Ok. So you probably want an explanation about these taped nipples, don't you? I teased you back in the day with a taste, the shot that Violet sent to my phone.

You know, this one...


Weird N' Kinky is About Right...

This one is a bit odd. And a lot hot. And sent in by reader Jemibook, who popped that shit on on comments.

Thanks for thinking dirty thoughts about us, Jemi! And keep it up.

And For Dessert This Evening, We Have a Dripping Creampie.

It's been a long sought after request. We gave you a taste on Christmas Day. It proved VERY popular. You waited. And now...

Happy Friday, Perverts!


Speaking of Intimate.

What's not to love? Seeing how sopping and engorged she is? Or the slide of her hand up and down his slick shaft? That little tuft of pubes? The hint of her breast?

This one is thanks to a certain reader, who emailed it over with the simple heading "I think you guys will appreciate this link." Well, friendly reader, you were right.

How about you, reading this right now? Have anything for us? Comments? Questions? Photos? Videos? Links? Send them our way, either through email, Twitter, comments or Formspring. Make it as anon as you want, just hit us up!

To Be Close.

These are the things that I think of when I think of intimacy.
When I think of being one of two.
In a partnership.
Totally myself and also totally for someone else.

There's joy in it. Ugliness. Rawness. Yearning. Laughter. Tenderness. And sometimes, exhaustion.

I love everything about this. And Violet is the reason.


Cock Smoker.

Since it's 4.20, we figured something to do with smoking would be timely and reasonable. But while weed is no longer a big thing for either of us, this is the kind of smoking we're a lot more used to these days.

What We're Reading.

Well, more like, "reading".

Anytime we find a new blog, site or Tumblr that we obsess over, it's only right that it's shared with you, am I right?

So yeah, this one was discovered after she started following our Twitter account (@ucappetites, come follow, fuckers!). While she goes by @tieandbeg on the old Twitter, the name of the Tumblr is Beg and Tie. If I'm confusing you, the internet isn't for you.

For example. THIS was on her blog. I KNOW. Leg warmers, right???

Questions. Now, Please.

Ask us anything. Make it dirty. http://formspring.me/Voracious

The One Where Violet Hulks Out.

You guys remember what I said about Violet and the torn stockings (that sounds like a filthy children's book, btw)? Looks like someone changed her mind after sliding into them, doesn't it?

I'll tell you what, if there's one thing that Violet really gets, it's that men are visual creatures. Slut knows how to sell that shit, for REAL.


Cover Me In You.

It had been a while since I came on Violet's face. But due to our fixing that this weekend, I thought I'd make a theme of it.

Well, face being just one of the targets...

Best lollipop ever.

I know you like to peg Rye, but do you ever think you'd like to see him fucked in the ass by another guy?

Um, yeah. Not really the same thing. At all.

Plus, that ass is MINE.

Do you have any pre-pegging hygiene routines?

Clean that shit! Take a shower together. Or separately. But make sure you're feeling fully open to every- and anything before you get into it. It just makes things that much more fun.

Oh, and I would imagine that if you're having stomach issues, you should probably skip it that particular day. Just saying...

Has Rye ever had multiple orgasms? Has he ever ejaculated and was able to keep his erection?

Are you kidding? ALL the time. When we first started dating, I couldn't believe it. He'd finish inside me, take a moment, then go right back at it. It's part of the reason I come so many times when we fuck, he's pretty much always good for an encore.

Has Violet ever snowballed with you?

Not until you asked this question. But then on Sunday...

Do you like to eat Violet's pussy when it is filled with your cum?

Funny you should ask. That one's on my hit list. But only if V makes me. That's yet to happen. Someday...


Torn Stockings and Other Reasons Why Violet Loves Me.

We all know by now that stockings are a definite fetish of mine. Right? You didn't? Really?

As Violet destroys each pair of tights she buys (she's clumsy), I keep the runny, torn sexiness sheaths in our sex toy drawer (yep, and entire drawer is now occupied).

But you see, Violet isn't too into the idea of stockings. Torn stockings, to be more specific. She feels that they look a little "rapey". Which is an entirely valid point. But that doesn't help my boner.

So, like the GGG slut she is, Violet indulged said boner. And my camera lens.


Slow Motion For Me, Do It Slow Motion.

Camille again? But we just watched cum splash on her face! Could we possibly watch more? OF COURSE YOU CAN.

That's right, folks. Fleshbot came through mere moments after posting Camille's teaser video, so now you get to watch a full session. IN. SLOW. MOTION.

Full disclosure: When Camille sucks the cum out of her hands, Violet put a hand to her breast and gasped in sheer delight.

Camille and Her Cumshots.

Simply put, this is a pretty sexy teaser. If you don't agree, you're pretty much asexual.

Show Me You Love Me. In Public.

This weekend is supposed to be rainy. And cold. Which means I want all of this so much more now. I almost can't take it.

Hands free!


Oooooh, Golly.

I have a feeling Rye is going to get a little stiff over this bitch. She looks kind of mean, kind of hardcore, but is also wearing a Radiohead t-shirt, flashing her tits, has bangs and could be awfully sweet in bed. Enjoy, darling!

via Bend Me Over

Everything Gets Crossed Out.

There's a story behind this one. Which you'll get soon. For now, just know that as I ran some after work errands, I got this picture sent to my phone.

Have you guys ever tried golden showers?

Not really. I say really because have we pissed on each other in a shower before? Yes, it saves a flush. Has it been sexual? No.

And it likely won't ever be. Though neither of us are particularly against the idea, it just doesn't excite either of us very much.

You never know though, people change.

What does Violet's pussy taste like?

Sweet, tart, a little tangy and fucking perfect. If her pussy had room for a couch, bed and nightstand, I would move in.


What's Violet's record for orgasms in one day? I have a slave who's something of a biological marvel and she managed 21 yesterday...I want to know how she measures up.

Wow! 21 is...exhausting. For all parties.

When we were in the early stages, I got her off 10 times in one night, over the course of about three hours. That's the most we've gotten from her at one time, though she commonly gets about 5 in a night. Last night, for instance, she had 4. She's pretty much a fucking marvel. And a blessing.

Question Time, Perverts!

Ask us anything. Make it dirty.


All Those Hands Inside Those Jeans.

I often talk about the chuckle and little bristle of pride that I get when a man cat-calls me in public. I know I'm supposed to be offended by his thinking of me as a sex object, but let's be honest: I like being a sex object sometimes. This particular line of thinking got me to wondering if other women cat-call men in their heads as much as I do. And, let's be honest, when you see all this ass up in them jeans, you're going to know why I'm asking.

I mean, why don't we do this? Sometimes I catch a glimpse of my husband's ass while he's going about his daily activities and am just like, DAMN SON.

This one might be my favorite of the bunch. If you're thinking to yourself, "I'd like to take a bite out of that." I'll tell you from experience; yes, you really would.

Sweet dreams, ladies. Maybe some day this week, we'll all be emboldened to look that well-dressed man on the subway in the eye and ask him to shake what his mama gave him.


Does Violet have any favorite playtoys? Would love to see some vids of playtoys being used on her. Does Rye ever use the playtoys on Violet? Think that would be fun to watch.

This seems like you haven't read too much of our blog. Keep looking, it's all there.

As for vids, wouldn't you all love them? Nothing yet, not until we hit 100 blog follows.

Where are you guys? You haven't posted anything in DAYS! Please don't go the way of the Secretive Slut!!!

I think this question has pretty much been addressed by now...


Sometimes, the gods of Tumblr and assorted photo blogs present us with endless supplies of wet bodies, shimmering and drenched.

Over water.
In my cerebral cortex.

For days on end.


Needing. Reaching. Grabbing.

And sometimes, when Violet's in my sweater and torn jeans, she flips the script. And takes full advantage of my cock always being at the ready. Especially when she's just been fingering herself.


All of your filthy fuckers who follow you and your dirty sex quests are worried... are you two ok? I miss you and am hoping you have not given up on all us here who love your filthy fucking :) -Eve

Hello, darlings! Don't worry, we haven't gone far. Just giving the creative juices - and, er, other juices - some time to repopulate. You know, as the days get warmer and longer, there's so much more socializing, fucking, eating, fucking, drinking, etc. to be done. But don't worry, we're just drumming up some inspiration for future filthy fucking.

via Bend Me Over, of course.


Just Try to Beat It.

Watching a man do this? Few things in this world can beat it.


As we looked through our collection of saved images this Sunday over coffee, we started to get this idea about some of them that they felt like home.

We can't exactly pinpoint what it is about the images in particular.

Maybe it's the familiar objects (Chucks, Hitachi's, goosebumps on huge tits, smiles, animal prints) that makes these all feel so comfortable.

Maybe it's the vague sexiness of it all, even if it shows nothing. The intimacy that hides beneath it all. The other side of the camera being a source of trust and comfort.

Maybe it's just that they're fucking hot.

Maybe you should just look at them already...


Make It Classy With Black & White.

Have a video of you fucking and disgusted by the blown out color, poor angles and TV in the background? Class that shit up. All it takes is a little desaturation*.

Don't believe me? Check out this couple's activities.

*Ok, fine. It also takes a certain amount of editing skill. And better angle choices. And some sexy fade in/fade outs. That's what iMovie's for. Get on that shit!

Up Close with Rye.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen. You asked for it, you got it. Rye in various stages of undress, back, arms, shoulders, collarbone (purr), you name it. In case you could not already tell how much I idolize, drool over and love this man's body, here's another taste.


Does Violet do ass to mouth?

I've never fully gotten the meaning behind this. Like, me fucking her ass then pulling out and having her give me a blowjob? That's simply unsanitary.

However, if it pertains to me rimming her then her making out with me? Yes, that's happened many times. In fact, rimming is frequently on the table, so it's hard to even remember 20 minutes later that you ate her ass. Then you're about to come and I'm NOT going to make out with her? Madness.

Period sex - good to go or hell no?

TOTALLY good to go. That's what laundry detergent is for. Plus, who doesn't want to look like they killed a goat after shooting their load?

What do you like to do aside from fucking? Sports? Art? Travel?

Hmm. Never thought of that. Fucking is pretty much it...

Joking. We actually have very full, varied lives that revolve around friends, food, music, cocktails, food, writing, food, politics and travel. Though not so much the sports.

We've said before that people that meet us in person would probably never guess that we run this blog. And none of our friends know. But then, who knows, maybe if you told them, they wouldn't find it so far-fetched.

I suppose that's partly because we're drawn to passionate people, whatever that passion may be. They, like us, tend to be passionate about many things, and sex can just be one of them. I know it is for us.

Tell Me Where to Put It.

This is probably true of every guy in existence. But I LOVE when Violet tells me where to cum.

Dave Chappelle had a bit about it once, saying that if the woman told him to, the guy would cum on top of the TV. He makes a VERY good point.

Does filming your sex acts make it better? What is your favorite video? Do you use toys in your videos?

We don't film everything. Or every time. Actually, we've only ever shot a couple of videos. But when we hit 100 blog follows, we'll make one especially for you guys. And are already talking about what should be in it.

However, filming or photographing sex or sexual acts is fun because it's something different. And different is good. You can't just do the same shit all the time, you gotta break it up, make it exciting. And maybe, conjure up those feelings you had about sex before you had it. That's what keeps shit fun.