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Get Some Lips, Bitches.
How We Spent Christmas.
Cocktail Hour - The Snaps.
From This Morning's Sext Files.
Coffee in Bed.
Bucket List Shit: Nude Beach Edition.
Summer: A Triptych.
Oh Shit!
Implicit. Explicit. In the Details.
Grab These.
A Taste of Violet.
Rye's Cunt.
What You're Missing.
Toying with the Aneros.
Premature Maturity.
Rye at Home.
Because It Rains.
Jimmyjane Casts a Magic A Spell On Our Fingertips.
MakeLoveNotPorn is Live, Open and Waiting!
Sunning and Funning Our Parts.
Sunning Our Parts.
Welcome to 2013.
The Sex Sessions.
Too Hot For Instagram.
Violet+Rye Make Love Not Porn.
Sext Me Your Sexty Parts.
Digging in the Crates.
Revenge of the Fall.
Flip Out!
Bulging Rye.
Trimmed Thursday.
That Something.
Making Love, Not Porn.
Welcome Back.
The Sucking and Fucking Tour 2012.
Want To Get Your Fucking Socks Knocked Off?
Cheap Pizza and Tits.
Boobs and Beers.
4th, Part 2.
4th, Part 1.
New Things.
We Are Not Morning People.
My Name is Rye and I Have Body Issues.
Summer is Here.
Lather Up!
Rye Cleans Up.
Always Thinking of Us.
With No Pants On.
Formspring Time!
The One Where I Finally Try the Lelo Bob.
Polka Dots and Lace.
Lit Up.
Polka Dots and Cotton Candy.
Music to Strip By.
Joy of Cooking, Topless.
The Spoils.
Violet's Sex Diary: Part 3.
Violet's Sex Diary: Part 2.
Violet's Sex Diary: Part 1.
Coming Monday.
Clamp Down.
You Need To Have This.
Happy V Day. And We Do Mean V.
Worked Up.
Pucker Up.
Cock in Hand.
Violet Showers.
Extra Long, Plenty Short.
What Should I Play?
An Interview with WHACK! Magazine.
His Hit List: The Updates.
Her Hit List: The Updates.
Leopard Print.
Pegging Tips: Volume 4.
Pegging Tips: Volume 3.
Pegging Tips: Volume 2.
Pegging Tips: Volume 1.
Merry Christmas, Perverts!
Looking back on your experience...
Ruffled Sheets.
One Way or Another.
Outtakes in Stripes.
Has Violet explored exhibitionism?
At Home Yogi.
On the Horizon.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Fine Art.
Winter Coat.
Window Seat.
Things to Come.
How Did You Guys Ultimately Decide...?
Here's to Mushrooms*.
Mess With Me.
Feather Dusted.
Love on a Staircase.
Oh, Holy Shit, My Pussy is on Fleshbot!
And Now, a Word from Our Readers.
Sunday Light.
Three Rules to a Happy Marriage.
Check the Fridge.
The Morning After.
Soft Light of Morning.
Hot and Helpless.
The Backdoor.
A Visit From The Cocksman.
More Than a Mouthful.
How We Have It.
The Cocksman Strikes.
Fun With Cuffs.
By Request: Violet in Black and White.
Master Craft.
Come to This Tumblr.
Oh, Holy Shit, My Ass is on Fleshbot!
Violet - Can You Tell Us What You Wear to Bed by Season?
Thanks for the Noms! And Now...
Let Simmer.
For the 500 Twitter Follows.
Hotel Sex.
Are You Trying To Seduce Me?
You Get Me All Prickly.
On a Ledge.
Skirts Return.
Jammed in the Jamb.
Go Fist Yourself.
Because You Asked.
Dot Your T's and Cross Your Nipples.
This Is What My Fantasies Look Like.
And For Dessert This Evening, We Have a Dripping Creampie.
The One Where Violet Hulks Out.
Torn Stockings and Other Reasons Why Violet Loves Me.
Everything Gets Crossed Out.
All Those Hands Inside Those Jeans.
Needing. Reaching. Grabbing.
Up Close With Rye.
Torn Jeans and Rye's Sweaters.
For the Funny Formspring Query: V's Amazing Tits.
There's Got To Be One.
A Hunk of Man Meat.
Pegging Rye.
Cock Hungry.
Hair Pie.
A Tit for a Tat.
Seeing How Often You Have Sex, Does It Save Time for Jerking Off?
A Take Charge Guy.
A Penetration Free Weekend.
Race to the Finish.
What Sunday Looks Like.
Late Mornings.
Gimme Some Legs!
Violet in Violet.
Heart Shaped Box.
Would You Go to Dinner With Another Blog Couple?
My Greedy Slut of a Wife.
I'm Bored.
HNT: Showered in Rye.
What Weekends Look Like.
HNT: Put Your Thing Down, Flip It and Reverse It.
On Pegging.
Three That Stand Out: Rye Edition.
A Special Surprise.
The Aftermath.
HNT: Hiding Out.
What Did You Do On New Year's Day?
Photo Request 3.
Merry Christmas! Love, Violet+Rye.
HNT: Photo Request 2.
Photo Request 2: A Sneak Preview.
HNT: Drinking Rye.
HNT: Rye's Turn At Bat.
Time to Play a Game.
HNT: The Bermuda Triangle.
Photo Request 1.2
Photo Request 1.1
HNT: A Recreation.
HNT: How Is It Thursday?
HNT: New Camera Puts In WORK.
HNT: In Time for the West Coast Broadcast.
How We Spent a Fall Weekend.
HNT: Ladies and Gentlemen, My Wife.
HNT: Toy Edition.
You Get What You Ask For.
You've Been Patient Enough.
It's Thursday: Are You Half Naked?
A Monday Morning Treat.
HNT, Perverts.
The State of Affairs.
Wake and Spank.
Morning Wood.