Hey, you lovely crew of misfit perverts! We feel like we've been a little out of it lately in regards to the blog. We missed yesterday and have been a bit spotty. We wanted to let you know that this is due to a number of factors, but largely factors that, once we reveals what they are, you'll be mighty fucking pleased.

In the meantime, we'lll continue posting as much as we can and hope that you'll hang in there with us. Asking us questions on Formspring always helps guide our brains toward new stories, so please ask away.

(Note: Enough with the questions about lube recommendations. If you're asking, you're not reading our blog, we've answered that about three times in a month.)

Sometimes, we take a lot of photos and we just have a few that don't quite fit into the post. Whether it's their lack of visible cock ring for a toy review or a similar shot to another already lovely photo, we keep some off to the side.

Here's what the side looks like:


Have you tried the 30 minute orgasm technique from the UK askmen site?

Well, not exactly. That is to say - never followed that technique specifically. Although, it does sound a bit like carefully rhythmic multiple orgasms which - because I am a very lucky woman - I do have quite regularly. Interesting, though. And maybe something we'll have to give a try!

Anyone else out there given this a whirl? We'd love to hear about it!

*Update: Anyone who has not already checked out Liza's tale of this particular adventure should go read it RIGHT NOW.*

Do you know or have any opinion about the best way to navigate a FWB relationship to try to lead it into a committed relationship or to at least stay on friendly terms after or if it ends?

These things can be quite tricky. To be honest, I've never quite understood the expression 'Friends with Benefits'. It seems to me that the best committed relationships end up being with people who you would consider friends. There should also be benefits. Lots and lots of hot, dirty benefits.

But, I do understand that in most of these situations we are talking about a non-monogamous relationship. Which, I'm assuming is your situation. The answer really depends on your end goal. If you'd simply like to stay on friendly terms after the benefits go away, here is the secret: don't be a jerk. Be kind, be honest, be transparent about your reasons and then do your best to not picture each other naked when you see each other in public. And certainly, certainly do not be jealous if and when they find someone else to, er, benefit.

Translating a fuck buddy into a significant other is tricky business, indeed. But actually, my advice here is not much different. Be kind, be honest, be transparent. Also, be generous with the orgasms. Make it impossible for them to imagine being with someone else. But most importantly, talk about it. Talk about everything. The worst thing that happens to friends who have benefits is that one of the friends develops feelings that they don't share. Those feelings evolve and grow into, sometimes, genuine love. To blindside someone with those kinds of feelings can overwhelm them.

So JUST TALK ABOUT IT. Okay? The kind of person who receives orgasm after orgasm from you, cares enough about you to be your friend, but then doesn't want to date you? Well, frankly, they're using you. If that's alright with you, stick around, by all means! Being used can be lovely sometimes. But once you have real feelings, you have to make real choices. For your own sanity and the sake of your friendship.


Wiener Porn.

Just so you're all prepared, what follows is full-on, hardcore, unadulterated wiener porn. Sizzling hot lengths of meat. Tube steaks.

Well, the kind that you eat. Wait, the kind that you swallow. Shit, you guys, the kind that are made from beef and pork and get slathered with mustard and sauerkraut!*


Clamp Down.

Oh, guys. I wanted to like nipple clamps. I swear, I did. We really did give it a go a few times, but I just have to tell you: I do not like nipple clamps.

But, that's never stopped us from giving you some titty pictures, has it?


Expert Guide to Pegging.

Guys. Someone made a film about pegging.

AND it's not a femdom, D/s, sissy-boy thing. It's just a film that shows pegging as a part of everyday sex acts. And a fun, fresh approach to fooling around. AS IT SHOULD BE.

Sure, bring those other elements to it if you must, but ultimately, pegging isn't and shouldn't be some odd fetish that we all need to be ashamed about.

You probably already own dildos. Or your partner does, if you don't. Maybe you don't have a strap-on, but you probably tried putting one of those dildos in your butt. Amiright? And it probably felt AWESOME.


(Please use this link to find our very well documented history of pegging.)


You Need To Have This.

That's right. Lelo just released the Tor II. You need to have it. And we mean have it, like, NOW. Go into debt if you have to.*


This is one of the ads, which is a little too Ron Burgundy via James Bond for us. You'll probably like our photos better.
Here's why:

1. It turns your cock into a vibrator.

See what we mean? You like this WAY better.
Yep, that's pretty much all you need to know. But since you're so greedy, we'll let you in on a bit more...


Do you each know how many partners you've had? Any issues?

Totally. We've actually answered this same sort of question a few times:



As for issues, most certainly not. We actually think it's weird that people really care about who and how many people their partners have fucked. Ultimately, it's just brought them to you, and hopefully with considerable bedroom skills. If V was boning lots of people before we got together, it's because she really enjoys sex and knows how to get it. I can say this is still true, so nothing has changed in that department.


Food and Hot Men in Suits.

Honestly. That's it. We love how this video looks, we love how it sounds. Rye and I were sold on this video inside the first few shots of black and white kitchen action. Especially hacking up that t-bone.

We love the idea of locking a few single girl and guy friends in this room and not letting them out until they've fucked at least a few of these gentlemen. This is a lunch date wonderland for anyone who loves beards, hidden tattoos under suits, old Italian guys, fine tailoring and steak. Does anyone not love those things? Not to mention a surprise Kanye West appearance!


If you are not already acquainted with The Sartorialist, you should most definitely lose a little time there. It is total stylish-people-porn. 


Deep Throat Defined.



Normally, we wouldn't share a video that's this straightforward, direct and, to be frank, a little icky? But FUCK. What this woman does to this cock? The length she can take it down? It just needs to be seen.

So, we HAD to share it, you see. We literally had no choice. Just as we've shown women sitting on cocks that just look TOO BIG before, we've got to show you this blowjob.

We're sure you'll understand.


How do I get my girlfriend to open up more sexually? Whenever I ask her if she has any fantasies or what turns her on, she replies "I don't know or I don't have any." This makes our sex really vanilla and plain. Any ideas to help us out?

First of all, sorry it took so long to respond to this one. We've been thinking on it for a while and struggling a bit with what to say here.

Ultimately, it sounds like you're stepping in the right direction by asking her about her fantasies and turn-ons. However, some people take more to step out of their shells. And some people are already out of those shells and are vanilla in the center. One way to find out which of those you've got on your hands is to let her know about your own kinks, fantasies and turn-ons.

You may have already done that, but by the phrasing of the question, it seems like maybe you're putting all the pressure on her to tell you and get you going. Flip it. Open up to her, see if she's willing to try out some of your fantasies. It's the only way to find out if you and your partner are a GGG couple or if there's more communication needed to get you to a better place.

Chances are, if you unload some of those fantasies on her and she finds them hot, or is at least willing to participate, it will allow her to feel more confident about opening up to you. And shit, it might even get the mind running, thinking of new things she wants to add to this kinky mix.

Try it and let us know!

V Hearts R.

Sometimes you're out at a bar, drinking with friends. Friends that don't know, but might suspect we're behind a blog like this. Maybe even this particular blog. Maybe they saw us on Fleshbot ro read about us on Camille Crimson's site. We have friends that run these circles, so you never quite know.

Sometimes when drinking with these friends in bars, there are chalkboard walls in the bathrooms. And sometimes when you go to that bathroom after Violet has, you enter to find this message waiting for you.

If I'm being totally honest about it, we definitely get a thrill from the idea of being caught. And the fun of hiding behind masks, so to speak. This kind of game played in public feels risky, fun and sexy. It reminds both of us about that secret life no one else knows about and of all those things we've done together in that secret life.

I do the same when I see chalkboard paint on walls, usually a "V+R were here" tucked away in a corner of the room. And I know V gets the same thrill when she sees it there.

So next time you're in a bar with chalkboard paint on the walls, and you see mention of a V+R, you should probably assume we've been drinking right by you.

Ah, the fun of anonymity! Such pervy, risky romance.

Also, shout out to the cock on the wall. Well played, fellow pervert, well played...


I've only recently found your blog and haven't gotten through it all (yet) but I was wondering if Violet ever squirts? I think it's really hot and I'd love to see some pictures.

Thanks for finding us! So happy you're exploring our blog. We've definitely talked a bit about it before, but V has never squirted. We've been working on trying to make it happen, with the NJoy wand, fingers, G-spot toys, the whole shebang, but don't like to put too much pressure on it. If it happens, it happens. If not, who cares?

After all, we're incredibly lucky that V can come from any kind of sex, even without any clit stimulation. So who needs squirting when you've got that?

Though if it ever does happen, there will definitely be photos. And hell, a video as well!

Have you ever jerked in the morning right up until you were about to come, and then stopped and waited until the night to finish? I always find it so tantalizing to tease myself like this!

Nope, definitely haven't! We're not SUPER into teasing for that long. Definitely drawing out the time to the orgasm is fun and all, but blue balls don't feel great.

Now, have there been times when we're all worked up and can't get off for whatever reason? Sure. But it's not by choice. Call us greedy, but we're all about coming early and often!

Do you two have any lube preferences?

Indeed, we do! We, being the Brooklyn organic-local-hippies that we are, tend to like to use things with the fewest unpronounceable ingredients possible. We enjoyed Astroglide's glycerin and paraben-free version for quite a while, until we graduated to Sliquid's H2O. It's water-based, fragrance-free, basically the next best thing to pussy juice.

Most often, when we're using lube, it's for anal sex. In that case, we cannot say enough good things about Maximus. It lasts an extra long time and doesn't get as sticky as some others.

Have you ever used a product for increasing ejaculate volume (e.g. those pills sold at some sex shops), and if so how did it go?

We actually haven't. Rye is lucky to naturally produce a large amount of, um, volume. I don't know much about the supplements that you are talking about, but as with everything (and everyone) else that you put inside your body, it's most important to make sure it's safe before you use it (or them).

Ladies and gentlemen, correct me if I'm wrong, some of you would probably love to have a man with an easy-to-swallow load?


You're Our Valentines.

In yesterday's post, Violet made it quite clear how we feel about Valentine's Day. It's a day made for fucking, not crap chocolates and overpriced (and overhyped) roses. 

Our Valentine's evening will probably just look like this.
So in that spirit, we wanted to turn to you, this collective group of Valentines, our dear readers, and find out a little more about what makes you tick sexually. You hear plenty about what V and I think about all things sexual, so it's time to get a little back. This isn't posturing, we actually really want to know. So chime in on the comments and tell us about these three things:

1. What's your favorite sexual position?
2. What's the strangest thing you've masturbated with?
3. What's your fondest sexual memory?

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day, whether it's just another day, a special holiday that you're all googly eyed about or a "fuck you for even mentioning it" kind of day.

Now fire away, perverts, we're dying to know!

Happy V-Day. And We Do Mean V.

Do you remember yesterday's post? The one about Valentine's Day and Violet's thoughts on the whole damn thing? Of course you do!

So then you probably also remember the photo that Violet started the whole thing with. The one she swooned over? Right? With me?


Let's just say that I had a few minutes on my hands and a decent photo library of our smut to dig through. And when that happens, THIS happens:

Happy Valentine's Day and all that shit!



The (Fucking) Reason for the (Fucking) Season.

Alright, darlings. Everyone is going to make a big deal about tomorrow, so let's just get all Real Talk about it for a second.

I will use this photo at every opportunity. I fucking love it. If anyone knows where it originally came from, I would love to know.

I am not one of those anti-Valentine's Day, anti-greeting-card, anti-fabricated romance jerks. I love Valentine's Day. I love greeting cards (especially when Rye's the one writing them). I even love myself a little on-the-nose romance. I mean, Rye brought home a bottle of champagne the other day for no reason and I almost passed out. I just think that when it comes to Valentine's Day, people keep telling you how to do it wrong. So let's talk about what we think the right way is.


This Must Be the Place.

Here we are. Another weekend, another lifestyle post. and yes, it's about food again.

To be fair, the last video wasn't as much about food as it was about craft. But for a product that is used exclusively for food. This one isn't even borderline, it's just straight up about food. Burgers, in fact.

But it's also more than that. It's about a business. And old, still thriving business in Manhattan. Among all the chains, the fancy new joints with reclaimed barn wood and local brews on tap. This one is a throwback. And it makes me yearn for not only more places like it, but for a tasty burger during a cold winter afternoon.

Oh, and it should also be said that this video series hits right where it counts. After all, it's named after one of our favorite songs EVER. Talking Heads, 4eva!

See you at Prime!


Worked Up.

Q: What happens when you wake up early on a Saturday morning and crawl over your man to go make the coffee?

A: He stops you dead in your tracks, as your ass is a few feet from his face and he slips a finger into your slicked morning pussy. When this happens, you moan, because it feels good. So he continues. Until you buck uncontrollably into your first orgasm of the day. A surprisingly wet, frothy orgasm that leaves you drenched.

It looks a LOT like this, in fact:


Queer Amsterdam.

Jennifer Lyon Bell, the awesome mind behind Blue Artichoke Films and all its sexiness, tweeted a link to this video recently. And we totally fell in love with it.

Apparently, it's a new TV show, shot in Amsterdam, that Jennifer consulted on. As for anything else about it, I don't know shit. Why? Because the dialogue in the video is all in Dutch. Which to me is like speaking German. Or French. Or any any other language I don't speak (read: almost all of them).


My wife has a hard time with orgasm and a very sensitive clit. To the point where it can sometimes hurt her. Do you have any advice for helping her orgasm or ways to make it easier?

Okay! For starters: your wife's clit sounds like every clit in the universe. They are finicky, persnickety little monsters capable of great pleasure and great discomfort. They, not unlike the women they are attached to, require nuanced care and careful attention.

First and foremost: does she own any toys? It is super important to be in touch with your own body and to feel what it's like to bring yourself to orgasm manually. BUT, if we're thinking of this like a distance race (we are, apparently) practice and exercise will make things easier in the long run. Something that vibrates will make this happen quickly. If you and your wife have never owned a toy before, I'd recommend starting with something small and un-intimidating at first, like a classic bullet. This can be used on her own or together and is a great way to warm up.


Pucker Up.

So about those additional lazy morning blowjob photos we said we'd work on...

These should do the trick, no?

GOD, she's good at giving head. Which reminds me, I want her to give me some head. RIGHT NOW.

On a more serious note, these are some of my favorite photos we've ever put on this here blog, hope you all enjoy them!


On the We-Vibe.

From SporePrint, a lovely new reader with a great tumblr and very sexy taste.
"I have a question I’d like to hear you answer on the blog, if you want. You mentioned the We-Vibe in relation to pegging (of which, yay!). What is your take on it in general? I’ve been looking to get one for my partner, but it gets mixed reviews online, and she’ll throttle me if I add another toy that doesn’t get used to our overstuffed toybox."
By now, it's fairly well documented that Violet enjoys wearing the We-Vibe under her harness when we get into some pegging play. It tucks in there wonderfully, though there are definitely issues with it, mostly related to it being difficult to adjust, speed-wise, once it's all up in there.

Whatever you decide, enjoy this photo.

Violet, how do you and Rye keep the romance alive? My girlfriend and I never seem to have time for each other or be in the mood for sex. How can we get the spark back between college and everyday life?

Let's be real for a second. Rye and I keep the romance alive by keeping open lines of communication about our needs, wants, fantasies and desires. But also, we're best friends. We really, really enjoy hanging out. Exploring the city together, exploring new food together, exploring each other's bodies together. Together is the key component here.

We have very busy lives. But at the end of it all, we prioritize each other, not because we're supposed to, but because we want to.

When you say you never have time for each other or aren't in the mood for sex, that's a red flag. Not being in the mood for sex, totally fine. We're often not in the mood for sex. In fact, we spend more time NOT having sex than we do having sex. Sex is just a part of our relationship. An important one that we really fucking love, but still just a part.

The more troubling aspect is the not having time for each other. If you're not getting what you want out of this relationship, and need to keep working to make that spark happen, maybe it's an indication of a larger problem. If you're reading our blog, you're probably horny. You're likely jerking off. And you're probably in the mood for sex. But just not with your girlfriend?

Our suggestion, talk about it. TALK. TALK. TALK. What's the root of this problem? And if it's just that you've grown apart, then that's fine too. Go forth and put your genitals in/on other people. Life's short, after all.

But if this talking helps you to address issues that are keeping you distant and aspects of yourselves hidden from each other, then that's awesome too. Work on it. But you'll never be able to move forward unless you communicate.

Good luck! And thanks for the question!

Do you prefer to have him finish inside or pull out?

All of the above, really. I just like that he finishes.

More often than not, if we're fucking, and not jerking off for each other, or putting our mouths on each other, then he's finishing inside me. But I'll take it anyway I can get it and love when he pulls out and spills on me. On my pussy, my ass, my tits, my back, my stomach and sometimes, put that shit on my face!

Ask us anything. Make it filthy.

Do you enjoy pegging? If so, what kind of strap-on dildo and harness do you use?

Someone does NOT read our blog, eh?


See you in a few hours, probably quite turned on.

And we use the Jaguar harness, which is the best fucking harness EVER. Combine that with the Mistress dildo (which we're currently pretty into, until we work our way to bigger) and you've got the makings of a delightful evening.

Are there any toys designed for Rye that Violet has tried out on herself and vice versa?


Let's see, we always use the Hitachi Magic Wand on Violet with one of my Tenga Eggs covering the top. I also use the same configuration sometimes.

Violet also got a little g-spot plug to test drive, which has become exclusively a butt plug that I go for time and again. We also both use the NJoy Pure Wand in any orifice that will have it.

Do you ever look at your own videos and does the fact that you're showing yourselves off but still keep some parts (faces, tats) hidden turn you on even more?

To be perfectly honest about it, we don't really watch them all that much once they're completed (we usually watch them about 100 times during the edit and find the finished copy, without fail, totally sexy). Or at least we haven't yet. Maybe the further removed we become, the more they'll do it for us. It's weird, because we set out to make the kind of sex video that we wanted to see, but it's ultimately for others in our same boat. So we're left still searching for that type of porn we want all over again.

Violet+Rye brought to you by PornHub

And it seems like the things not shown turn you on, amiright? We keep it that way for a few reasons, but yes, the curiosity about our anonymity is definitely an aspect of it.


Cut, Brooklyn.

Remember last weekend, when we introduced you to our new concept about revealing a bit more of our other passions? And how they're all interrelated? Oh, you do? GREAT. Let's get right back into it.

So, Brooklyn. You've probably heard some things. Many great things. Probably some bad things. The bad things you've heard are definitely true. Fortunately, so are the great things. Because of this, we mostly love it here.

What's undeniable is that there's a movement going on here. The model for the creative industry is shifting. The model for music, for film, for publishing, for advertising. The old models are dying, if they're not already dead. Because of this shift, however, something fresh is taking root. People are returning to the idea of handmade objects. Of crafts. Of creating their own products, and ultimately, businesses, born around this central conceit.


Cock in Hand.

We are sure that you've noticed: we've been going on and ON about how much we love ourselves a lazy, simple, possibly hungover roll in the hay. We believe you deserve some proof. Here's a bit of what it looks like from (mostly) my perspective.


Because of your anonymity, do you have any close friends that you are able to talk sex with or would you be instantly outed? BTW, I love the anonymity, it makes it so much better!

We're completely anon, which means not a single friend knows that we have this blog. If we were to guess, some people might not be too shocked to hear it, while others might be pretty shocked.

We're a really everyday couple. We really fucking like each other, love to hang at home and cook, have a very active social life and all that. But we also do this on the side.

That being said, we do talk sex with several of our friends. And most of them know that we're really into fucking each other, which makes a lot of our married friends pretty jealous as they're for some reason not really fucking all that much. So we wouldn't be "outed" for talking about sex, since sex is just sex and it wouldn't lead people to assume we also make videos and put photos up and share stories.

We've met exactly two people that know us as sex bloggers, both of them amazing women. We might add more people to that list, but it all sort of depends. It's definitely fun to be able to talk to people about what we do and why, but being anon on the blog and leading this fucking crazy and surreal double life is also kind of a blast.

Glad to hear the anonymity makes it even better for you, there's a point in the direction of pro-anon for us! Thanks for the great question and thanks for reading!

In 3 words can you share your most perverse fantasy?

In bar bathrooms.

And only three words is ridiculous! Did that even come across as anything? We're prolific, what can I say?

Would you rather lick your pussy juice off his lips or his cock?


Are you going to post a video to go with those amazing pegging pictures? My boyfriend reads your blog and it would help me talk him into trying it. Thanks, I love the site!

Perhaps that'll happen someday. While we've taken a bunch of photos, which run the gamut from teasing to full-on anal, our videos are still in the early stages. So in time, perhaps.

In the meantime, keep talking to that bf of yours, I'm sure your enthusiasm to fuck his ass will eventually win him over. Then use LOTS of lube, to make sure that he has a good time and wants it again and again!

Thanks for the kind words about the blog!

I finally coerced my bf into giving me his ass for my bday. What should I respectfully do to keep that small potential window open?


That being said, if it's a first time, be gentle and don't go full steam ahead on him. I'd suggest starting with a blow job and the slip of a well lubed finger. If he likes it, add a second.

Don't let him cum though, you need to move on to tonguing his ass. The first time Violet did it, I could fully tell that she had pleased as many women with that tongue as she has. Holy FUCK. Get in there and show him a good time. But don't abandon the cock. Use a hand to stroke away.

Then move back to the fingers, or perhaps a plug and get on top of him while he rides out the sensations. As you're fucking him, ask him how good it feels, and how good it would feel if you had him bent over the bed, stroking his cock while you fucked him.

As he comes, REALLY, REALLY HARD (like, animalistic HARD here, not even kidding) let him know how badly you want to do it all again, and to elevate it next time.

Assuming it all went well, he won't be saving that ass for special occasions anymore.

Oh, and have fun! It might be butt stuff, but it's still just sex. Get on it!


A Different Kind of Work-Out.

Uh, full disclosure: a gym made this video? It is not porn. I mean, depending on your definition. I don't think that their intention was for you to wank to it, but I would be pretty fucking surprised if no one did. Just, holy wow, woman. She is gorgeous, the video is gorgeous, and just wait for the close-ups on her stomach muscles while she's upside-down.

For those of you who are wondering, this is why I do yoga. Nowhere near this level yet, but I swear to you, if and when I get there, you will get one of these - Violet-style (naked).