HNT: Ladies and Gentlemen, My Wife.

In her favorite pair of jeans. Any night spent in, she comes home from work, slips off her skirt/pants and slips into this beautiful tattered fabric and heads off to her favorite place. Well, second favorite place. The kitchen. Girl can cook that fat, perfect ass of hers off.

Oh, and she does this commando. As if you thought otherwise.


WVW: Just In Time For Dinner!

Sure, it's a bit late. But we stayed thematically correct. Perhaps this here video can give you some motivation while cleaning your kitchen.

Who needs dessert?


From the Mailbag! 2nd Edition.

We keep telling you to write in, but do you listen? Well, a few of you. But the rest? Shameful! How are we supposed to know what's wanted from us when we get no requests? Questions? Pic requests? Anything? You'll remain anonymous, like us, so fire away! 

That being said, here is a question that came in during our recent vacation, which, in our minds, we have still been on. You've probably noticed if you've been checking the blog. We'll try harder, promise. Anyway, thanks to the reader that sent this in, and sorry it took so long. Had to work up the nerve.

Question – What is a fantasy of either of you that has yet to take place?


The "Sorry We've Been Gone" Photo Post.

They'll be something fresh up tomorrow morning. But we wanted you to know that we didn't forget about you guys. In fact, we've been collecting photos and planning future posts.

We've also been in the market for a much better camera (iPhone photos only get you so far), so there will be plenty of getting to know us even better in the coming months as we tinker with our new toy (we don't have it yet, but soon, my pretties) and explore undiscovered crevices in great, full color detail.

In the meantime, we thought we'd offer an apology. And a bit of material to get your blood pressure rising, I know it did ours.


Pic Friday: Domestic Bliss Edition.

Sorry to have missed HNT, we'll be better next week. It's been a bit insane around these parts, but the least I can do is give you all a Pic Friday. Enjoy!


Web Vid Wednesday: The Otis Striptease.

Today's video combines two of our favorite things in this world: a good striptease and Otis Redding.

And like any good striptease, the sexiest part isn't the clothes that come off, but the clothes that refuse to. You'll see what I mean.

Enjoy the engorged genitals, perverts!


Pic Friday: Wetspots.

The weekend can't come fast enough sometimes. Even with a short, sex filled week. Welcome to it, perverts.


HNT: Toy Edition.

This is the last batch from our recent photo shoot. You know the one.

Violet is such a greedy slut that after she fingered herself, had her pussy eaten and was fucked to three huge wailing orgasms, she pulled out her toy, laid back on me and fucked herself to one more heaping helping.

Hope you enjoyed this photo session, it really paid dividends. Remember, any ideas for the next one, hit us up, we're waiting.


Web Vid Wednesday: The Secretive Slut.

No, not my secretive slut. Today's an ode to Jezebel over at The Secretive Slut. We've already given her a smattering of love, but why not give a little more?

It's the only video of herself, but there are promises for more. You can also find one of her man, Cane, abusing himself artistically.

Click here to be taken on a pretty fucking hot journey. Still one of my favorite videos out there, if I do say so.

You Get What You Ask For.

People wanted shots of my cock buried deep in Violet's pussy. Well, we don't disappoint.



You've Been Patient Enough.

We've had a pretty great outcry for more shots of Violet. And some shots of action taking place in/on/around Violet and her perfect body. Here's a taste. Trust me, by week's end, you'll have a nice padding of shots from this particular session.

A Glorious Return.

We're back, if you couldn't tell from Violet's post yesterday. While we were away, a bit of the following occurred. There will be photographic evidence soon enough, but for now, hints will just have to do.


Pic Friday: Uh oh.

Let me introduce you to the backside of my latest crush:

Her name is Marloes Horst. And she is fucking sexy.


Lily Again? Must be Wednesday...

Mmm. Really can't get enough of this girl. I'm assuming you find her to be just as appealing. After all, why the fuck wouldn't you? Perverts.

Spill some seed over her, why don't you? Or, you know, slosh those fingers through your dripping cunt juice if you're of the female persuasion.