If You're Calling It Fingerbanging, Something Is WRONG.

Leave it to Vice. Sometimes we forget how spot-on their advice can be, how biting their wit can be and how utterly correct they are about certain repeated pitfalls of human sexuality -- i.e, "don't slap the bean."

Ladies, when getting taken care of via finger by your partners, we know there are certain things you're dying to cry out. But sometimes we don't. Shouting, "fucking stop doing that, it's terrible!" in the act doesn't appeal to anyone, especially considering how sensitive our collective sexual egos can be.


Because It Rains.

Sometimes you spend a rainy New York day inside your apartment.
You pull out your old computer.
The one you hardly use anymore.
And you relive history.

You click through photos.
Of you.
Of Violet.
Before you were together.
As you got together.
As you changed together.

Passed through life together.
All of it seeming not so long ago, somehow.
Because it wasn't, really.
But wasn't it?

You find old photos you forgot existed.
Notice the time when you starting being Violet+Rye.
The photos changed.
But not really.
Still lots of food.
Lots of smiles.
Lots of nudity.
Lots of love.

And then some you kept off the blog, for whatever reason.
Can't seem to remember now.
And it seems like the perfect time to share.

Here's to history.
Here's to future.
Here's to you being here for all of it.


We're Having a Contest (Sort Of?)

Yes, that's right. A contest. Of sorts.

A few weeks ago, MakeLoveNotPorn.tv added a feature that allows users to "gift" a video to a friend, lover, spouse, enemy or ex-lover, ex-spouse or ex-friend (who are we to judge). Because we think this is a fucking awesome feature and because we want more of you to be using MLNP, making your own videos for MLNP and talking about MLNP, we figured we'd put our money where our mouths are.

So, we want you to provide us with some ideas for our next video. And for the person with the best idea, we'll gift you one of our MLNP videos of your choosing (unless you've already seen them all, in which case we'll gift you the video you gave us the idea for).


Sharpen Your, Um, Pencils.

We don't spend a lot of time talking to you guys about design. We're busy showing you our tits mostly? And we know that's how you like it. But when we stumbled across Francesco Morackini's Dildo Maker concept, we knew we had to share it with you guys.


Necessary Information.

Ok, so remember the reader that submitted those lovely photos? The French press photos? The bending over the sink photos? The naked, eating a banana with a finger in her pussy photos?


Yeah, THAT banana and THOSE fingers in THAT pussy.
So it turns out, after that post went up, the friend of hers that took those photos got in touch. And she's not the only subject he's been shooting. In fact, he's got an entire tumblr dedicated to some delicious photos of delicious women.


Yeah, you're going to want to follow along.