From the Mailbag! 2nd Edition.

We keep telling you to write in, but do you listen? Well, a few of you. But the rest? Shameful! How are we supposed to know what's wanted from us when we get no requests? Questions? Pic requests? Anything? You'll remain anonymous, like us, so fire away! 

That being said, here is a question that came in during our recent vacation, which, in our minds, we have still been on. You've probably noticed if you've been checking the blog. We'll try harder, promise. Anyway, thanks to the reader that sent this in, and sorry it took so long. Had to work up the nerve.

Question – What is a fantasy of either of you that has yet to take place?

I don't think it comes as any great surprise to our readers that Violet is much more experienced than myself. I feel as though I've made it pretty clear that this girl has really had her way with many people, male, female, and everything in between. However, while Violet was doing this exploration, I was in a sexless relationship. One in which I watched a whole lot of porn in secret, and never once strayed. A good little bitch was I for years and years. Throughout this time, I cooked up many a fantasy, so many that they continue to pour out of me to this day, which shocks Violet on many an occasion.

If you've been reading along, you also know that we have a pretty free relationship. We tell one another what we want and we listen. And give. And take. And cum relentlessly. Since we've started this blog, we've talked several times about unexplored fantasies. What does Violet still want to try? What do I need to see in my lifetime? Feel? Taste?

Overall, I can honestly say we've been pretty open with one another about it all. Until Violet reads this post. Of all the scenarios I've cooked up in my brain, none is as sexy as the image of Violet eating the pussy of a friend. Maybe it's born from some surprise that she did it with such frequency. Or that she had such animalistic desires to begin with. But when the image pops into my mind, the cum surges forth.

With that I'd like to state that the biggest unfulfilled fantasy of mine would be to see her do that again. The juices running down her chin. Her fingers knuckle deep in a soft, alien cunt. Slathered in the slick wet creaminess of an aching hole.

Now, before I allow myself to get carried away, let me pull back on the reel. Sure, I'd love to see that. But would I be able to stand it? And do I even want to see it? Or is it just the image that fills me with this sensation? Would seeing it, right there before me, make me not want it? Like making a hobby into a job, only to ruin your hobby? Is that even possible? Would I be jealous (I'm not big into jealousy, but...)? Would it change things between us?

See, I just don't know. And therein lies the reason for this being just a fantasy.

But maybe I'd like to find out the answers to these questions. And I know Violet would indulge me. And probably enjoy it quite a bit. Would I want to join in? I don't know. In my mind, I don't. I just sit back and watch. Maybe take photos. Video. But in reality, I'd probably so fucking hard that I would just have to cram Violet's pussy with my stiff, throbbing cock. Or maybe her ass, allowing the friend to suck her pussy while I pound her.

Will this ever happen? Who's to say, really. But I do know that as fantasies go, this tops it. Care for a response of your own, Violet?

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