Channel Orange.

Frank Ocean (who you may know from our video, Violet+Rye or from all the press about his recent post on his tumblr, which discussed how he fell in love with a man*) has his debut record, Channel Orange out today. Lucky for us, he put a link to a full stream on his tumblr.

You should probably just follow his tumblr already, right?

From http://frankocean.tumblr.com
 So anyway, the reason we're gathered here is that I already listened once this morning. And...

IT'S GOOD. It will be on for the rest of our summer. THAT good. REALLY, really GOOD.

*The reaction to this news coming from a large majority of hip hop fans has been absolutely fucking disgusting and we're horrified. We've got a LONG way to go, people. It's just SEXXXXXXXX!!!


  1. Your video introduced me to Frank Ocean. Thanks for that! For every person he might lose for being honest about who he is, he will gain another who appreciates his music no matter who he fucks. Or in many cases appreciates his music while they fuck ;)

    1. We introduced you? That's hot! Really happy to hear it! And yeah, we wholeheartedly agree with you, fuck the noise, love is love.


    2. Also first introduced to Frank Ocean b/c of your vid! Thanks guys. SO... What are you guys listening to now? ;) cheers!

    3. That's awesome! Well, you'll soon find out what we've been listening to, won't you?

      In the meantime, maybe we should do a summer playlist...