Formspring Funday.

It had been quite some time since we checked out our Formspring and to our surprise, we had a whole slew of questions waiting for us!Rather than give them to you one at a time, we thought it best to lump them together into one nice little package. We likes packages (yes, we meant cock, we're that obvious). 


Any idea when the invites (to makelovenotporn.tv) are going out? Really looking forward to the new vids. You guys rock!

We're removed from that part of the process, but I do know that there are about 35,000 on the wait list, so at this point, having access is less common than being wait-listed. But they're working on it as we speak, so we hope you get one soon! And thanks so much for the support!

Have you guys ever thought about playing with a Fleshlight or Cobra Libre? Wife and I just started experimenting with these male toys. Figure she has "male substitutes" so why not try some substitute fun for me too.

Funny you should say that... Rye just got sent a Tenga Fliphole to test. I think he's in love.

I've developed a crush on a guy I met recently at a history group. The problem is I'm really shy and inexperienced. Any advice on how to get a little friendlier with him without making it obvious to him and all our group that I want to get in his pants?

We've never had any problem with making it obvious that you want to get into someone's pants, so you might be asking the wrong people. But by all means, just talk to him, get to know him and see where it takes you. Get some one-on-one time with him, grab lunch or dinner, go to a movie. And then maybe get into his pants.

We also realize that this question lingered all summer, so any and all of this might have played out. We apologize for being so lame on response time, but hope that some good things came of this experience!

V, my fiance just came clean about some submissive urges he's been having. I happen to be a closet freak and am totally cool with it, he's my third ever fuck and the sex god of my dreams... and i just wondered if you have any tips for a total strap on virgin?

That's fucking rad! Congrats on breaking the ice! Given that you asked this question a while ago (sorry for the long delay!) you've probably already experimented a bit. But as far as strap-on's go, start small, use lots of lube, patience, more lube and talk. Then go bigger next time. And try new positions. And add more lube. And then go bigger again. And TALK. Also, have fun, because it's a fucking blast.

Can we have Violet telling the stories of her threesomes and Rye talking on how/why this makes him out of his mind excited?

This is something we'd love to cover at some point, so stay tuned!

Since you've opened up to your friends about your blog, have any of them admitted to jerking/jilling to it? Does it turn you on knowing?

No, none of them have admitted to that. Though a few friends excitedly told us they would DEFINITELY be looking further into the site when they got home. So who knows. As far as turning us on, not really. But it doesn't turn us off either...

Have you guys ever had period sex? Are you interested? If not, what do you both do during that 'time of the month'?

Absolutely! After all, it only serves to make things wetter!

Does he douche or enema before you peg him?

Nope! He makes sure he feels comfortable and clean and then we have fun!

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