Formspring Friday.

Why haven't you blogged in ages? You're missed :) xx
I know, right? Thanks for missing us, but it looks like we're coming back! There'll be a few posts this week, and hopefully we can keep that momentum up, even with shifting schedules and busy ass calendars!

What's Rye's favorite thing you do to him that makes him ready to go in a second?
Ready to come or ready to fuck?

For fucking, I'm definitely a more direct guy. I love it when she'll unexpectedly grab my cock, either through my pants' fabric, or by slipping a hand right down and taking hold. She'll usually fondle my balls while she's down there, which serves as a great reminder that sex is something we like to do.

Also, if she's ever in underwear and bends for any reason, that ass is like a beacon.

For coming, there's a move Violet does when she gets on top, I just call it "her move," it's a bucking of the hips in a forward motion combined with tightening, then loosening her pussy that basically gets me off in a matter of seconds. And she knows it all too well.


  1. Any way we could get a video of that last move? ;)

  2. I can totally see why that arse is like a beacon...and not only for your cock because looking at it makes me girl lust fire straight up!


  3. I'm not sure what I'm looking at more, your record collection or her ass!

    1. Ha ha! Man, that's not even the half of it! That collection is about 1,500 deep at this point.


    2. Nice. Mine is not quite that large, I have record collection envy.