Jimmyjane Casts A Magic Spell On Our Fingertips.

I've had a pretty big crush on Jimmyjane's sex toys for a while now... from afar. For some reason, we'd never met in person before. When Eden Fantasys said they were sending us a Jimmyjane Form 3, I nearly jumped up and down. But once the Form 3 actually arrived, I'll confess to looking at it like a puppy looks at the dot from a laser pointer -- I knew I wanted it, but I just wasn't sure what to do with it.

I have great news. I figured it out. And holy shit, it is way better than a laser pointer.

The Form 3 looks, to be fair, like a cartoon tongue. On its own, it doesn't feel like much, a gently vibrating silicone seashell that fits perfectly around the outside of your pussy. It's when either your fingers, or the fingers of your partner get involved that the Form 3 really shines.

If you've ever been bent over, enjoying yourself, with your partner's fingers on your clit, just needing an extra little nudge to get over the edge, the Form 3 is probably going to change your life. Right smack in the middle of that silicone tongue, the plastic gets paper thin -- that's where fingers go. You might be thinking to yourself, "Is Violet saying that the Form 3 gives you and you partner VIBRATING FINGERS?" Yes, babies. That is what I'm saying. Which means that you feel every subtle finger-stroke, multiplied by THEM VIBRATING.

In case it wasn't clear, I really like this thing. In fact, the first time Rye snuck up behind me in the shower with it, I may have declared that it was magic. Oh yeah, this magical contraption is waterproof. Like, bring it in the ocean waterproof (that sound you just heard was my palm smacking my forehead for not bringing this on our Sunning Our Parts vacation).

As with everything we review, we want to be very clear about whether or not it's worth the money: YES. Over a hundred dollars for a sex toy is serious money, but if you're in the market for an investment that will make you come hard, over and over, the Form 3 is the investment for you.

We'd like to thank Jimmyjane, sincerely, for the vibrating fingertips.

*This product was provided to us free of charge by Eden Fantasys in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines. If legal jargon gets you wet, you're welcome, perverts.


  1. Not sure what this other comment was about...I just wanted to pop on and say I loved the review! I've been looking at all the different 'Forms' for awhile. I think they're ingenious really. I just have to decide which one to get. Such a hard decision.

    Also, the beginning to this post was quite humourous. Made me chuckle.

    1. SPAM CITY! Guess one slipped on through the cracks on us!

      This is the only form we've tried so far, but we'll tell you, it's hard to beat this little guy! So much fun, and especially great for those lazy morning spoon fucks, I just grab it and buzz away while Rye hits it.