An Interview with Sophie Delancey.

This week, we were lucky enough to participate in an interview with Sophie Delancey. If you don't know Sophie, you should. She's the PR and Marketing Coordinator for Camille Crimson and Mike Flirt's company, and she does a damn fine job at it. She blogs for Peeperz, WHACK! Magazine, Girlz Porn, and  she's also got a pretty damn sexy Tumblr

Met Another Frog, another site Sophie blogs for (I know, right? SO many blogs! We're seriously impressed) has asked her to do a series of interviews, entitled "Just a Little Sex," and we were chosen as the subject of her second piece.

You can read a few snippets below, but check out the full interview here.

How would you explain your relationship dynamic?
Uh, is ‘jubilant’ an acceptable answer? We honestly just feel really lucky to have found each other and grabbed a hold of one another. We had the benefit of being friends for a number of years before we ever dated, so beyond being incredibly attracted to each other’s parts, we also knew going into this thing that we really liked each other as people. We probably joke around with each other more than your average couple, making the other laugh a lot is pretty high on our list of priorities. We are also both pretty committed to the other’s happiness, comfort and satisfaction, which goes such a long way in making marriage a fucking phenomenal place to be. 
How does it feel to be role models, both in terms of sexuality and healthy relationships? Ha ha ha! Oh, goodness. We certainly don’t think of ourselves as role models. But we would be lying if we said that we weren’t really fucking proud of our relationship and how we interact as a couple. We do think that if what we do here makes people more honest, more open and sexier with their partners, we’re really doing something right. So much happens between two people in a relationship that anyone who tries to say they’ve got it totally figured out is definitely lying. We have our ups and downs just like everyone else. If we can inspire more people to communicate openly about their desires, likes, dislikes, why they’re having and not having sex, then that’s amazing and makes us really proud to do what we do. I guess we think the important part is traveling on those ups and downs together and always talking about how they change you along the way. Also blowjobs. Lots of blowjobs.
You can find more HERE, including some hints about things to come and our personal favorite photo set and video. You know you want to...


  1. Wonderful...Laughter and LOTS of blowjobs! I love it. Works for us, too! Wonderful photo...I'm off to see the rest.

    1. So glad you liked it! Sophie always has the best questions.

      - Violet.


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