You Feel That, Right?

Can you feel it? The warm breeze on the back of your neck? The sting of sunshine on your bare feet? The steam burn of a too-hot crawfish right out of the boil? Yeah. Us too.

I mean, yes, this video is a little shaky, a little all over the place, but isn't that kind of how memories of summer feel? I mean, you could lay Louis' rendition of La Vie En Rose over a Civil War re-enactment and I would think it's super romantic (no offense to any Living Historians* in our midst). There's also something surprisingly charming about capturing the faces of people expecting to be photographed on video. Big smiles, held for just a little too long, with a beer in your hand. That's kind of the framework we're building our lives on here.

We're so close, everyone. Now, if you'll excuse us, our roof and our beer coozies are calling. Happy weekend, lovelies!

* But seriously, what are you people doing with your lives? 

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