Camille Gets Some.

If you linger around these parts, you've no doubt heard about Camille Crimson. You might know her as the stunning redhead that runs The Art of Blowjob with her longtime boyfriend Mike Flirt. You might also know her as one of the kindest people on Twitter. Or as the boss of the fucking rad Sophie Delancey.

However you know her, you probably don't know her pussy all that well.

Allow us to change that for you.

A few weeks back, Camille shared her weekly update, and to the shock, awe, and total delight of her longtime fans, it's a full on 69. That's right, not only is Camille giving her classic and sexy blowjob, but Mike is buried nose deep in her lower folds.

Stop reading this and go fucking watch already, would you please?


  1. Already enjoyed it several time now. The look on her face is classic.

  2. I can't get enough of her and Mike! So gorgeous

  3. I've been a big fan of hers for years... She's done hardcore before - there are pics that are available on her Beautiful Porn site. Think they're in Dolorem galleries. I REALLY wish she'd do videos, those pictures were some of the best i've ever seen. They were taken a while ago, and she doesn't show her body as much. Which is a damn shame. She's getting better and better.

    1. Yeah, but we know she's focused on what she's doing with blowjobs, so while we always hope for more, we never expect it. Imagine our surprise when they put this one out! So hot!


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