Formspring Time!

Do you two sext each other?

Oh man, do we ever! A recent example of what I sent to V while she was in a work meeting:

"I am looking forward to you going to the gym, getting all hot and sweaty, coming home and letting me dive right into that salty sweetness."

And some photos:


Do you have any tips for starting a blog? I'm about to launch one, but I'm suddenly gripped with fear of someone finding out.

Be ready for the possibility that you WILL be found out. And if you're ok with that possibility, jump on in!

We're careful with what our photos show in terms of faces, tattoos, apartment stuff. We make sure that our iPhone location is off for the cell phone photos that we rarely take or share (sneaky bastards). We keep an open dialogue with each other about social media and if we ever feel like something is crossing the line, it's addressed.

Other than that, we have fun. This blog has been an amazing opportunity to discover a lot of things about ourselves and our relationship, an outlet for creativity, a place to speak about things we don't often get to in our non-blogging lives and a place to share our tastes in porn with each other.

So yeah, if you go through with it, congrats! And share a link, would you?

Do you do anything special in the way of prepping/cleaning before a pegging/anal session?

Make sure that a) you've showered recently and feel so fresh and so clean, clean. B) that you don't need to make something happen in the shitting department. And c) that you feel like your/his/her ass is ready. Sometimes, our ass is just off the table, and that's ok. It won't always be.

But no, we don't douche or anything, if that's what you were getting at.


  1. Hey! I'm the one who posted the question about blogging. Thanks for your response, it was quite comforting. So much so, in fact, that we've started! Check out our meager first few posts if you like: http://someyoungthing.blogspot.com/

    1. Everyone, do what the nice lady said and go look at her boobs. Thank you!

      - Violet.