Oh Shit!

We totally missed our three year "blogoversary"! It was about a week ago. Man, how things have changed since we started this here blog. Like WHOA.

Like really, really, really WHOA. I mean, you've seen it happen too. Sweet fuck.

Here, have a photo or two to celebrate!

A few of my favorite things about summer: tanlines, tits, Violet and watermelon.


  1. Happy third . . . and here's hoping for many more. I always love visiting you here (for my naughty morning thrills and peeks) . . . oh, and by the way, love your videos on MLNP. (Very envious).
    And very clever play on melons . . . LOL !!!
    Xxx - Katie

    1. Thanks Katie! We appreciate you reading for thrills and peeks! And for renting our work on MLNP! If we had any advice, we'd say don't be envious, just create your own, which you're already doing, so cheers to that!