File This Under Things We Love.

It's been a while since we shared some videos that we're into. And let's just say that it hasn't been due to a lack of watching. Our tastes are so specific that we rarely find anything that REALLY gets us going, let alone inspires us to share.

This is a couple that we think we may have shared before, but no worries, they're back with some new videos. What can we say, we like the blurs, the camera off-position, the more abstract shit that happens while we get to listen in on a real couple enjoying each other.

We think you'll agree.

And yes, one more for good measure (or in case you need just a LITTLE more time before reaching that orgasm).


  1. I have to say, I was -not- impressed by the video of them fucking... The old man and lady moaning- "Eh, erhm, ugh, uh, uh, ohhhhh" BLEH. And he did not have that impressive of junk for her to be moaning anyway...just saying.

    I did however, like her lady bits. Super gorgeous. Pink and plump and VERY wet. And I loved that she had some hair going. Non nude pussies ftw. We need to remember that sometimes. Brazilian is nice too...but not always!

    1. Ha ha! To each their own. The part we really liked was toward the end when they hit the floor and you could barely see what was happening. Which, of course we did.

      And yes, what a LOVELY pussy she's working with. And yes for the non-nude, we're about variety and always a fan of people flying in the face of convention, in this case convention being the bald pussy.