At the time of my writing this, we're at 19 followers and almost 25,000 views! Considering we started in July, that's nothing to sneeze at. We're super happy that so many of you are connecting with what we're putting up here.

19 followers will soon become 20, will become 25, 30 and on. And at 100, that video we keep telling you about will be made public.

We've also damn near posted 100 entries, which is also beyond me. But really, as long as you keep reading, commenting and emailing with requests, we'll stick around and give you the goods.

Any requests off the top? Hit us up at uncommonappetites@gmail.com. We've got only one photo request right now (which we'll get to soon), so if you've got anything you're dying to know or want to see, you know what to do.

And, by the way, thanks.


  1. No thank you for keeping us interested!!!

  2. I am sure that you have many more "followers" than you think... some just choose to follow anonymously.

  3. You're probably right. And more than welcome!