Musings and Photos.

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's tale from Violet as much as I did (see the comments on that post for details). I seriously cannot wait for the next visit into her lesbian dalliances. Until then, enjoy some photos that we've been enjoying.

Oh, and allow me a quick aside. The other day, while looking for photos to put on her post about her blossoming bisexuality, Violet had some trouble. And noticed that the web, even the "indie", "alt-porn" sites that we frequent, are flush with shots of blowjobs. What's the deal? Sure, head is delicious and I like to gander, but that's like only eating hamburgers for dinner. I'm an adventurous eater, folks, let's keep it fresh.

And keep on the lookout, the new camera is in our possession, so we'll get a gallery of Violet coming at you real soon. It also shoots video. But until we hit 100 followers, that shit stays on our hard drive. Recruit some friends to follow along and that day could be sooner than you think.

The other day, Violet got so riled up, she had a small puddle of cum seeping from her pussy. It was the most I'd ever seen oozing from her soft lips. Naturally, I put my mouth right on it and sucked down every drop.

Doesn't this just make you want to jerk off next to someone? I love fucking. I love oral. But sometimes, this is the hottest.

Psst. Hey Violet...

That last one must be from the porn version of Psycho. A cum drenched Janet Leigh. Mmm.


  1. Violet is AWESOME... I want her cum dripping pussy.

  2. @Get8More: You're so much more than right. And I would know, I have her cum dripping pussy. Perhaps we'll show you just what that looks like sometime.