HNT: How Is It Thursday?

Let's just say it's been VERY busy at work. And it will slow way the fuck down soon. For now, you'll have to suffice with Violet's ass doing yoga. Literally.

I know there's not much "H" in this HNT, but I got hard watching her stretch herself, so I figured it couldn't hurt to share.


  1. I do not think it is possible to disappoint me ever when seeing an ass like that! I am an ass man and yours is a 10!

  2. Take off the label "fat" and replace it with "sexy" or "yoga" because that is one "SEXY-YOGA" ass!

  3. I think Mos Def put it aptly when he said "ass so fat you could see it from the front." Not quite that big, mind you, but still a perfectly full, shelf-like ass. I was never an ass man before Violet, but now...


  4. Gorgeous-more please!
    I love V's ass,it's so perfect!