Top Ten Things I Love About Violet in the Bedroom Edition.

I could do 500. These came to mind first.

1. Her adventurous side. The fact that we even have this blog in the first place.

2. How her pussy tightens and contracts, folding like rolling waves over my fingers as I massage her g-spot to orgasm.

3. Her smile. Maybe it doesn't seem sexual to you, but it's one of my biggest turn ons.

4. How loud she is. Bitch is LOUD.

5. Her flush face right before she comes. It swims over her cheeks and envelops her from the neck down to her fat tits.

6. That little tongue that creeps out of her pussy lips, as if it's sticking out at me. She doesn't like it, but I love it.

7. Her ass (and puckered little asshole). The way is moves. The shape it takes when she bends over. The look she gives me when I dip inside her, finger or cock. Shock, desire, lust, eagerness.

8. The time she called me on a road trip with my brother so I could listen to her come. My brother was in the same hotel room with me and had no idea why I was being so quiet. And that there are thousands of moments just like this one that I can draw on when I'm alone.

9. Her big fat, full, slutty, always-showing-off-her-cleavage tits. And that she loves playing with them as much as I do.

10. That no matter what I throw her way, she's game. Eating cum, pegging, getting tied up, spanked, fingered in public, photo sessions, it's all fair game. And it makes me want to keep dreaming up new things to ask of her. I wonder when she'll say no...

Why did I make this list only ten?


  1. From her pictures she is even SEXIER than you have written!

  2. Careful Rye, you are going to make us all fall for her!!! jk ;)... so there it is, you need to take pictures of everything she is game doing and post as a compilation or Ode to Violet!

  3. Oh, I'll be documenting alright. Just be patient and you'll be handsomely rewarded.