It's My Pleasure to Present...

As frequent readers of our blog know quite well, we've got some very loyal commenters. And readers of those comments will know that late last week, a conversation started about our commenter Chris and his girlfriend.

He claimed she was a fine piece of ass.
No one doubted him.
He offered proof.
Who the hell are we to turn down proof?

So, without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to our very first reader submission. And I'll tell you, if they're all like this, bring that shit on.

What a great snag, Chris! Thanks for sharing. And for those itching for more Violet, we'll have you covered soon, we promise.


  1. Well Chris I was very excited to see your girlfriend...and you have not disappointed. Her body is amazing. Beautiful bum! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Jessie... sorry the photos are not more revealing but I want to keep something for myself for now... or until we start a blog ourselves! And thanks Rye, she is one of a kind in more ways than one... most women wish they could rock that body after having a child!

  3. nice butt. Lucky chris !

  4. That ass (and the thong) look delicious! Definitely happy you shared, Chris, thanks! :)

    And thanks Rye and Violet for posting it! Wet worthy post as usual :)


  5. WHOA. Post-baby is even more impressive. Way to go, Chris! She's delicious!

    - Violet.

  6. Thanks violet! She is Sexy as hell and I reap the benefits of that! I got the first picture while Golfing.... evil woman I love