Pic Friday: Happy New Year, Perverts!

That's right, kiss this last one goodbye! 2010 was a good year for Violet and I, from our wedding to the launch of this here blog, we've accomplished many things this past year. But we move ahead. Into weirder kinks. More toys. More adventure. And plenty more photos.

We happen to believe that New Year's Eve is amateur night, when all those folks that stay in all year decide it's time to go and celebrate one night. Which means terrible crowds (especially in NYC), pricy drinks, long waits for restaurant seating and a general clusterfuck. So we stay in. And drink plenty. And eat more. And get weird with each other. Unless friends are over, then we save the latter for after they leave.

These photos remind me of New Year's, for whatever reason. I hope yours resembles this collection, in some way or another. See you in 2011 and thanks for reading!


  1. Quite sure that the two girls in the bathtub is the definition of HOT! I instantly got wet, and then wished that girl was feasting on me in the bathtub instead of that other chick. Oh to dream...

    Happy New Year you sexy people! Thanks for making 2010 great with this blog, and I look forward to what you bring us in 2011.... My pussy is waiting expectantly ;)


  2. You are a real pussy hungry slut, Eve. Welcome to 2011, thanks for reading and sharing!