Cocktail Hour - Teaser.

Boys and girls (stop reading this, you're too fucking young), ladies and gentlemen, sit down. Let us tell you a tale. A tale about the time we put electrical tape over our tattoos because we were tired of editing around them, flipped the camera to monotone and went to town on each other. It's a tale that will give you a boner, or get your pussy nice and wet. It's a tale as old as time, or some bullshit.

Anyway, we made a new video that we're pretty into and we hope you'll be as into it. The trailer is underneath this text, so go dig in(-to your pants). It will be up later today on MakeLoveNotPorn for the price of a latte. We'd be thrilled if you spent your latte money on us and opted for a Chemex coffee at home, because it tastes better anyway and plus, you made it with your own hands.


Cocktail Hour - Teaser. brought to you by PornHub


  1. I'd briefly forgotten how amazingly wonderful your tits are!

    1. Oh, so happy to have reminded you! Rye would like to let you know that he's never forgotten!


    2. "This video is currently unavailable" :-(

    3. Hmm. We can play it on our computer, not sure what's up.


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