From This Morning's Sext Files.

Sometimes Violet works and Rye doesn't. On said days, this occurs.

We thought it was only fair to give you a taste. Clearly, the new updates to the iPhone photo app have made great strides in sexting technology. This is some artsy shit.


  1. Things I need more of in my life: Porn Noir.

    But you know, porn noir written by smart people, filmed by arty people, and starring real people. Sigh. Again, why is sex on film (or video, or memory card. whatever) not run by awesomely creatively real people?

    oh yeah. right. ok. going to MLNP again.

    Eros-ography. That's what we need more of. Or something. Fuck.

    (Love that first shot, by the way.)

    1. Ha ha! Porn noir would be a PRETTY great sub-genre. But only if taken seriously. And made terrifyingly hot.

      And yes, please go to MLNP!!!


  2. Yummy pics. All of them. Very creative as always!!!
    Xxx - K

  3. As the person to whose phone these photos were beamed via space, allow me to say: I didn't get any work done.

    1. Ha! Just saw this, Violet, you sneaky fucker. And that means my goal was accomplished.


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