Welcome to 2011, Filthy Fuckers.

It seemed only right to kick off the second year of Uncommon Appetites with a Filthy Fuckers post. After all, it's one of the most popular features on this here blog. And while they're usually lined up for a Pic Friday, we're not really fans of rules. So fuck it. After all, we run this thing, so if we want to flood you with images of rough fucking, we will, damnit.


  1. Those are the greatest pictures I have ever seen! You guys are awesome! Happy New Year to me! I really have got to add cucumbers to my shopping list!

  2. Great start to 2011... everyone loves a good ole teabag! Jessie - If you 'use' a cucumber it is only fair we see it!

  3. Filthy indeed. Perfect for us all :)


  4. Well, glad I could provide you with the greatest ever, Jessie.

    And it really sounds like Chris wants to see that cunt of yours, cucumber or no.

    Violet's fooled around with both cucumber AND eggplant. I'm always on the lookout for the next phallic veggie to fill her with, it makes Farmers Markets so much more thrilling.

    And glad you liked the filth, Eve. Today's post should get you right off.