The Drawer.

After Penelope wrote in with her question about the need for sex toy cleaner, several of you asked to see how we store our INSANE amount of sex toys. Today, we show you.

Let's start from the top. The black box up there is our N'Joy Wand, which reminds us how long it's been since we sued it. That thing is a BEAST, in all the best ways. The next one down, in the white box, is the OhMiBod, one of V's faves, that also happens to vibrate to whatever song you desire. Playlist your orgasms!

The little black box in front of that is a Lelo feather duster. Which has it's uses. The purple bag is our We Vibe II. Next to that is the the black bag holding V's new favorite, the Lelo Ina (review to come, hold on to your fucking hats)! The upper right corner holds two bags, one for batteries and one for condoms.

Coming back down, there are two larger bags, the grey one and the green one. The grey holds all of our random sex toys. This includes anything from cock rings to bullet vibes, Lelo Uma to Tenga eggs. There are a LOT of toys in there. And all of the toys that vibrate have had their batteries removed while in storage.

The green bag is full of nothing but ass toys. Butt plugs, vibrating toys, dildos for pegging, all up in there. Again, there are a fair amount of ass toys in our drawer. Sitting on top of that is the one and only Hitachi Magic Wand. And yes, it is magic. To the left of that you've got a bag full of lubes. Butt lubes, pussy lube, organic lube and even a touch of Rocket Balm for a pick-me-up in public.

Buried beneath some of that are some cuffs, and to the left are some boxes of AA and AAA batteries. Ikea is GOLD for cheap batteries that work pretty damn well. We're getting more and more into rechargable toys, but there are several lingering in the drawer that requires batteries.

Coming forward, there is a bag in the front left that holds a restraint rope. Which again, reminds us that it's been a while since we used that fucker. And last but not least, to the right of that is a harness you might be familiar with from some of our photo shoots.

This is the drawer in a less organized state, after shooting the video for "Satisfied." Both of us were insanely horny and just went AT IT.

I always thought this was actually a really great ad for Levi's as well. I mean, who wouldn't think these are cool, given the context?


  1. I would think it's a great idea for an ad too. The question is...about how much have you spent on the toys?

    1. Right? Now THAT would sell some jeans.

      As for the total cost, we were racking it up PRETTY good for a while, lots of trips to Babeland, usually about monthly. But luckily, Eden Fantasys has reached out since and been providing us with toys to review, so it's been a huge blessing for us. And a whole lot of fun.


    2. OH, Yes! Those levi's look like they were removed quickly...and for some serious satisfaction!UUHNMMM!

    3. You know it! That night was especially electric.