We Are Not Morning People.

Perhaps someday, we'll be the type of people that get up, first thing.

Make coffee.
Eat a good breakfast.
Get shit done.

But not now. Now, we're the people that GET UP early. But then lounge.

Read shit on our iThings.
Stumble for coffee at some point.
Eat the midday breakfast/lunch combo.

And that's okay. Because sometimes, even after motivating to get into the shower, Violet returns to bed and just keeps on keeping on. Checking Reddit and Buzzfeed like the fucking nerds we are.

And nerds we may be, but make that a nerd with a GREAT ass.


  1. I'm sure you hear it all the time, but she has the cutest ass!

    1. I do hear it all the time. And it has yet to get old. Or less than true.


  2. How do you refrain from spending the morning playing with that ass?

  3. That ass deserves a smack. A well placed smack.